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Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2021


Eighteen members signed-on to Zoom for the April business meeting led  by President Jared Shive. Following the prayer, Pledge and Four-Way Test, the discussion turned to club issues including:


I. The April 14th meeting will delight sports fans as Skip Laughlin or his father will share their experiences coaching the ultra successful LHS wrestling program.

The 21st meeting will be a group clean-up of the Metzger Park walking trail. We have been warned this time the trail is in need of clean-up attention. Bring large trash bags and wear boots.

The meeting on the 28th is a new twist for the club. A combined cook-out — work session is planned to refurbish the 10 picnic benches in the downtown Green Space. We shall meet at 5:30, no noon meeting, and do some wood replacement, scrapping and sanding before applying a coat of redwood paint. The tables have been painted previously, so using a wood stain would not work. Food service is in the planning stages. We could grill or we could seek food from Unhitched or Scratch. Those matters will be discussed later. Paint, wood, brushes and scapers will be provided. As a club in recent history, this work-social event has not been tried. There is a rain date — Wednesday, May 12th.

II. Global Grant Literacy Project. Since the original project was dropped, the Pune Kartry, India Rotary Club submitted an alternative plan to replace the organic farming project. Plan B will be tutorial virtual computer program instructing organic farming techniques. This program will include about 1,500 students from 17 schools. Our financial commitment will be $3,000 to be augmented by a District 6650 grant. The funds will go to purchase technical equipment.

III. Farmers Market. The Farmers Market as presented by the Know Your Roots will not be held this summer as planned. Jared planned to attend a Downtown Business Association meeting later this week to see if the organizations can put together something for this summer much like we have sponsored in past summers. More information will be forthcoming.


IV. Honoring Kennybob Smith. It was decided to purchase a park bench and a tree placing them together in Metzger Park. A bronze plaque outlining Ken’s contributions to the community will be close by. We are also going to place a flag near the bench. About $1,000 was voted to complete the project. Ms. Smith will be invited to attend a brief ceremony when the bench, tree and flag are planted and installed.


VII. The 6650 Rotary District Grant. It was decided to apply for a district grant to off-set the cost of the picnic restoration.


VIII. Return to in-person meetings. It was decided to return to in-person meetings beginning in the month of May.


IX. Louisville Hall of Achievement. It was agreed to purchase as needed plaques for the Louisville Hall of Achievement program.


Jared concluded the meeting at 12:40.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2021


During, hopefully, our last Zoom meeting, President Jared Shive opened with a prayer asking God to keep us growing as individuals and to look over us that was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and concluding with the Rotary Four-Way Test.



*  Our Pres announced that next week’s meeting would meet at Greg Anderson’s home at 1014 Park Village Drive beginning at noon. The program is the Nickel Plate Trail clean-up which we do twice each year. The club has accepted this responsibility for at least the last 5 or 6 years. For any first timers, I suggest making a trash picker-upper. Take an old broom handle-stick, cut the bottom off, place in a vice and pound in a large nail. With a hack saw, cut the head of the nail off, sharpen on your bench grinder. OK. For those apartment dwellers or others without an in-house grinder or other tools, give me a call and you may come use mine.


*  Glenn Heiller gave an update on the Green Space Picnic Renovation Program. He and Al completed one table last week to get a feel for the time, materials and challenges of the 10 tables, most of which are in deplorable condition. The two workers spent about two and a half hours on one table. Part of that time was going to Metzger’s for paint and other supplies, then to Carter Lumber for 5 planks and another 1X3 needed. Glenn feels we need more time than our original 5:30 starting time would give. It was suggested those working on the sawing, nail pulling and fitting the boards should meet at 3:30. Supplies we be available on-site. Bill Wood was the 1st to volunteer. For those — men & women — who prefer not to get down and dirty with muddy knees and paint-spattered shirts can find a grill and prepare hamburgers or other goodies. But HO! This is just a suggestion from my mind — could someone check with Unhitched to see if they are open that Wednesday and if so could we sit on their patio and order from their menu?


*  Jim Edwards suggested we hold off completing the wornout flag box until mid-June due to the logistics in launching this summer’s flag program, which at this time had 612 sign-ups. More to come.


*   Jared said he has talked with representatives of the Louisville Scholarship Program and we can change the name of our annual gift scholarship and name it after KennyBob Smith if we so desire.


The Program


Rocky Laughlin, a Louisville School teacher and wrestling coach, talked about the school’s very successful wrestling program. His wife is also a teacher in the Louisville system, she is at North Nimishillen School. The couple has three boys, all in the Louisville Schools. “I feel blessed to be in the Louisville Community,” he said.


First, some statistics. His teams over the past seven years he has coached here are 71 - 15 in duel meets. It should be noted that he schedules the big schools, not smaller schools unless they would have an outstanding wrestling programs. During this time, Laughlin has had 31 wrestlers that qualified for the state championship competition, 8 state place winners and three state champions. Three of his graduated wrestlers are at Division I (large universities) programs; two at West Virginia University and one at Cleveland State University. His wrestlers participating in his summer club get opportunities in national competitions. For those who read sports in the Repository, LHS wrestling gets a lot of ink.


During his growing up years, there was never any question of what Rocky would do at Canton South High School where he lived, or at Duquesne University or Mount Union.

Rocky’s father was a wrestling coach — still is — so the young Laughlin grew up in a wrestling environment. “I grew up not knowing any different,” he said. The senior Laughlin is currently the wrestling coach at the middle school. The father-son team has a school program and a club program with about 200 kids participating.


Coach Laughlin hopes that someday the school district can refurbish and put to use the old roller rink the school now owns. “We really need the space,”he said.


Their wrestling club is sponsoring a virtual raffle to raise money supporting the wrestling club. The raffle is using FaceBook as their advertisement and will run beginning April 21 with the drawing May 3. Use Louisville Ohio Wrestling on Google  to access the FaceBook page. Note the large picture in color of boys and girls involved in the program.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Note: The April 21st meeting was the cleanup of the Nickelplate Trail in Louisville.  It was canceled due to rain. 

Louisville Rotary Note April 28th: We met at 3:30 at the green space downtown and scrapped and sanded 10 picnic tables. We were unable to replace about a 3rd of the boards because about 5:00 we canceled due to pending thunderstorms.

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2021


Club SongMeister Mark Sigler brought the appropriate song for our return to face-to-face meetings at Paradise Church, the club’s first in person meeting since late November. We sang Welcome Back, the introductory music for the former TV show Welcome Back Cotter. Twenty members attended the club’s business meeting. Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer, we repeated the Pledge of Allegiance, repeated the Rotary 4-Way Test and then got down to serious business.

Happy Dollars

* Barb DiJacimo jumped at the chance to be the first and gave a big thank you for the club support given the school levy that passed in Tuesday’s election by a margin of 126 votes. A number of Rotarians worked on the levy with Greg Anderson one of the leaders. Barb said that 30 students were involved by working routes passing out literature.


* Jim Edwards announced that we passed the 1,000 mark for flag leases. “our mailings preparation went well,” he said. Last year we had 1,308 leases and he is sure we will make that mark this summer.


* Bill Wood said he was glad to get back to in person meetings.


*   Don Marshall expressed excitement for his experience working the polls at Tuesday’s election and he pondered how he will spend the $100 he made for working 17 hours.


Club Business

President Shive opened with the idea to change the name of Rotary’s scholarship fund given annually through the Louisville Scholarship Foundation, which by the way, was founded by the Louisville Rotary Club many years ago. Every one agreed the name of the scholarship is henceforth called the Ken Smith Rotary Scholarship. Sometime this summer, there will be a tree and a bench dedicated to KennyBob and placed in Aljancic Park. Incidentally, About 10 years or so ago, that park was called Broad Street Park and KennyBob proposed the name change to Aljancic Park. We will wait until the city Parks Department completes some renovation work that is scheduled to begin in late June. Pat Smith has been consulted about the tree species and she is thinking about a Red Buckeye.


Cynthia Kerchner took center stage with discussion of the summer’s Farmers Markets that have been sponsored by the Rotary Club the past 10 summers. The earlier discussion this past few months was to have an outside company manage the market for a fee of $15,000, but discussion came to naught. Cynthia, who has been in local businesses for her entire life and served as mayor before Pat Fallot, has taken charge and showcased her talent and abilities to lead. Working with the Downtown Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce, the current plan under discussion is for a Farmers or craft market with sponship by Dr. Thomas and co-sponsorship by the Louisville Rotary Club and the Mainstreet Merchants Association. The first market will by June 25, and the market will be held on the second and fourth FRIDAY in the months of July, August and September. The vendors will be positioned on the parking lot of St. Louis Church with food traitors in the parking lot next to the stores on the north side of Main Street. Umbrella Alley will be involved as a venue for entertainment. The Mainstreet Merchants group will handle the finance issues.


To carry this off, a host of volunteers will be needed and Cynthia brought sign-up sheets for five categories: Setup, Vendors, Sponships, Marketing and Entertainment.  “I need chairpersons,” she said. Volunteers do not have to be Rotary members and students and retirees are welcome. If anyone is interested in making our community an exciting venue this summer, please call Cynthia at 330-936-9611.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2021


     In lieu of meeting at the church, eight Rotarians met last Wednesday with trash bags in hand to clean-up the walking trails and Metzger parking lots. Doughnuts were provided and the job was completed in about an hour and a half. Before the sendoff, Rotarians involved took a selfie. Members included were, left to right back row: Jared Shive, Travis Kelley, Glenn Heiller, Allen Gress, Joanie Aljancic, Jim Edwards. Front row:  Greg Anderson and Don Marshall. The Rotary Club has accepted the clean-up as a yearly mission at least 6 - 7 years. ago No one can remember when it first began.


Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2021


Nineteen Rotarians and two guests enjoyed a comprehensive city year end review presented by City Manager Larry Collins. The guests were City Parks Director Dan Millsap and Joel Dunbar. Following the opening prayer given by Paradise Pastor David Anderson, the club pledged the flag and recited the Rotary Four-Way Test. Cheeseburgers were on the menu topped by a sizable piece of chocolate cake. Unfortunately, there was no song this day — Songmeister Sigler we missed ye!

Happy Dollars

* Andy Turowski, Rotarian and City Police Chief, proudly announced that School Resource Officer Raychel Carosello was honored as the Ohio School Police Officer of the Year by their professional association.

* Pat Fallot, Rotarian and Mayor, announced the Memorial Day events including the dedication of the Civil War Plaque. Dr. Mongo will be the guest speaker.

* Greg Anderson thanked all participants in last week’s walking trail clean-up for their time and efforts.

* Jen Anderson announced she will be throwing or tossing out the first pitch for the beginning of the YMCA’s Tee-ball season.

*   Club President Jared Shive read a letter from the Louisville Library Director Brock Hutchison (also a Rotarian) thanking the club for refurbishing the picnic tables sitting on the Green Space.

The Program

With no introduction necessary, Louisville City Manager (and Rotarian) Larry Collins took center stage with a slide presentation giving an exciting update for the city. “There is so much going on,” he began, “This look at 2021 . . . there are really some big dollars were looking at, but NO defunding the Police Department, he said emphatically as members cheered. “Despite the pandemic, the city has worked hard to deliver on citizen-identified priorities without raising taxes.” The city is seeking between $24 & $30 million in federal grants and earmarks for city projects. Louisville has been awarded $50,000 in grant money during the pandemic while tightening the 2020 budget due to the city’s limited resources during the height of the crisis. The major highlights of Collins’ presentation Included:

            City charter update/referendum

            COVID-19 pandemic

            Downtown Action Plan completion

            Water & Waste Water Projects

            Parks Projects with $450,000 budgeted

            Street repair & resurfacing with roughly $808,000 budgeted. Last summer, there                                      were no street repairs

            Federal grants & earmark projects

            Green Space collaborative plans between city & the library

            Parks Improvement. The city budgeted $439,000 for park projects that will include pickle ball courts at Aljancic Park. Other Aljancic changes include the small baseball field will be removed, there will be a quarter-mile walking trail, some additions to the splash pad and additional parking spaces. Metzger Park improvements include a dog park, new soccer fields in the western undeveloped part of the park, a new baseball field, additional parking. Phase II later will include restrooms and concession stand and possibly a roof over the amphitheater. “Last year we did not hire summer employees due to COVID concerns, but this year we are hiring—if we can find them,” he commented. Wildwood’s picnic shelters were being renovated and the ballfields redone. Wilson Park will get its basketball courts resurfaced, resurface the baseball diamond and decorative light poles will be installed.

Water Treatment. “The $2.7 project began in 2019 is still underway,” Collins said. “We’re looking at Phase II at about $7 million.” He did mention that the city is installing remote water meters for all city water users. “Every city is required to have a water treatment plan,” Collins said.

Downtown Action Plan. Groups working together is encouraged. For this year, the city is using the city’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan, the 2018 Heritage Ohio Plan, and the 2019 Strategic Plan. This year street landscaping is to be enhanced, additional/new way-finding/signage will be considered, new thinking for a joint use of the Green Space is in the works, and mixed use development will be encouraged.


Club minutes cannot include all the details, plans both on paper and in discussion, but those interested in more facts may check the city’s website, call Manager Collins during office hours at 330-875-3321 or connect by email at You will find Mr. Collins easy to talk to.


So these minutes may include information this Secretary feels are important to members but this only touches some of the story that beholds a bright future for our community.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2021


The noon June business meeting was held with 13 members attending in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church. Club President Jared Shive gave the opening prayer, the members pledged the flag and repeated Rotary’s Four-Way Test.


Happy Dollars


* Greg Anderson told how special the Memorial Day dedication of the Civil War Memorial was. Did we know that there were 27 known Louisville-Nimishllen Township persons killed in that war? Most of us did not know.


*   Bob Hallier told the story special to him. He went with his son and grand-sons fishing on Lake Erie Memorial Day. They caught a number of walleye that were prepared for their day’s meal. It was a day to remember.


Agenda Items

Item I. The Induction dinner. The annual induction dinner will be at Skyland Pines, Wednesday, June 23. Doors open at 6 with the cash bar, the meal will be served about 6:45. Reservations are needed with the cost of $25 per person. Menu choices are steak, scrod or vegetarian. District Governor Linda Henderson will swear-in the incoming officers and new members. Entertainment and guest speaker — not confirmed yet — is planned. The non-Rotarian flag drivers and Rotarian spouses are invited. This is one of the club’s highlights of the year and it is hoped that all members attend.


Item II. Shout-outs. Jared suggested members could write a brief message of something important that happened during the year. Jared would collect the messages, and at a given time during the program he would call on the author for that person to yell-out his message of thanks and appreciation. Members thought it a good idea.


Item III. Cynthia Kerchner discussed the latest news for the downtown farmer’s Market during our meeting. The market will feature local produce, food trucks, crafts, baked goods and flowers — not to mention the chance to meet and greet friends. Entertainment will be available both in the St. Louis parking lot and Umbrella Alley. The new name for the festival is Louisville Downtown Market Daze. Members are needed to help set-up for first session and collect the vendor fees which are $20. But here’s the real deal — if vendors participate in all 7 markets, they’ll be reimbursed $175. The Farmers Market is sponsored by the Rotary Club and the Main Street Merchants working together.


Item IV. The India Project. Jared shared what the Canton Rotary Club is undertaking for a project. In India, a new oxygen machine that creates oxygen from the air and will be used in the treatment for COVID patients. Their goal is to raise $50,000. The question: Should we join their effort? If so, what would be our contribution? It was decided to put this on the meeting agenda and suggest $3,000. It was discussed and voted on to participate. The club’s contribution will be determined after a conference with Treasurer Justin Kuhn, but it most likely will be at least $3,000.


Item V. Next week’s meeting will be at the Louisville Wendy’s. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the new business leadership at his place of business.


The meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2021


As guests of Louisville Wendy’s owner Jason Rusok and store manager Shanna Johnson, 18 members and a guest held a luncheon meeting at Louisville’s newest restaurant. This notetaker did not observe anyone enjoying Wendy’s current hot menu item — a Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger complete with two ground beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, onion and a tomato, but he did notice several members downing the store’s noted dessert — a creamy Frosty. The day’s guest was Barb DiJacimo’s daughter Amanda.


Club President Jared Shive opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance facing the Red, White & Blue waving proudly from the Post Office’s flag pole. The Rotary Four-Way Test was recited watched carefully by other customers.


Happy Dollars

* Bob Hallier said it made him happy to salute Old Glory.

* Jared reminded all to attend he Annual Induction Banquet June 23 at Skyland Pines.

* Jennifer Anderson announced that COVID vaccination shots will be given at the                                    Louisville YMCA. Thursday, June 17. Come one, come all unvaccinated persons.            The shots are free.

*   Rotary Photographer Denny Valentine announced that he will be shooting people (with his digital camera) at the banquet with submission to the About Magazine so come dressed to the nines. (OK, who doesn’t know what “dressed to the nines” means?)

*   Cynthia Kerchner reviewed plans for the upcoming Farmers Market and reminded Rotarians she needed help setting up for the initial market Friday, June 25. There will be two bands for entertainment and there will be a huge welcome tent maned by Rotarians. Check this out on a Facebook Page, she advised.

*   Jim Edwards announced there were now 1,294 flag customers, just 14 under last year, but he is confident we will surpass that mark. Glenn Heiller added there would be a short work session following the meeting to attach new flags replacing old, worn-out flags. Work will be done in the Edwards Flag Barn.

The Program

Jason, who lives in Louisville and will be a new Rotary member, gave his guests a warm welcome and discussed the operations of the local restaurant. He employees about 50 persons here and has over 300 workers in his Stark County operations. Russ owns 30 Wendy’s franchises, most in Stark County, but also in the Sandusky area. He started his Wendy’s employment as a teen-ager working part-time behind the counter and on the grill. Raised in Canton, he graduated from McKinley High School and Kent State University. Surprising, as the news media frequently discusses the lack of help and a shortage of workers, Jason said that was not a problem for him. He credits creating a positive work environment for retaining staff members.


Located at 915 N. Chapel Street, the business is open from 9 am to 10 p.m. seven days a week. Breakfast serving ends at 10:30. Drive-thru is available and customers can order and pay on-line. Google Wendys Louisville Ohio. Wi-Fi is available and customers can order and have their meal delivered. Their phone number is 330-575-2756. You might want to look into the Wendy’s Rewards Program.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2021


Fifteen members, no guests, attending the meeting feasted on coney dogs, potato chips and a pastry dessert prepared by the Paradise Church Fellowship committee. Paradise Paster David Anderson gave the opening prayer with President Jared Shive leading the pledge of allegiance and the Rotary Four-Way Test. We moved right away into club business with Happy Dollars first on the agenda.

Happy Dollars

*  Glenn Heiller spoke as his 16-year-old granddaughter got her first job — serving meals to nursing home residents.

*  Jim Edwards exuberantly announced the club had now exceeded last year’s flag customer. We now have 1,310 customers.

*  Dave Yeagley reminded everyone that this Friday was Festival Louisville in Umbrella Alley. Also the downtown market is coming together for Friday the 25 with 30 vendors signed-up.

The Program

Louisville resident for 12 years Jeff Zucal spoke about his business called Pangea Keto which is located 1289 Edison St, suite 108 in Hartville. His store features the Ketogenic lifestyle grocery and chef-driven eating. Jeff spoke to the Rotarians about the benefits of a low carb/keto diet.

Zucal owned Sky Sweeping, a street sweeping company prior to opening the Hartville store  several years ago. Prior to that he suffered serious health issues, most related to his weight and eating habits. While recovering he became a Keto Diet supporter and learned about diet and weight control. “Get rid of the carbs,” he stressed. “Protein and fats are essential. Our business makes what people want without the carbs.”

His company produces chef-prepared meals that can be delivered by calling 330-587-4048. Other products include sweet and bakery goods including dougnuts, a sampler snack box and offers Keto menus. “Ours is an on-line store,” chocolates and even keto pizza,” he said. “We can ship directly to your door.” A week or so ago, Jeff introduced a low-carb banana bread. “Remember this,” he said, “cancer feeds on sugar.”

The store has an account on Twitter and FaceBook. Zucal is opening an additional store in August near Sam’s Club in the Beldon Village area.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

June 23rd Installation Banquet

Inspirational program tops Rotary banquet

- Glenn Heiller inducted new president

  About 70 Rotarians including 40 guests were entertained at the club’s annual induction banquet by the group Elec Simon and Friends last Wednesday at the Skyland Pines Event Center.

            Elec, who bills himself as an entertainer, motivational speaker, percussionist and humanitarian, presented an energy-packed program that moved the Rotarians to their feet, clapping and swaying with the beats of his rhythmic words and music. HIs message reached the host’s hearts and souls.          

            Appointing a dozen members of the audience to participate, each given drum sticks or a hand instrument, everyone got into the scene.

Using the rhythm of two drummers drumming, Elec told of his life and his journey overcoming obstacles and doubt as he found confidence and success. He urged others to believe in themselves and “to go for it!”

            The first statement of the Rotary Four-Way Test — Is it the truth? — was emphasized as always  a capstone of one’s success.

            This man who has performed around the world, on television, in jails and schools, said he was called home to Canton. One of his highlights of this 2020 pandemic year was passing the CDL drivers license enabling his current employment as a school bus driver. During his message, he sometimes referred to touching incidents with the children which, he said, were more important to him that awards and accolades.

            The Rotary District 6650 District Governor Linda Henderson gave a brief message before administering the oath of office to the incoming president Glenn Heiller.

            Other officers inducted include: Secretary Allen Gress, Treasurer Justin Kuhn, Sergeant-at-Arms David Yeagley, and Rotary board members Barb DiJacimo, Jennifer Anderson, Bob Hallier and Past President Jared Shive.

            Casey Ellington was inducted as a new member.

            Other business included a group singing It’s a Grand Old Flag led with enthusiasm by Songmeister Mark Sigler.

            The evening guests were the volunteer flag crew who post the flags as a community service.

            Before turning over the gavel to the incoming president, outgoing president Jared Shive spoke of his pride in the membership, but one absentee in particular — Kennybob Smith who passed away during the year. “It’s hard to believe he’s not with us,” he said. “I want to leave knowing there is energy (here) that is much bigger than us — we have a common bond  — stay committed.”

            Glenn Heiller spoke of moving to Louisville and meeting Smith. “He was one of the best persons I’ve ever met,” he said. “When I first attended meetings I felt that I fit in here and here there were many opportunities for volunteering.”

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

June 30, 2021


Songmeister Mark Sigler led singing of God Bless America to open the last meeting under the leadership of Jared Shive with President-Elect Glenn Heiller sitting in the wings. Paradise Pastor Dr. David Anderson gave the prayer and the members repeated the Four-Way Test. Eighteen members were present along with four guests. Members welcomed back Eva Roshong. Guests included Becca Norman, Admissions Director for Altercare, Rachell Miterko, the Altercare Administrator, and Frank Antonacci, the vice-President of the Louisville Board of Education. The 4th guest was the speaker, Derek Nottingham, Fiscal Officer of the Louisville Board of Education.


Happy Dollars

* Joanie Aljancic thanked everyone who helped make the first Farmers Market a                              success.

* Don Marshall was thankful the time is finally here that the Louisville theatre group can now have a fund raiser which COVID cancelled last year. He also gave a plug the Louisville Community Theatre’s upcoming dinner production The Canoli Capers at Skyland Pines,  on July 9th, 11th, 16th, and 18th. The dinner menu is Italian Platter and the cost is $35. Tickets can be purchased by calling 330-607-6610 or on-line at Don has a part in the play.

*   Cynthia Kerchner also thanked everyone who helped at the Farmers Market. She remarked that we need more Rotary signage for the Welcome Tent.

*   Glenn Heiller said the club received a reward certificate for our contribution to the Rotary International Polio Plus campaign. He reminded all that flags come down July 6 &7.


The Program

Mr. Nottingham passed out an information sheet with the school’s financial information. He thanked the community for the passage of the district’s 5-year Emergency Operating levy that will bring $2,562,000 to the system beginning in January of 2022. But even with the new money the Louisville District will rank 81st from the bottom of Ohio’s 607 districts in total revenue per student. This year the school also received $322,022 in COVID stimulus funds and will receive $1.1 million in 2022-23 and $3.5 million in 2023-24. That money is earmarked for assisting students who fell behind in their studies due to the pandemic. The new levy income will allow the district to call back those teachers and programs cancelled last year. There are plans to add staffing for pre-schoolers.


There were a number of questions from the Rotarians that didn’t deal with school finances. One member inquired about the athletic program’s possibility of getting into an athletic league. And what about rumors of rejoining the old league? School leaders said they were open to a league affiliation. One question was regarding the Cultural Race Theory — was there pressure to put that system into the school’s curriculum? Mr. Antonacci responded that the board did not have such requests. Another person wondered why the Board dropped Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter labels for the school calendar and were replaced with the words fall, winter and spring breaks? There was not a clear answer to that.

Coming Events

July 7 — Meet at Eva Roshong’s barn. Boxed lunches will be ordered this week.


July 14 — Meeting in Wildwood Park. Lunches TBA.


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

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