Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2022


Song Meister Mark Sigler set the tone for our monthly business meeting by leading the singing of God Bless America. President Glenn Heiller was at the helm, Jared Shive gave the prayer. Fourteen members attended.

Happy Dollars

* Cynthia Kerchner, a Florida Snow Bird, added money to the pot by confessing that this is the first January meeting she has attended in many years.


* Barb DiJacimo reported that her mother has completed the first round of chemotherapy and was prepping for radiation.


* Glenn Heiller told of his son completing bypass heart surgery and is coming home.

The Business

1. Glenn called attention to the new Louisville Rotary mini banner. We now have 25 in our inventory. He also mentioned that our District 6650 Governor planned to attend our second meeting in February. Glenn read two thank-you notes for donations we gave; one from the Community Cupboard, and the other from Paradise Pastor David Anderson.

2. Jared Shive discussed the current arrangement with Rotary International (RI) that includes the $3,000 we sent for a project that was deemed unsuitable by RI. With a change in personnel there, the joint Louisville, Ohio—India project is being reconsidered. Stay tuned.

3. Denny Valentine suggested the club email to all our flag volunteers information about the Grant funds given by the club.

4. Glenn discussed how Rotary International asks clubs to provide local and international impact study groups for several areas of focus. Our club has done this through small committees given a $200 budget or more for each area per year.  Over the last few years, most teams have fallen off for a lot of reasons and we haven't put the budget to use. The board would like our club get re-involved with these areas again and so members should sign up (or re-sign up for some of you). The seven committees include: Supporting Education, Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Saving Mothers & Children, Growing Local Economics and Protecting the Environment. A 2-page handout describing the groups was given to the members and they were asked to sign-up for one of their interest. The thinking is that every member should participate in a committee. The sign-up will be sent to members by email.

5. Cynthia Kerchner had good news. The Beatles are coming to Louisville May 13! Well, a Beatles Tribute band. This will be a part of the summer of fun sponsored by the Downtown Business Association and the Rotary Club. Rotary will sponsor a monthly farmers market on the 2nd Friday during the months of May through September. Location for the market has not been decided.

Cynthia also suggested we invite the new city manger to become a member.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2022


Eighteen members including two guests who wish to be members were in attendance as President Glenn Heiller chaired the noon luncheon meeting held in the Fellowship Hall of Paradise Church last Wednesday. The guests were Tom Pukys and Ray Schlenden. Members dined on hot dogs and a bowl of hot chili capped off with a slice of pie. Following the club rituals, Glenn asked for Happy Dollars:

* Greg Anderson urged members to order supper at the Alliance Chipotle Restaurant as      they are returning a portion of meal money as a donation to Louisville High School.

* Tom Pukys introduced himself. Tom, a Rotarian in another community, plans to transfer to our club. He was enthusiastically received.

*   Bill Wood was recognized for attaining his third Paul Harris Fellowship. A Paul Harris fellowship is granted to members who contribute $1,000 to Rotary International. Congratulations, Bill.

*   Glenn urged members to sign-up for one of our Seven Areas of Focus community service committees.

The Program: Louisville YMCA Community Grant

Amy Simkus and Jennifer Anderson discussed changes and current activities at the YMCA. Amy is the Director of the Louisville Y while Jennifer had been the director for many years but was recently promoted to Vice-President of Operations for the Stark YMCA.

Jen spoke first and discussed the changes the Corona Virus has caused. Today’s Y membership is now 78% of what it was in 2019. “But our January sales are very good,” she said. “During 2021 we were able to support many families and continued to follow our pledge to never turn away anyone who can’t pay. The Y is a community center supported by the community.” Jen told how the middle school kids come in after school lets out because in many cases their parents are working and there is no one at home.

“We have between 30 and 50 kids here after school . . . they come to the Y as a safe place,” Amy added. She worked in the corporate world for 10 years before joining the Y staff. “Every job I ever had helped prepare me for this job . . . I have made the Y my career.” Amy is the mother of a son and daughter also has a 5-year-old grandson and moved to Louisville two years ago.

Jen told of how last Monday evening all the treadmills were in use. “On Saturday we had 148 kids playing basketball. “This is where kids begin to learn the basic game skills.” There is now a Y program for up and coming cheerleaders. “We have 138 kids in gymnastics.” And, according to Amy, we have a program for autistic children. Members learned that the school often uses the Y’s facilities when their facilities are over-taxed.


“This is my vision,” Amy said. “We want to increase our membership from the Louisville Area; we want to encourage and help workplace wellness, and be a source of answers for tons of questions . . . we want to be a better information center. And we’d like to be a partner with the schools.”

Jen talked briefly of a capital campaign with a goal of $800,000 for a building refreshing. “We want to develop a second gymnasium, redesign the front desk and put resources back into the building,” she said, “I see this as a spark for growth.”

Coming Attractions

January 22 — Demond Germany, the owner of Scratch Restaurant

February 2 — District Governor Steve Wilder


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary
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