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Louisville Rotary Meetings 2019


3rd Quarter

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Louisville Rotary Club

July 10, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Club President Bob Hallier brought the meeting to order with 17 members and 7 guests present. There was no singing as is the usual activity to open the meeting due to a lengthy agenda for the day.  The club pledged allegiance to the flag and repeated the Rotary Four-Way Test. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer. Four of the guests were LHS students home from a month abroad (they will be named later), three parents and Rick Savage, a prospective member.  


The Happy Dollars

*   Barb DeJacimo enthusiastically is selling sponsorships for the LHS volleyball team which includes a listing with a logo in the volleyball activity program.

*   Cynthia Kerchner thanked Rotary members who helped make the July Farmers' Market a success.                                                                                                 

Club Business

1.     President Bob presented the proposed 2019-2020 budget with copies to all members present. After his explanation, there were no questions and the members voted unanimously yea.

2.     President Bob announced his three goals for the upcoming year: Build club membership; Work on community needs & projects; and Connect better with Rotary International & the Foundation.

3.     Announced that the Pancake Breakfast date is Saturday, Nov. 9. He also made assignments including: Jim Edwards, cooking; ticket sales, Jerry Dunbar & Greg Parrish; Dinning room crew, Bob Hallier. Each crew chief is to recruit members for their individual teams.

4.     Discussed the Constitution Day Parade. Glenn Heiller will lead the crew in set up and parade-day assignments.

5.     The Purple Bag Project. Yes, the club wants to be a part of this. Filled bags will be collected once a month for the business meeting. Items will be taken to the drop-off location by President Bob or Joe Morgan.

6.     President Bob said he is going to ask our four new members to each chair one of our committees. The idea is to get the new persons acquainted with others and to get them involved right away. The four committees are Education & Literacy, Maternal & Child Health, Peace & Conflict Resolution and Water & Sanitation.

7.     Next year's induction banquet is set for Wednesday evening, June 17 at Skyland Pines. President Bob will contact Skyland to get the date reserved.

8.     Cynthia Kerchner suggested we have a picnic in the park again. All agreed. This family activity will be held in lieu of a meeting sometime in mid-August. The date must first be cleared with the Park Department and will be announced later.

9.     Glenn Heiller asked and received support to retire the 50 flags in the downtown Green Space. (Can't we come up with a better name for that area?)

The Program

LHS students Daniel Rich and Sahari Souza have returned home from a one-month  Rotary student exchange in Spain. While there they were living with a host family with a  boy, Jaun, and a girl, Adrianna, of their age. All four returned to the U.S. and the Spanish students will spent the month of July here. For the program, the students discussed their experiences both here and abroad. Daniel's mother attending the program along with Joel and Dahli Souza. Both the Spanish guests speak very good English.

Both American students said they were impressed with the architecture and friendliness they encountered. "I feel I grew in maturity," said Daniel. "I learned a lot of the Spanish language . . . I felt like part of their family." Sahari, too, found everyone very friendly and she said she enjoyed the different lifestyle. She said she was surprised when meeting new people, she was greeted with two kisses. Her guest, Adrianna, 17, was surprised in that America that students are legally allowed to drive. "You can't drive until you 18 in Spain," she said. Adrianna was also surprised at the humidity level here. "We don't have waving flags everywhere . . . I've seen more here than in Spain my entire life! She said.

This was our club's first experience with one-month exchanges, and a project we hope to expand.
Our summer exchange program participants, Izzy Rich, Daniel Rich and Sahari Souza.


Louisville Rotary club
July 17, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Club President Bob Hallier brought the meeting to order with 18 members present. The club pledged allegiance to the flag and repeated the Rotary Four-Way Test. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer. Songmeister Mark Sigler showed off his new Beatles book containing all of their published work. Mark did not say he slept with the book each night. He led the group in a 3-round version of the Rotary Row song. For those future readers of this who do not know the Rotary song, it begins with Row, Row, Rotary . . .join the fun with you and me . . . And so it goes with a degree of repetition to the tune of Row, Row Your Boat.

The Happy Dollars

*   Barb DeJacimo enthusiastically is still selling sponsorships for the LHS volleyball team which includes a listing with a logo in the volleyball activity program. Sponsorship runs from just $50 to $500. Dollar two was a pitch for members to attend the township Zoning meeting tonight at 7. The township trustees have refused to honor a zoning problem on Alcorn Avenue allowing an AirB&B to operate in a neighborhood zoned Residential. Her third dollar was the announcement that she is now officially beginning her campaign for the Louisville School Board. (Good luck, Barb!).

*   President Bob announced that he had a good time at his family reunion in Michigan. It included a week's vacation.

*   Jim Edwards taught the members the proper way to welcome a prospective new member. The President first welcomes the new with "Welcome Name" At that point, together, the members will sing out "Welcome Name." Several practices were tried to welcome Rich Savage.                                                                                

Club Business

1.     President Bob discussed sending club news to the District newsletter. "Why not send information about our Farmer's Market," he said.

2.     President Bob announced his three goals for the upcoming year: build club membership; work on community needs & projects; and connect better with Rotary International & the Foundation.

3.     President Bob said he had a message from Paradise Church that they wished to co-sponsor a Taste of Louisville sometime in mid-October. Are we interested? It was mentioned by Mark Sigler that the 20/20 Vision group is planning a similar activity October 26. So nothing was decided at this time.

4.     It was announced that our club will be taking a second exchange student this fall. He is from Argentina, but we as yet do not have a local host family. Ask around and get the word out. It was mentioned that of the 44 clubs in District 4450, only 19 exchange students are being taken. Wooster is hosting 3 and Louisville 2. We ought to get an award for this, exclaimed Denny Valentine.



The program featured two of our newest members in a "get to know me" talk to the group. Joe Morgan took the podium first and followed with an entertaining message. Joe, the administrator of Oakhill Nursing Home, shared some of the highlights of his life including winning first prize for a 90s Music Trivia contest. That set the tone. He also claimed to have won the sexiest legs vote for his high school yearbook (but he failed to pull up his pants leg to show it) and he prides himself as a roller skater but admits he cannot turn or stop. He offered these three pieces of wisdom. "There are three kinds of people," he explained, " those who can count and those who can't." (Keep thinking about it; you'll get it.) Joe graduated with a major in Criminal Justice, got a job managing a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, took a 9-month course in nursing home management and eventually got the job here.

Travis Kelley followed. He is married and has two children ages 3 & 1. He said he hopes to become an engaged member. He is employed by the Commonwealth National Bank as a commercial leader. Travis was transferred here from Pittsburgh and is a diehard Steelers fan. But, hold on Browns fans he really likes Baker Mayfield! So there is some hope Travis will see the light. 


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Upcoming Events:

July 24 - New members Ann Davis & Michael Damron will take the stage.

July 31 - Uptown Joe's Kenny Clark will give us the insight to good coffee making.

Louisville Rotary Club
July 31, 2019
Meeting minutes

President Bob Hallier chaired the noon Rotary meeting with 17 members and six guests present. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave his usual power prayer, the group pledged the flag and recited the Rotary Four-Way Test. Joel Dunbar from Las Vegas, Her Honor Louisville Mayor Pat Fallot, Joyce Hudnell, Ken & Valerie Clark from Uptown Joe's, plus short term exchange students Izzy Rich and Emily Marlok who hails from Austria were guests.


Happy Dollars

1.    Glenn Heiller proudly announced that he was a new great-grandfather last week.  

2.    Ron Derry, standing in for wife Betty, announced that the Historical Society has new windows in the second story of their building.

3.    Cynthia Kerchner pleaded for help for Saturday's Farmer's Market. There will be a couple of food trucks. She also reminded all of the annual picnic August 14 at Metzger Park, 6 p.m. Bring your own table setting, a side dish and BYOB. There is no regular meeting that Wednesday.

4.    Bill Wood said new exchange student Gabby was on her way from Chile and Jeremiah is coming from Argentina. Bill is still looking for a host family for him.

5.    Denny Valentine introduced Delaney Phillips, this year's Constitution Queen candidate the club is sponsoring.


Club Business

*   President Bob reminded members of the first Purple Bag collection next week. He also mentioned the nice article in The Repository about the Splash Park which also made the Channel 5 news.

*   President Bob recounted this year's club goals

            a. Build club membership

            b. Work on community needs and projects

            c.  Connect better with Rotary International and Foundation.

*   Joyce Hudnell, representing Paradise Church, gave a pitch for the church & Rotary to partner in a Taste of Louisville project set for October 5th in the church's Fellowship Hall. The two groups would split the funds 50/50. President Bob said the idea would be discussed at the next meeting.

Short Program

Bill Wood introduced the short term (one month) exchange students Louisville's own Izzy Rich and her guest Emily Marlok, from Austria. Izzy spent a month with the Marlok family and this month Emily is staying with the Rich family. So far, Emily has been taken to New York City and Cleveland. Emily lives in a village of about 3,000 where she took Izzy sailing and biking. Emily gave the local club a small flag presented by her Rotary Club. Both girls expressed the fact that neither one wanted to go home and wished the visits lasted longer.

Next Program

Kenny Clark, a LHS and Kent State University graduate, decided five years ago to open a coffee shop in the business district of Louisville. He had the opportunity to purchase the building and did pretty much a complete renovation. Prior to that he ran a roofing company. "I decided Louisville needed a coffee shop," he said. "Since December, things have really taken off." He has 5 or 6 employees and has expanded his open hours and has purchased the building next to his. Ken said he would like to expand and needs more space. He is also a flag worker for the Rotary.


Coming Events:

Aug. 7 - Business meeting

Aug. 14 - Annual picnic at Metzger Park - no noon meeting

Aug. 21 - Kristie Woods representing Refuge of Hope

Submitted by,

Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club
August 7, 2019
Meeting minutes

Fourteen members met and were led by Songmeister Mark Sigler in singing the club favorite All Together Now. Following a prayer led by Paradise Pastor David Anderson, club President Bob Hallier led the business meeting. There were no guests.


Happy Dollars

*  Dave Yeagley announced that a host family was found for our incoming exchange student from Argentina. Don Marshall and his wife will host the exchange student.


Business Activity

1. Today was the first collection of Purple Bag items. Remember collections are the first meeting of each month.


2. President Bob read a thank-you note from Pegasus Farm for our donation of $300.


3. Bob announced that Greg Anderson was accepting applications for the 2019 Citizen of the Year. Email your suggestion to Greg.


4. President Bob announced the Board had approved a change in the club's 2019-20 budget of $6,000 for the expense of a second exchange student. There were no comments from the group.


5. Taste of Louisville (TOL). After discussion and the Board's approval, the club decided to support a TOL event in conjunction with Paradise Church's Ways and Means Committee. The TOL will be Tuesday, October 15th in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church. There will be no beer sold. The two organizations will split the profits on a 50/50 basis. Al Gress & Jennifer Anderson will be the liaisons between the church and the club.


6. President Bob reminded everyone of the annual picnic next Wednesday the 14th. Metzger Park, 6:30. This is a family affair. Members should bring table service and a

side dish. Meat will be provided. This is a BYOB event.


7. A discussion was held as to what purpose Happy Dollars is. And the answer please: personal wishes and events fall under Happy Dollars. Club business is not subject to the dollar cost. The money will be used in a Discretionary Fund.


8. President Bob asked if there was interest in attending Jackson Township's program with a Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. An evening event. There were several hands up.

9. President Bob discussed changes in the clubs liability insurance coverage that is provided by Rotary International. Basically, anything we do that is over $50,000 needs a special coverage. And no aircraft activities are covered.


10. There will be a Tailgate Party for the first football game August 30 on the uptown Green Space. Our club will provide the hotdog buns & will grill the weiners. The library has a grill to use. Several persons volunteered but unfortunately, I didn't get names. You know who you are!


Dave Yeagley suggested that club members get more involved with the exchange students. "This is a great learning experience for your children," he said.


Jim Edwards wants an updated membership list with spouses names on each agenda. Jared will do a spread sheet and have it for the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:55.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

August 21, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Bob Hallier chaired the noon luncheon meeting with 20 Rotarians and two guests present. The prayer was given by Paradise Pastor David Anderson, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited along with the Rotary Four-Four-at Test. Songmeister Mark Sigler led the group in singing 'It's a Grand Old Flag".


Happy Dollars

*  Bill Wood introduced this year's Rotary Constitution Queen candidate Delaney Phillips. He also announced that the two exchange students Jere Mias and Gabby Urreao are settled in and will begin their high school experiences on Thursday. It is the first time either has riden a school bus to school.

*  Barb DiJacmo said she was thankful the Air B&B in her neighborhood is for sale and the sale is pending. "Now I won't have to live with a hotel across the street," she said.

Also, her daughter made the varsity volleyball team.

*  Delany Phillips was introduced and thanked the club for supporting her. "I would never have been able to do this without your support," she said. The club wished her good luck. Delany is a member of the school's color guard and attends church and Sunday School.

*. Betty Derry showed members the new tri-fold flyer for the Ahh Gallery and announced the September program The History of Star Mill, the oldest business in the city & township. She also talked about an upcoming program Escape the Museum. And last, she pitched the programming at the Lincoln Lions Theatre in Massillon a series of pop music imitators.


Club Business

*. Glenn Heiller announced that flag posting is set for Wednesday & Thursday, August 28-29.

*. President Bob announced the District collected 180 Purple Bags of items for the Battered Women�s Shelter, a new mission of the clubs.

*  The President also asked for help cooking hot dogs at the Tailgate for the opening football game Friday the 30th. Four persons volunteered.

*    President Bob also announced the 2020 District-wide goal of gaining 30% of a club�s membership to 30% of the club�s total. Our club is now at 23% female membership.


The Program

Kristie Wood, the Program Coordinator for Refuge of Hope, gave an overview of the work of the Christian-based shelter for homeless men. Their new facility is based in

downtown Canton. First, Ms. Wood shared her background for the position. She is married and the mother of three children. She began her career as a radio personality for 10 years, then worked for St. Luke's facility in North Canton. Her husband is a Rotarian in Canal Fulton. She said she felt a calling to serve and said "This is where I'm supposed to be." The Refuge of Hope is the only shelter for men in Canton and can house 65. They are currently averaging 55 men sleeping each night. The shelter also prepares meals Monday through Friday and averages between 200 to 250 each day. They served 96,000 meals last year and all are served by volunteers. There is a program each man must follow to maintain his bed. There are eight beds reserved for men who work the night shift. A person, once accepted, can live there for three months and will attend a program to be able to move back into society and care for himself. Their program includes basic self skills. Prayer and church services are expected. Ms. Wood is proud to tell the stories of their successes including the fact that last year 117 men have left their program with only two returning."Then we worked with those two to determine what was needed to help them."

Their program tries to teach accountability for one's actions. A man will not be allowed to sleep there if he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. "There is a lot of mental illness besides alcoholism and drug addition," she said. The residents are up by 7 a.m. and must make their own beds, then to class. "They must take care of what's provided," she relates. "We have such life skills as how to manage a check book . . . each person must complete a daily chore or housekeeping jobs. There is a Bible class."


The shelter, with no government funding, relies on grants and donations to fund their $1.1 million budget, is located on Second Street NE, two blocks from the downtown SARTA bus facility.


"When people become homeless, generally they have broken all their relationships," she concluded. 


Upcoming Events:

Aug. 28 - Rotaplast by John Street

Aug. 30 - Tailgate at downtown Green Space

Sept. 4 - Business meeting

Louisville Rotary Club

August 28, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Bob Hallier opened the meeting with 20 members and two guests present. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer, the Pledge.and the Four-Way Test was repeated. Unfortunately, due to.the Songmeister's absence, there was no song. Grant Emerick and Samatha Maxwell were guests, both were presented a new Rotary booklet by Al Gress.

Happy Dollars

*. Ann Davis introduced her daughter, Samatha Maxwell, and said that her exchange student was a delight and her adjustment to life in Louisville was going well.

*. Cynthia Kerchner said the Splash Park would open Friday and all the members should show up at Aljancic Park for a photo op and christening. All agreed to attend. "Wear your Rotary shirts," she admonished.

*. Dave Yeagley announced that Umbrella Alley will be completed by September 1 and there will be a donor party sometime in October.


Club Business

*. President Bob announced the District 6650 Banquet is planned for September 14 at the Alliance Banquet Center. Check the District website for additional information.

*. Flag Meister Glenn Heiller said its "all hands on deck" for the Constitution Parade, Sunday September 22. Also, help is needed Saturday evening to set the stakes for the float locations along the middle school parking lot. Be there at 6 p.m. A third need, members are welcome to attend a Constitution Week organizational meeting in the Constitution Center at 6:30, Wednesday, September 4.

*    President Bob reminded all of the Constitution Banquet, Wednesday evening September 18 at 6 in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church. Dinner is $15 (we think). This is the event where our Citizen of the Year will be announced.

The Program

John W. Street, a member of the Girard-Liberty Rotary Club, gave an inspiring message about Rotaplast. What is Rotaplast? A non-profit organization, Rotaplast provides, solicits donations of non-durable medical supplies (valued at $45,000 each mission), transports $160,000 worth of equipment, teams (usually 30 persons), conducts on-site visits and works with sponsors both here and abroad. Rotaplast covers the cost of transporting medical personnel, but volunteers pay their own way. The cost of an average trip is $100,000. Housing and food for the 10-day to two week trip is provided by host Rotary Clubs. The focus of Rotaplast is dealing with and correcting cleft lip and palate anomalies and each mission deals with about 100 cases. There is no charge for the treatments. While there, Rotaplast physicians teach local doctors about the most up-to-date treatment for Cleft disorders.

            Rotaplast was founded as a Rotary Project and works with local Rotary Clubs, but is not a member of Rotary International.

            "I'm here asking for money," Street said by way of introduction. His presentation included a host of before and after pictures of just a few of the children Rotaplast has helped. The photos touched member hearts. Check the organization on-line at


The program ran 10 minutes over the usual 1:00, but no one got up to leave early.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Louisville Rotary Club

September 4, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Club President Bob Hallier, who prepared the day's agenda, was called away for a matter at the library, so Allen Gress led the business meeting. Paradise Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer, the members pledged Allegiance to the Flag , the Four-Way Test was recited, and since our Song Meister was absent, no one volunteered to lead the group sing. There were 15 members present with one guest Louisville Mayor Pat Fallot. 


There were no Happy Dollars.



Taste of Louisville. The Board decided and the membership concurred for the club to withdraw from participation in the Taste of Louisville project. With the club's participation with the Constitution activities in mid-to late September, the Pancake breakfast in early November, plus the possibility of hosting the Candidates Night in mid-October, the membership was worked to the limit. The group did promise to sell tickets to the Taste project and to attend it.


Community Banquet. Mayor Fallot was selling tickets ($15) and the membership requested two adjoining tables be reserved. Later, Pat said she already had enough for 2 tables and asked if we wanted a third. We must notify her by Monday if we would like the 3rd table.


Citizen of the Year. Has been selected, but no one is to know except President Bob and he will make the presentation at the banquet. When Bob's final words are spoken and the world knows who the person is all Rotarians should stand and applaud which will lead others to do the same.


Purple Bag Project.  Only two Purple Bags were collected this week.


Warm Coats Project. Barb DeJacimo has volunteered to head this project this year. She will partner with the elementary school�s Care Committee. We will order 150 coats of various sizes and colors. President Bob will contact community groups who have volunteered financial support in past years to see if they will continue that gift. Barb asked for volunteers and several members raised their hand to help.


Girl Scout Project. The request for financial support for the scout�s Gold Award. The young lady is trying to raise $6,000 for play equipment for Wildwood Park. Since City Manager Larry Collins was present, he was asked about the city�s acceptance of such a project. He said he would look into it and get back to the club. Meanwhile, it was suggested the girl apply for a Rotary grant.


Rotaplast. Two questions were presented to the members. One, should the club accept Rotaplast as one of our projects? It was an unanimous vote to accept Rotaplast. Question 2. How much would we give? After considerable discussion, Jim Edwards made the motion that the Board should decide and the amount should be anywhere $100 to $1,000. The vote on Q2 was also unanimous in favor of the motion.


Candidates Night. The Louisville Chamber of Commerce will not support a candidates night. Their thinking is their organization is to support local businesses and politics does not fit their mission. Dave Yeagley volunteered to head such a night and is to talk with the Eagles to see if they will allow us to use their hall. More later when the question is answered and a date can be established.


Community Grants. Barb Dejacimo volunteered to lead this activity and her group is taking charge. There will be a notice in the Herald and the dates will be announced at the next meeting.


The Constitution Parade. All hands on deck. Glenn needs 8 helpers for Saturday, Sept. 21 at the Middle School. Meet at 5 o�clock. For the the BIG EVENT Sunday, four persons are needed at 10 in the morning. Six or more arrive at noon. Glenn, the Parade Czar, will have location assignments for each. You will be asked at the Sept. 11th meeting to sign up for your favorite spot to work. Folks, we need help this day.


Coming Events:

Sept. 11 - Michele Schaffer talks about the school year.

Sept. 18 - The Community Banquet.

Sept. 21 - Set parade route, 5 p.m. at the Middle School.

Sept. 22 - The parade. All Rotarians needed.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

September 11, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Bob Hallier presided for the noonday luncheon meeting with 18 members and four guests present. Pastor David gave the opening prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited as was the Rotary Four-Way Test. There was no song. Councilperson Joanne Aljancic, School Superintendent Michele Schaffer and School Treasurer Derek Nottingham were guests.City Service Director Dan Millsap also attended the meeting.

Club News & Happy Dollars

1. President Bob got a show of hands for attending the next Wednesday Community Banquet. Looks like we'll have enough for three tables.

2. September 14 there is a District Meeting in Alliance. We need a volunteer. Prez Bob will attend.

3. Glenn Heiller discussed the parade manpower needs. Six or 7 needed for Saturday at 5. Three from 10-12 Sunday, then 6 to 8 more for the afternoon.

4. Denny Valentine congratulated the LHS football team for their exciting win over Hoover.

The Program


School Superintendent Michele Schaffer and School Treasurer Derek Nottingham spoke about the current programming and financial needs for the Louisville City Schools. Superintendent Schaffer discussed the school's new Strategic Plan and E3 Vision Empowering Students & engaged Community. "Our leadership team has dedicated themselves to engaging the staff and . . . conversations about our future and seeking feedback," she said. "Along with our successes come challenges . . . our financials projections show us to be in the red by the end of 2020 and completely out of financial reserves by 2022. After much discussion, the Board of Education will place a 6.9 mill levy for a vote on the November 5 ballot." The levy, Issue 17, will cost the owner of a property valued at $100,000 about $20 per month.


With that said, Superintendent Schaffer discussed the many activities and new programs for this school year. A few of the facts:


* Louisville spends less per student that 95% of Ohio's 607 school districts.

* Louisville Schools incoming revenue per student is in the bottom 3% of all Ohio School Districts.

*. Property tax is the only revenue source the school can directly control. Over the last 10 years, state funds have actually dropped and that trend is unlikely to change. In the eyes of the state, Louisville is one of the poorer districts in the state. Louisville millage is now lower than it was in 2009. The levy will generate about $2.81 million and should stave off money problems for another five years.

*  Pay to Participate fees for extracurricular activities remain the same as last year.

*. Louisville Schools have the second lowest funding reserve in the county.

*  The 2nd year of the District's Digital Academy has 61 students enrolled. Last year there were 40.

*. High school students can participate in a college readiness class.

*. The District's enrollment is not expected to grow over the next five years. There are about twice as many incoming students under Open Enrollment as Louisville students attending other school districts.


There is a levy support committee and residents are invited to join. A community fund raiser is planned for Thursday, October 3 at Skyland Pines. Doors open at 5:30, fun begins at 6. Tickets are $40 and must be purchased in advance at Beatty's Sporting Goods store uptown. Deadline for tickets is Thursday, Sept. 19. There will be "heavy horderves with a cash bar. There will auction items and a 50-50 drawing.


Coming Events:

Sept.18 - Community banquet. Citizen of the Year announced

Sept. 21 - Parade setup at the Middle School - 5 p.m.

Sept. 22 - Constitution Parade - all hands on deck

Sept. 25 - American Cancer Society

Oct. 1 - Rotary Board meeting, noon, Uptown Joes.

Louisville Rotary Club

September 25, 2019

Meeting Minutes

President Bob Hallier chaired the meeting, opening with a prayer by Paradise Pastor David Anderson. The Pledge was given and the Rotary 4-Way Test was recited. There were 14 members in attendance.


Happy Dollars

* The club offers special congratulations to Ron & Betty Derry who were honored as the     Constitution Parade Marshals. Certainly a well-deserved honor.

*. Bill Wood announced that the parade went well for the exchange students.

* President Bob recounted his responsibility of leading the parade while driving an antique tractor.

* Jim Edwards announced that there were now a dozen or so umbrellas up in Umbrella Alley.


Club Business

*. Barb DeJacimo discussed the new Warm Coats FaceBook page.

* Al Gress complained about the lack of sufficient help for the parade and parade set-up on Saturday. Greg Anderson said there were 5 Rotarians at the south gate which was more than enough. Al replied that he was alone at the main intersection of the parking lots until Jim Edwards arrived between 1 & 1:30. Also Bob Hallier was alone the whole time at the northern entrance to the parking area. There were only 4 Rotarians for the Saturday set-up. Considering Barb and Ron & Betty who were in the parade, and several Rotarians who drove cars in the parade, what does "all hands on deck mean?"


*  The Rotary-sponsored Constitution Queen candidate Delaney Phillips was chosen for the Miss Congeniality winner, came to the meeting dressed up and gave a heartfelt thanks to the club for their support.


*  President Bob announced  the upcoming World Polio Day, Oct. 24 which our District 6650 is sponsoring a wine auction to raise money. The amount from each club will be doubled. It is hoped our club can give between $100 to $500 for the campaign. Last year, the District raised $15,000 for the project. Bob also mentioned that November is Foundation Month with the goal that every member be a Paul Harris Fellow.


*. Glenn Heiller asked for help after the meeting to take down the 50 flags in the Green Space.


*. Bob Hallier told of the Impact Group for the Library meeting set for October 16. "It's time for the community to speak out," he reminded.


The Program

Due to a scheduling conflict our speaker did not attend. Joe Morgan stepped up to the plate and discussed his involvement with fundraising for the American Cancer Society. Joe, bless his heart, dressed in pink for money, of course, and raised a lot of money.

Dressing in pink is a visual attention to promote awareness of breast cancer and the money collected goes toward research.


Upcoming Events


Oct. 1- Rotary Board meeting, noon, Uptown Joe's

Oct. 2 - Joint meeting with Plain Township Rotary at the Military Center on Meese Road. 11:30.

Oct. 9 - Trail Clean-up

Oct. 16 - Library Impact Group

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