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Louisville Rotary Club

Business Meeting July 8,  2020 minutes

Rotary Board of Directors July 7, 2020 minutes

This report of the two meetings is combined because basically the same subjects were agenda items in both meetings. Plus, this is a lengthy report.

The Board met at Uptown Joe’s for lunch Tuesday the 7th of July with eight persons in attendance that included President Jared Shive, Allen Gress, Dave Yeagley, Barb DeJacimo, Glenn Heiller, Jennifer Anderson, Bob Hallier and Justin Kuhn. Items discussed included the flag program, the Farmer’s Market, July & August programming, the 2020-21 budget, use of Pay Pal for flag rental, participation of the flag raising at home football games, participation in the Louisville Chamber of Commerce meetings, Warm Coats & Community grant chairs, Citizen of the Year and Rotarian of the Year, Leopards Helping Leopards program, RI’s Global Grant program, and a club corporate and family membership plan, July & August social programs and Jared’s goals for the club.

Most of these items were presented for discussion at the Wednesday business meeting.

Fifteen members showed for our first meeting at the church in 11 weeks. There was no food (except Jim Edwards brought donuts for all). Pat Fallot gave a prayer, the Pledge was recited as was the Rotary Four-way Test.

Happy Dollars

*  Barb DeJacimo’s 16-year-old daughter got her driver’s license. Also Miss Vaughn, whose Girl Scout project we supported, has ordered the playground equipment for Wildwood Park. 
*  Don Marshall pitched in a dollar since there was no song.

*  Mark Sigler took his granddaughter to the Splash Park and was impressed at the number of children enjoying themselves.

Club Current Business

The Budget.

* It is estimated we will have income of $37,600 plus $4,000 in membership dues. There will also be $400 in other income. Most of the money for dues will go to Rotary International. Total income is estimated at $42,000.

*  Administration expenses are budgeted for $1,115.

*  Committee expenses get $1,800.

*  Meeting costs and volunteer expenses — $1,800 with a total cost of $2,200.

*  Awards & Grants — $19,800.

*  RI district meetings, training and district conference — $1,300.

*  Rotary International dues for insurance, magazine subscriptions, and dues — $4,000.

*    Service Projects — $11,700

*   Pay Pal charges 2% for accepted payments for flag rental. It was discussed that we charge an extra $2.00 for people who use that method of payment, but was later dismissed as an option. About a dozen people paid with Pay Pal.

*   It was decided that the fees for supporting the raising flag deal for HS football games was too expensive. The Athletic Board wanted a $2,000 a year, 7-year contract which our board decided was unfair to future club officers. The expense would be for an advertisement placed on the new scoreboard for about 3 minutes for five home games as the flag was raised before the start of each game.

Total expenses — $41,915.

Budget discussion topics

*  The $15K for awards & grants includes $1,000 for Polio Plus, a project our club has supported for many years.

*  We will have no incoming or out bound exchange students this year due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

*  The budget includes $5,000 to bank for a future project.

*  Pancake Day — $2,500 is projected as income; however, it is not known at this time if there will be such activities allowed at the school this November.

*  The Warm Coats projected costs depend on donations that may or may not materialize.

*  There are two new line items — $1,000 to the YMCA and a new program Leopards Helping Leopards for assistance for families with extra-curricular activity fees.

*  $3,300 is set aside for emergency needs.

*  There is no Constitution Parade this year so that $2,000 grant goes into the budget for other activities.

*    $1,000 budgeted for RYLA but will there be a RYLA program this year?

*   No action was taken on the idea of a RI project for India that would give $5,000 for 2 years. Could we work in conjunction with other clubs in our District?

The budget was presented to the membership and was approved unanimously.

The Flag Program.

*  We have 1,277 paid flag customers this year compared to 1,133 last year. Despite some concern about our flag inventory, we will have plenty of flags this year.

*  It was decided to leave the 50 flags posted on the downtown Green Space up the entire summer.

*  More volunteer flag workers are needed.

*  Due to weather damage, there were about 400 flags deemed unusable.

Rotary Corporate and Family membership

A primary member and a second designee can represent a family with privileges. Dues may vary but would be in the range of $120.

Corporate membership allowing 3 designees to represent a company or business at meetings. Annual dues for 2 persons would be $200, for 3 persons $250 and for 4 persons $300.

Don Marshall will assist in re-writing our bylaws for the new membership program.

A motion to adopt the plan was made and passed unanimously.

Other club business

*  Who represents our club at Chamber of Commerce meetings?  Ken Willett volunteered.

*  Barb DeJacimo will chair the Warm Coats project and Jennifer Anderson will chair the Community Grants program.

*  Bob Hallier did not receive the traditional Rotary plaque for his year and a half presidency. He said he would rather have the money donated to a charity on his behalf.

*    Denny Valentine volunteered to be the program chairman for November & December.

*   Jim Edwards wants the club to meet some evening for a LHS soccer meet. It was agreed that the soccer match idea would be a good thing to do.

*   It was spoken and others nodded in agreement — we need to support Umbrella Alley.

*   Ken Smith is now in St. Joseph’s Care Center. It was discussed to send flowers, but others said Ken would prefer a box of Heggy’s chocolates over the flowers. Jared will take care of this. There are no visitors allowed in the Care facility at this time.

Future events

Saturday, July 11 — Season’s first Farmer’s Market. Members are needed to assist vendors setting up from 8 to 9 a.m.

July 15 program — Jack Hershy’ golf business.

July 22 — Visit to Louisville McDonald’s to tour and meet with the owners.

July 29 — Evening social with plans in the working stage.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2020

If only Songmeister Mark Sigler had been at the meeting, but then this is a John Denver song that was appropriate for our first meeting with food back at Paradise Church. And the meal was served by a friendly waitress.

Hey, it's good to be back home again

Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend

Yes, and hey, it's good to be back home again.


President Jared Shive lead the meeting with 16 members somewhat spaced apart due to Coronavirus concerns; Paster David Anderson gave a prayer, we pledged allegiance to Old Glory and repeated the Rotary Four-Way test.


Happy Dollars

Bob Hallier was happy to be physically back with Rotary friends.


Club Business

*  Jared asked if anyone needed a Rotary pin as he has some that need new homes.

*  Jared reminded everyone that our FaceBook page gave some love to Bob Hallier for his year and a half tour of duty as Rotary President.

*  It was noted that there are still some flags and Farmer’s Market signs that have not been picked up. If you see either, pick it up and return it to the barn.


The Program

 Jim Edwards introduced the day’s speaker Jeff Hershey who will talk about his business The Hershey Golf Company. Located in downtown Louisville, the Hershey Golf Company provides opportunities for virtual golfing experiences with various computer programs. Local golfers can play 18 holes on hundreds of golf courses across the United States. His business opened doors last January.


Hershey, a pro golfer for 16 years, lives in Louisville and serves as a coach for the middle school golf team. Jeff grew up in Hartville and graduated from Lake High School Class of 1999. He graduated from Walsh University.  Jeff began playing golf when he was just five years old. About playing with the pros he said “I soon found out I was good, but there were others who were very good.”


“My main business focus is training and teaching,” he said. The business offers family memberships and there are group classes with unlimited practice. “This is a 24/7 business, he added. “We offer private parties,” Jeff said. Unfortunately, his business was shut down due to Coronavirus from March 13 through May 13.


So bring your own clubs or rent them there.

During the question period the question was raised — Could we have a field trip to the business some Wednesday noon? Yes. More on that in the weeks to come.


Upcoming Events


July 22 — Lunch meeting at McDonald’s. Bring money for your Happy Meal.

July 29 — Evening social at Samantha’s 6 p.m, Family invited.

Aug. 1 — Farmer’s Market 9 till 1.

Aug. 5 — Business Meeting


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2020


John and Nancy House, owners of the Louisville McDonald’s restaurant, hosted the club for lunch and presented a program featuring their business. This was a first ever such meeting for the club. Fourteen members filled a corner of the restaurant as the usual noonday customers came and went, President Jared Shive skipped the normal club rituals and moved into the Happy Dollars portion of meeting.


*  Glenn Heiller announced that he was doing his patriotic duty serving as a part time census taker. Looks like a future program.

*  Jarad was thankful he had the outside of his house washed.

*  Barb DeJacimo related the story of a lost baby raccoon that was looking for his mother. Barb also gave an update on the school opening plans that may be changed depending on guidelines from Washington and the Ohio Governor’s office.

*   Don Marshall announced that the club’s bylaws were now updated. It can be assumed our bylaws will stand any legal challenge before the Supreme Court.


The Program

Jim Edwards introduced the day’s speaker, Nancy House. Nancy graduated from Canton South High School and she and husband John reside in Lake Township. She attended the University of Akron’s Law Enforcement program, graduated when she was just 19 and took a job with the Ohio Highway Patrol as a dispatcher. “When I was 16, I worked at a MacDonald’s,” she said. That’s where she met John, who would stay with the McDonald’s company until he became an owner. After dispatching, she was enrolled in the OSP’s academy, graduated and became an Ohio State Highway Trooper. “I was the first trooper to ever have a baby,” she quipped. But John wanted to own a franchise and when a store became available in Toledo, they bought it. It was an intercity location — very intercity — and needed some TLC. She remembers people asking why they would put money in a rough neighborhood? “We made it nice and clean, safe and the locals appreciated it,” she said. “Doesn’t everyone deserve a nice McDonald’s?”  That was the beginning. “We feel like sometimes we touch somebody . . . if there’s something we can do (to help our community), we do it,” she said.


The Rotarians found out that 75% of the store’s income comes through the drive-in window. Their 13 stores are in 10 different cities and they employ about 600 people of which 25% are fulltime. “In making coffee, we filter our water three times,” Nancy said. “That’s what makes for good coffee.” Expenses take 96 cents of every dollar, according to Nancy. “We get 4 cents profit.”


Following the message, the Rotarians got a personal tour of the kitchen.


Coming Events

July 29 — Wednesday evening social at Samantha’s Restaurant. Six o’clock, family invited.

August 4 — Board meeting noon at Uptown Joe’s

August 5 — Business meeting, noon at Paradise Church


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2020


The 6 o’clock meeting was organized as a club social and was held in the west serving area of Samatha’s Restaurant. Members and guests ordered from the menu. Fourteen persons met, most wearing face masks, and enjoyed the evening. The only business discussed was Jim Edwards who suggested the club help out with the raising and lower of the umbrellas in Umbrella Alley. No decisions were reached, but the subject may be on the agenda for the regular August work session.


Most persons wondered out about 7:30 and headed home.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2020


President Jared Shive chaired the meeting held in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church. Nineteen members shared fellowship while conducting the club’s plans for this month and beyond. Pastor Anderson gave the prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited as was the Four-Way Test.


Happy Dollars

* Jim Edwards shared his phone conversation with KennyBob Smith who is in St. Joseph’s Care Center. Jim was pleased with Kennybob’s engagement.

* Cynthia Kerchner thanked everyone for their support of last Saturday’s Farmer’s Market. Despite on and off rain, there was a decent turnout.

President Shive introduced Jeff Hershey as our guest before jumping into the meeting’s agenda.

I.  Jared opened with GOOD NEWS! Our club had two entries in the 2020 all-district club competition. Our club booklet titled A History of the Louisville Rotary Club, 1925-2019 won first place in the Community Public Communications category. And there is more! the Aljancic Park Splash Pad took a 3rd place in the Community Service category. There will be a virtual district assembly meeting on-line from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 14. More information will be forthcoming.

II.     The new corporate membership bylaws were discussed and it was decided to only have corporate memberships but drop the idea of a family membership. A motion was made by Bob Hallier, seconded and passed unanimously.

III.   An Organic Farming Global grant for a location in India was discussed. The funds budgeted for this year’s foreign exchange students will be used instead, since there will be no exchanges this year. This project is designed to teach the farmers in India how to organic farm. The sum of $2,500 will be designed for the program. Plain Township Rotarian Mena Petal will assist us with the details. Mena is from that area of India and knows first hand those leaders who will administer the grant.

IV.  The Louisville Citizen of the Year. Should we have one this year since there is no Constitution Week? It was decided to continue the honor. Greg Anderson will collect suggestions.

V.    Jim Edwards announced there is a need for drivers for the flag routes. Denny Valentine volunteered his van for drivers without a vehicle suitable for transporting flags.

VI.  The question was raised about posting flags at the Louisville football stadium due to the question of a football season with spectators. Yes, it was decided and Mark Sigler, with expected help, will see to it the flags get posted.


Coming Events


August 12 — luncheon meeting at the Mix Bakery, Ashley Graham will host us.

August 19 — Luncheon meeting at the YMCA shelter — food TBA

August 26 — Evening Social (6 p.m.) at Metzger Park shelter, District Governor Linda Henderson visiting. Bob Hallier will be presented his past-president pin with an expected exciting message. Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ will provide Texas-style food for $10 a plate.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2020


President Jared Shive welcomed 19 club members and two guests for the meeting held at Paradise Church. Joanie Aljancic and Ashley Graham, the day’s program presenter, were present.

Happy Dollars

*  Betty Derry passed out fliers regarding the Historical Society’s Annual fund raiser featuring a free week in a furnished home located on the Carolina Outer Banks. Tickets are just $5 and there only 1,000 tickets to be sold. The drawing will be December 18. There are other neat gifts, too. See Betty for tickets.


*    Ken Willett told the story of his father-in-law’s Rotary Club in Mansfield. The club is celebrating their 100th anniversary and their club purchased a clock installed in the downtown area.


Club Business

Before introducing the program, Jared cautioned the members to follow the guideline for the reopening due to the coronavirus crisis. Please ware masks in and out of the church and don’t stand around in bunches.


The question was put before the club: Do we meet the 2nd Wednesday of September following Labor Day weekend? It was agreed to meet as usual.


The Program

Perhaps the youngest business owner in town, Ashley Graham, 23, opened a bakery located next to the Unhitched Brewery during one of the most difficult times due to the Coronavirus plus the ups and downs in the economy. Throughout her 25-minute presentation, Ashley’s enthusiasm made everyone want to stop by and indulge in homemade pastries. But Andy Turowski seemed disappointed she doesn’t make doughnuts! No grill for frying, we were told. Ashley has a two-year degree in confectionary science and has always wanted to own a bakery. The business was planned to open last October, but renovation on the building wasn’t completed until April. So what are Ashley’s  favorite items to bake? “I like cakes,” she said. “cinnamon rolls, brownies, lemon bars and, oh yes, chocolate chip cookies are on my list. Really, whatever you can think of, we can bake.” She does bake fresh bread.


She also sells ice cream, but only carries three flavors. The bakery is open from 11-3 Thursdays and Fridays and from 11-2 on Saturdays.


Coming Events


August 19 — Luncheon at the YMCA. Food orders will be taken later. Sandwiches will be made by Uptown Joe’s.

August 26 — An evening (6 o’clock) club family picnic at Metzger Park is planned. Food will be prepared by Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ. Cost is $10. Rumor has it that Mark Sigler will be there to lead us in a rousing Beetles song. That may be worth the 10-bucks!


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Jared sent this Facebook pix for publication. Thank you Bob!


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2020


With a slight warm breeze cooling the YMCA picnic pavilion, the club met there for a noon luncheon meeting with food prepared by Uptown Joe’s. Sixteen members attended along with guest Joanie Aljancic. Heidi Wilson and Andrew Stiles, both administrators of the Y’s pre-school programs, presented the program. President Jared Shive chaired the session.

Happy Dollars

*  Good news from Mayor Pat Fallot. So you wondered what would become of the old Burger King restaurant? A Wendy’s is coming to Louisville in that space. No other details were given at this time.

* Betty Derry reminded members of the Historical Society’s fund raiser. Get your            tickets now since there is a limit set on the number of available tickets.

*  Glenn Heiller reminded members that flags go up September 2 or 3.

*   President Shive reminded members that they MUST RSVP for food if they plan to attend the annual Rotary summer family picnic. Two new members will be inducted and the District Governor will attend.

Club Business

President Jared discussed the Global Grant process. Our pledge of $2,500 is going to Rotary International for their approval which is necessary under club guidelines.

The Program

Heidi Wilson, the Director of Child Care Programs for the Stark County YMCA, opened the program discussion citing her past working relationship in the Louisville YMCA. “Today, we’re going to discuss what’s going on with the Y’s child care programming,” she said. The March 14th shutdown due to the Coronavirus really put a financial strain on our child care program, according to Wilson. “The budget for the Stark County YMCA for last year was about $18 million, but this year it has dropped to $12 million. We had 60 children here before the shutdown,” explained Andrew Stiles, who is now the Director of the Child Care program for the Louisville Y. “And 50% of them now receive financial assistance. Last year our teacher-student ratio was 1 to 15; now it is 1 to 9. Our before and after school program began last week when the schools opened for their new year. “We have about 40 children now, and we expect growth,” said Andrew. “We have individual spaces for every child.” Cost of the after school program is about $5 an hour and there are weekly rates and discounts for Y members. On-line payment is offered. The Y’s Child Care operates Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6 p.m. and the Y offers care for those days the schools are closed. The Louisville Y operates child care programs in the YMCA building on Nickel Plate Street, at North Nimishillen School and the East Canton Elementary School. Heidi said they are working with the State of Ohio to get child care assistance funding. “There are over 700 rules for licensing child care centers,” according to Wilson. “We’re still evolving . . . meeting community needs.”       For additional information, call Stiles at 330-875-1611.

Coming Events

Sept. 2 — Louisville Public School Athletic Director Terri Horn will speak on the state of the fall sporting programs.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2020


President Jared Shive welcomed 36 members and family members to the club’s annual evening picnic-meeting held at Metzger Park. The food was catered by Ricky’s Backyard Bar-B-Q. New members Pat Fallot and Joanie Aljancic were inducted into membership by the District 6650 Governor Linda Henderson. After the usual opening activities, Songmeister Mark Sigler led the group in singing the Beatles Yellow Submarine — but with Mark’s special lyrics he called Yellow Coved 19. It was a nice and appropriate gesture for the occasion as we all wore masks and tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to self-distance ourselves.

The Program


Linda Henderson hails from East Liverpool, and has been a Rotarian for over 15 years. A former school teacher, she has been involved in a number of Rotary activities and offices, her most notable was leading the community drive to raise $173,000 to build a new swimming pool for the city. That project earned her club Rotary’s International Significant Achievement Award for Community Service. She was joined at the meeting with her husband Fred.


After introducing herself and discussing her background, she asked a few questions to get the discussion moving. “What would your community miss the most if there were no Rotary Club here?” she asked. There were a number of answers, but the flag program was the most stated. “Where do you see your club in 20 years? and “What would you like to improve?”were questions that got members into her message. Additional membership, a high school Rotary-sponsored club, and more social awareness were answers. Her message, given with energy and sincerity was enjoyed.


Henderson was given our club’s history booklet as a memento of her visit to Louisville.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

DG Linda Henderson


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2020


With 18 guests practicing the mandated covid 19 meeting restrictions, President Jared Shive conducted the first of the month business meeting. Councilman Rick Guiley and Jas Anderson, the son of Jennifer Anderson, were guests. Pastor David gave a timely prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test were recited. The Health Department spy did not show as we thought he would.

Happy Dollars

* Bob Hallier was pleased to announce the day was his 53rd wedding anniversary. Congrats to Bob & Celine.

* Betty Derry cheerfully pitched tickets for the Historical Society’s raffle and announced the Society’s photo contest with a deadline of Sept. 26.

* Glenn Heiller announced all the flag routes had drivers.

* Bill Wood said there would be no foreign exchange program this school year, but look ahead to the summer of ’21. Recruit students between ages 15-19 and have them apply now.

* Dave Yeagley announced he was happy his wife got a new job at the Crystal Clinic.

* Don Marshall smiled while announcing that this was his first Rotary meeting since retiring from state employment.


Club Business

1. Jared discussed the club’s finances. Our pledge of $2,000 to the school program Leopards Helping Leopards was delivered. Treasurer Kuhn emailed a 3-page treasurer’s report showing the club has $39,755.29 in its accounts. The bottom line report is at the end of this report.

2. Farmer’s Market. The September market is set for the 12th. The LHS Drum Line will entertain for two half hour performances from 10 to noon. It was decided to provide water and a snack for the members. A $100 donation will be presented to the Music Booster Club.

3. There are no updates for the Global Grant at this time.

4. Citizen of the Year. There are 7 submissions. Chair Greg Anderson will call a meeting soon to pick the lucky winner. When to announce and honor the winner? September 17 at 6:pm there is a community activity at Christ United Methodist Church. Jared will look into whether our presentation can be there.

5. Membership updates: Two persons have expressed interest in joining. Keep your fingers crossed.

6. Polio Plus. October is Polio Plus Awareness Month. What can we do as leaders of the club to encourage member donations in addition to the club’s $1,000 pledge? Board members would make a personal approach to the members reminding them that their gift would come back to the club from the District.

7. An Interact Club at the high school. We need an advisor and permission to host a club. Jared will meet with the Key Club advisor to see if we can partner with them.

8. Warm Coats. Barb is on this and is tabulating the number of sizes needed. Coats can only be ordered in lots of 6 or 12. What to do if only one or two sizes are needed? October 1 is the absolute deadline for parental response. It was suggested we talk to the East Canton Rotary Club to see if we can work a joint order. We have $3,000 in the budget but it is hoped that some of the businesses will again contribute. Jim Edwards is the point person to approach the Eagles. Bob Hallier offered the use of his garage for storage until the pass out. The library will be used to pass out the coats.

9. Pancake Day. Looks like it will be a no go this year due to restrictions of the Coronavirus. There was discussion of an alternate plan but no decisions were made.

10. Community grants are now out, due end of month.


Upcoming Events

Sept 9 — Lunch meeting with LHS Athletic Director Terri Horn.

Sept. 16 — No meeting, register for Zoom Tri-District meeting seminar.

Sept. 21-22 — Retire flags.


Submitted by Allen Gress. Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2020


President Jared Shive chaired the luncheon meeting held at Paradise UCC with 19 members and four guests present. Guests included Todd Hixenbaugh, the new Associate Pastor at Paradise; Alex Powell, a Rotarian in the Canton Club ( she is now living in Louisville); Linda Parrish and Terri Horn, the Louisville Schools Athletic Director. Members stood in rapt attention as Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and Four-Way Test was recited. Despite his presence, Songmeister Sigler let us down with no song.


Happy Dollars

* Cynthia Kerchner reminded all that Saturday was Farmer’s Market and help is needed early in the morning. She also said the LHS Drum Corps will be playing for everyone’s entertainment.

* Joanie Aljancic was thankful for the Splash Pad which was filled with happy children this morning before she left for this meeting.

* Jim Edwards announced we now have 1,297 flag recipients.

* Greg Anderson brought everyone up to date with what is going on with the Citizen of the Year project. He promised to keep us posted as new discussion is held.


The Program

Barb DiJacimo introduced the day’s speaker Terri Horn, the Athletic Director for the Louisville School System. Terri’s first comment deflated most of the members when she announced that she had no tickets for Friday’s game. She went on to explain that due to the Coronavirus, they are allowed only 15% of the seating capacity for a game — that’s 900 tickets. (Louisville stadium holds 6,000) The allotment, she explained, was tickets for the parents and siblings of the players, band members and cheerleaders. Two hundred tickets go to the visiting school. Then came Board members and school employees needed to work the game.


Terri went on to define who she is — a 30+ year educator with previous athletic director experience in the North Canton Schools.  Not too long ago she was working on a doctorate degree but was sidetracked with her fourth child. Her husband is the pastor of an intercity Canton church.


The Louisville football program was allowed just one scrimmage. Terri had high praise for the Federal League in helping her fill a 6-game schedule. She told of getting a Youngstown Area company to live stream the games and settled that just two days before the Dover game. The company — YSN — wants to get a foothold in the Stark County market and expected a few viewers for the first game. Terri said that the game had 22,000 hits, some from across the country.

Fans can watch Friday’s game by streaming at Terri reminded members that tickets are available for 9th grade games, JV games, volleyball, soccer and cross country. Team schedules can be accessed at


Terri also mentioned that there were no real decisions on winter sports at this time. Responding to a question about league affiliation, she said the school was keeping options open. “Being in the wrong league is like being in a bad marriage,” she noted.


It needs to be noted that Ms. Horn’s message went 10 minutes past one, but not one sole left or was anxious to leave.


Coming Events

September 16 — No luncheon meeting; members should register for the Tri-District meeting via Zoom.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


During the week of September 16th, We impromptly met at the Umbrella Alley and Jared presented the Louisville Rotary Citizen of the Year Award to David Yeagley, Rick Guiley and Raeann Guiley for their leadership and inovation in coordinating, designing, building and maintaining the gleeful atmosphere of the Umbrella Alley. Our president Jared Shive presented the awards. 

2020 Citizens of the Year Umbrella Alley
Dave Yeagley.jpg
Rick and Raeann Guiley.jpg

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

September 30, 2020


Dining on ham, mashed potatoes and green beans, 19 members listened to two speakers regarding the Louisville School levy for the club’s noon meeting held in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church. President Jared Shive led the attendees in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary Four-Way Test. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave the opening prayer.


Happy Dollars

*   Jim Edwards was happy the Presidential debate was over.

*   A reminder was given that this Saturday is the last Farmer’s Market of the season. Please attend.


Club Business

*   Denny Valentine discussed the Homeless Outreach Team’s attempt to win the State Farm $25,000 grant to local charities and asked each member to voting on-line until October 2. One can vote up to 10 times each day. The club that receives the most votes wins. To vote go to Their Director presented a program for the club last spring.

*   Pastor David extended an invitation for all of us to attend the Sweetest Day Date Night from 6:30 to 9 October 17 in the church hall where we meet. Catering is by Scratch. There will be music, interactive games, marriage stories, door prizes and raffle items. There is free child care. Fun for all!

*   Bob Hallier asked if we could Zoom our meetings so Kennybob could be a part of Rotary, (He has been a member since the 1960s). Bob has volunteered to spearhead the project.

*   Next week our meeting will be at Skyland Pines for a joint session with the Plain Township Rotary. The program features one of the state’s Supreme Court members. Cost is $13. (Makes our $8 cost seem like a bargain).

*   Special mention should go to Greg Parrish who is retiring from 45 years coaching tennis at Louisville High School and Mt. Union University. While at LHS, Greg’s won-loss record was 808 - 258 that led to 18 league championships. Greg is a member of the Ohio Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame. Greg  said his coaching was a labor of love. He and Linda plan to spend more time with family and do some traveling. There was a nice story about him in the September 24th Herald. Congratulations Greg.


The Program

LHS senior Delaney Phillips, our club’s 2019 member of the Constitution Court, is serving a second year on the court due to the cancellation of Constitution Week activities. She is working with the other members of the court to fund raise for the usual trip to Washington, D.C. She brought us up on the court’s activities and her communication with our foreign exchange student from Chili.


Next, Board of Education member Rick Crislip spoke very emotionally regarding the importance of the upcoming school levy. This is the levy’s 3rd try before the voters. This levy, he said was personal as was running for a seat on the board during the last election. Now 63, he has endured 22 surgeries due to an injury playing football while a student at Ohio University. “I love this town,” he said, “So why am I on the Board?” He said he was (a slang word for being upset) with teachers who would walk out on the students. “It will never happen again.” Crislip said the most enjoyable part of the job is honoring students and staff.  Al ammended these minutes in the October 7th minutes.


If the levy fails, good teachers will be lost, he said. The students are in need of more mental health services. If the levy passes, he continued, “we can reduce the pay-to-play fees and restore busing.” He urged us to talk it up among our friends and neighbors.


A motion was made to endorse the levy and that motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


A note from the secretary: There was some concern about the club’s endorsement of a school levy because some may consider a levy as political. I fail to understand this thinking and regard school, library and health levies as important parts of our community’s fabric and are consistent with the Rotary motto of Service above Self. All of these agencies deal with citizen health and well-being.

Bonus Picture of the Louisville Rotary Club members posting flags on the green space East of Downtown Louisville.

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