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Meet Devika Bhansali, our 2010-2011
Rotary Exchange Student!


The Louisville Rotary Club is proud to be hosting Devika Rajendra Bhansali for the 2010-2011 Rotary Exchange year. Devika arrived in Louisville in August of 2010 and will be living here in Louisville until July 2011.  Devika’s hometown is Pune, Maharashtra, India where she lives with her mother, father, and older brother.

 Devika is 16 years old and had completed her 10th grade year of school in India prior to traveling to the United States. A typical school day for Devika in India means getting up at 6:00am to attend Hindi-Marathi language classes at 7:00am.  Then off to St. Anne’s High School from 8:10am until 4:20 pm. Back home for a snack and then off to Math-Science classes from 5:30-7:00pm. After evening class, she does some art work or dance until 8:00pm, eats dinner and then in bed by 9:30pm.  


At the school she attends, students do not have a choice as to the subjects they study.  Devika has studied three languages (English, Hindi, and Marathi), Science, Mathematics, Social Studies (both History and Geography), Environmental Studies, Physical training, Value Education, Personality Development, Computers Art, Indian and Western Music, Needle Work and Social Service.


Devika also enjoys teaching and working with others. She has tutored her younger cousins, friends, and neighborhood children. She enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.

This is Devika’s first experience traveling outside her home country of India. While here in the United States as a Rotary Exchange Student, Devika hopes to learn about various art forms and study at a different level than she has thus far. She hopes to further develop her confidence and independence levels. It is her desire to represent her country well and further promote an understanding of Indian art, Indian culture, and the social life and togetherness found among the Indian people. She looks forward to making new friends and becoming a real part of her host family.

The Head Mistress of St. Anne’s High School describes Devika as being very sociable and adaptable.  She comes highly recommended as a cultural ambassador because of her many skills and talents which include drawing, dance, and Indian languages. (She is fluent in four languages!)

 Devika is very interested in art and dance. She enjoys drawing, painting, decorating, calligraphy, and crafts in her free time. She has studied Katthak, an Indian classical dance. She has received many awards for her art and dance abilities. Devika describes herself as passionate about art and it is her “ambition to be a very famous artist”.


Devika is attending Louisville High School.  Don’t miss an opportunity to meet her and talk with her! Her bright eyes, beautiful smile and passion for the arts will certainly brighten your day!

Louisville Rotary Club proudly welcomes Devika and looks forward to getting to know her better and sharing the many good things of our country with her as she shares with us.

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