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2020 Louisville Rotary Meeting Minutes
3rd Quarter

Sept. 2, 2020

With 18 guests practicing the mandated covid 19 meeting restrictions, President Jared
Shive conducted the first of the month business meeting. Councilman Rick Guiley and
Jas Anderson, the son of Jennifer Anderson, were guests. Pastor David gave a timely
prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test were recited. 

Happy Dollars

Bob Hallier was pleased to announce the day was his 53rd wedding anniversary.
Congrats to Bob & Celine.
* Betty Derry cheerfully pitched tickets for the Historical Society’s raffle and announced
the Society’s photo contest with a deadline of Sept. 26.
* Glenn Heiller announced all the flag routes had drivers.
* Bill Wood said there would be no foreign exchange program this school year, but look
ahead to the summer of ’21. Recruit students between ages 15-19 and have them apply
* Dave Yeagley announced he was happy his wife got a new job at the Crystal Clinic.
* Don Marshall smiled while announcing that this was his first Rotary meeting since
retiring from state employment.

Club Business

1. Jared discussed the club’s finances. Our pledge of $2,000 to the school program
Leopards Helping Leopards was delivered. Treasurer Kuhn emailed a 3-page
treasurer’s report showing the club has $39,755.29 in its accounts. The bottom line
report is at the end of this report.

2. Farmer’s Market. The September market is set for the 12th. The LHS Drum Line will
entertain for two half hour performances from 10 to noon. It was decided to provide
water and a snack for the members. A $100 donation will be presented to the Music
Booster Club.

3. There are no updates for the Global Grant at this time.

4. Citizen of the Year. There are 7 submissions. Chair Greg Anderson will call a meeting
soon to pick the lucky winner. When to announce and honor the winner? September 17
at 6:pm there is a community activity at Christ United Methodist Church. Jared will look
into whether our presentation can be there.

5. Membership updates: Two persons have expressed interest in joining. Keep your
fingers crossed.

6. Polio Plus. October is Polio Plus Awareness Month. What can we do as leaders of
the club to encourage member donations in addition to the club’s $1,000 pledge? Board
members would make a personal approach to the members reminding them that their
gift would come back to the club from the District.

7. An Interact Club at the high school. We need an advisor and permission to host a
club. Jared will meet with the Key Club advisor to see if we can partner with them.

8. Warm Coats. Barb is on this and is tabulating the number of sizes needed. Coats can
only be ordered in lots of 6 or 12. What to do if only one or two sizes are needed?
October 1 is the absolute deadline for parental response. It was suggested we talk to
the East Canton Rotary Club to see if we can work a joint order. We have $3,000 in the
budget but it is hoped that some of the businesses will again contribute. Jim Edwards is
the point person to approach the Eagles. Bob Hallier offered the use of his garage for
storage until the pass out. The library will be used to pass out the coats.

9. Pancake Day. Looks like it will be a no go this year due to restrictions of the
Coronavirus. There was discussion of an alternate plan but no decisions were made.

10. Community grants will run from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, 2020

Upcoming Events

Sept 9 — Lunch meeting with LHS Athletic Director Terri Horn.
Sept. 16 — No meeting, register for Zoom Tri-District meeting seminar.
Sept. 21-22 — Retire flags.

August 19, 2020

With a slight warm breeze cooling the YMCA picnic pavilion, the club met there for a
noon luncheon meeting with food prepared by Uptown Joe’s. Sixteen members
attended along with guest Joanie Aljancic. Heidi Wilson and Andrew Stiles, both
administrators of the Y’s pre-school programs, presented the program. President Jared
Shive chaired the session.

Happy Dollars

* Good news from Mayor Pat Fallot. So you wondered what would become of the old
Burger King restaurant? A Wendy’s is coming to Louisville in that space. No other
details were given at this time.
* Betty Derry reminded members of the Historical Society’s fund raiser. Get your
tickets now since there is a limit set on the number of available tickets.
* Glenn Heiller reminded members that flags go up September 2 or 3.
President Shive reminded members that they MUST RSVP for food if they plan to
attend the annual Rotary summer family picnic. Two new members will be inducted and
the District Governor will attend.

Club Business

President Jared discussed the Global Grant process. Our pledge of $2,500 is going to
Rotary International for their approval which is necessary under club guidelines.

The Program

Heidi Wilson, the Director of Child Care Programs for the Stark County YMCA, opened the program discussion citing her past working relationship in the Louisville YMCA.

“Today, we’re going to discuss what’s going on with the Y’s child care programming,” she said. The March 14th shutdown due to the Coronavirus really put a financial strain on our child care program, according to Wilson. “The budget for the Stark County YMCA
for last year was about $18 million, but this year it has dropped to $12 million.

Andrew Stiles, Heidi Wilson_YMCA.jpg

We had 60 children here before the shutdown,” explained Andrew Stiles, who is now the Director of the Child Care program for the Louisville Y. “And 50% of them now receive financial assistance.

Last year our teacher-student ratio was 1 to 15; now it is 1 to 9.
Our before and after school program began last week when the schools opened for their
new year. “We have about 40 children now, and we expect growth,” said Andrew. “We
have individual spaces for every child.” Cost of the after school program is about $5 an
hour and there are weekly rates and discounts for Y members. On-line payment is

offered. The Y’s Child Care operates Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6 p.m.
and the Y offers care for those days the schools are closed. 

The Louisville Y operates child care programs in the YMCA building on Nickel Plate Street, at North Nimishillen School and the East Canton Elementary School. Heidi said they are working with the
State of Ohio to get child care assistance funding. “There are over 700 rules for
licensing child care centers,” according to Wilson. “We’re still evolving . . . meeting
community needs.”
For additional information, call Stiles at 330-875-1611.

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