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Citizen of the Year

Each year in late summer, nominations for a Citizen of the Year are accepted.  

Nominees should exemplify the Rotary ideal of “Service above Self”, which is someone who makes significant contributions in service to others to improve the community and the world around them through their volunteer efforts.

Nominations should include the name of the nominee and a short write-up on why the person should be considered for this significant honor.

2023 Citizens of the Year, Tricia and Glenn Adkins

Tricia and Glenn Adkins were honored as the 2023 Citizens of the Year because of their tremendous impact on the people and community. Nominations included a variety of areas of service, usually in the background and proved it is an honor to have them in Louisville, Ohio.  

- Mentoring and leading students at school, church, and community groups

- Hosting Rotary Exchange students and leading excursions and trips for other exchange students

- Doing the behind the scenes work and coordination to give welcoming experiences and moments for families, both familiar and those they have never met

- Providing ways to connect with our natural environment and share the benefits with our young community members.

2022 Citizen of the Year, Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. Mike Thomas was awarded the 2022 Citizen of the Year award because of his longstanding support of Louisville and many other local area causes, teams, and initiatives.  The lengthy list includes: Louisville City Schools, St. Louis Church, local little league and sports teams, efforts to help with recognition of downtown Louisville events and initiatives, Louisville Tree Board, and several academic boards and advisory committees.

2021 Citizen of the Year, Lisa Lingenhoel

Lisa Lingenhoel was honored as Louisville’s 2021 Citizen of the Year during closing ceremonies at the Constitution Week banquet held last Wednesday evening at Paradise Church.  Sponsored by the Louisville Rotary Club, inductees are chosen for their public service, volunteer work and contributions to the community. Nominations were encouraged from the community and judging is completed by a committee of members.

In keeping drama to the end of his introduction, Rotary President Glenn Heiller listed the many projects Lisa participated in before announcing her name. Heiller concluded by saying that Lisa’s work personifies the Rotary motto Service above Self. With a surprised look, she first went to her husband Arden for an emotional hug. Arden, full of pride, accompanied her to the podium.

Lisa and Arden have been married for 20 years after meeting at a realtors convention in San Francisco. She moved to Louisville from Provo, Utah and brought with her an enthusiastic spirit that has brought positive changes to the community. “Arden would come home and say ‘they need your help’, and then he would add that he had already volunteered me." 

            Her community activities include:

            * Currently completing 7 years as the Constitution Queen & Court Pageant                                Director.

            * Co-chaired parade floats for the Pro Football Hall of Fame parade 2002-2005.                     * Chairman of Have a Heart Charitable Foundation 2008-2012.

            * Member of Women’s Council of Realtors and was president in 2015.

            * Volunteered as a LES Junior Achievement teacher volunteer 2015-2018.

            * Served 3 years as President of the LES parent-teacher organization                                          2017-2020.

            * Coached children’s co-ed soccer (when her children were that age) 2009-2014.

            * Past volunteer teacher for All Stars for Jesus at their church 2009-2017.

            * Past deaconess at Greenwood Christian Church 2010-2015.

            * Volunteered in various capacities for the Louisville Schools 2009-present.

            * President of the LHS Choir Booster Club 2021.

            * Senior Parent with the LHS Touchdown Club 2021.

            * Three years chairperson for the YMCA Snowflake Auction 2014-2017.

            * Honored in 2010 as the Volunteer of the Year for the Louisville YMCA.

            * Stark County Women’s Council of Realtors Member of the Year 2017.


 After accepting a plaque Lisa quipped, “You should know to never give a redhead a microphone . . . you are amazing friends . . . Wow! . . . without you I could not have done over the last 20 years what I have accomplished.” She continued. “I am thankful for so many of you who because this have supported our business over the years and this has helped me to have the time to give back to our community, families and most of all our youth.”

2020 Citizens of the Year honored for work creating Umbrella Alley

First time award was given to three individuals in same year
Coronavirus upended many plans for our society causing disruptions and changes among the
lives and activities of our community. Yet, it is not surprising that the individuals who worked so
hard to get Umbrella Alley completed never let a virus derail them from their goal.

A number of citizens worked and played various roles in the Umbrella project, but committees
never succeed without passionate leadership. Leadership for the Umbrella Alley Project came
from Rick and Raeann Guiley and David Yeagley. For their efforts and undaunted work coupled
with a never-give-up attitude, they were unanimously chosen by the Louisville Rotary Club as
Louisville’s 2020 Citizens of the Year.

Awards were presented to the three individuals during the Sept. 19 Unplugged in the Alley
event during an impromptu announcement. It was only appropriate that they were honored
and celebrated in the space they imagined and made happen.

Citizens of the Year are selected for their public service, volunteer work and contributions to
the community. The Louisville Rotary Club has been honoring Citizens of the Year since 1975
and for the 45 years, this is the first time three persons have be honored in the same year.

Stroll through the alley on any day and you will see people taking graduation, engagement, and
birthday pictures, chatting over coffee, and using the outdoor space for business and
organization discussions. The concept started as a way to add bright colors and energy to
downtown Louisville. It also brings people to or back to town to enjoy the alley and support
other businesses and attractions in town.

Inspired by displays seen in other cities around the world, it took a very dilapidated alley and
turned it into one of the most beautiful attractions around. Visitors from all over Stark County
and Northeast Ohio have stopped by the alley, thanks in part to a strong social media presence
and numerous features on Ohio TV stations and in newspapers.

Follow Umbrella Alley pictures, videos, and events on Facebook at or Instagram at
Better yet, enjoy it in person in the 200 Block of E. Main St. and appreciate the Service Above
Self provided by these leaders and many others for the community.


Rick and Raeann Guiley
“Who could have ever thought the joy and smiles and life this addition would bring to
downtown Louisville during this most unusual time? Thank you for being a tireless advocate for
Louisville for so many years!” --Lisa Bole

“Her dedication has taken hundreds of hours of her time working with businesses,
organizations, vendors, fundraising efforts, and informing local media. She did so believing in
Louisville and believing in the task at hand. Raeann’s results have built a sense of immense
community pride. That pride extends beyond just the confines of the old downtown and has
spread to the entire City.”—Rick Guiley

Rick is a local attorney and a city councilman and Vice Mayor. He has volunteered for many
local boards over the years including the Louisville Scholarship Foundation and was a founding
member of the Louisville Community Foundation. His passion for the alley developed about
five years ago with numerous presentations. He is a graduate of Louisville High School and the
University of Akron.

Raeann is the owner of Pink Oil Safety and teaching instructor. Also involved with many of the
same groups as Rick, she has also served as the chair of the Louisville Constitution Committee.
She is credited with balancing a career and other civic volunteering work while creating
partnerships and connecting with donors to complete this dream for the city. Raeann
graduated from LHS and Miami University.


David Yeagley
“David was instrumental in creating Umbrella Alley. He was the genius behind
designing the world’s first known overhead display for alleys that is on a pulley system. The use
of the pulley system uniquely changes the dynamics of how the alley can be used.”—Rick Guiley
David is an architect and designer with Michael D. Yeagley and Associates. He has been a long
time member of Rotary Club serving as Club President, active with the student Foreign
Exchange program, and is the current Sergeant at Arms and board member. He is also a board
member of the Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society. David is a 1984 graduate of LHS.

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