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Sergeant at Arms


Barb DeJacimo

Allen Gress

Bob Hallier

Randy Starr

Jim Dutter

Glenn Heiller

Board at Large

Brock Hutchison
Sandor Gyarmati

Foreign Exchange Outbound

Bill Wood

Flag Chairman

Glenn Heiller


   Louisville Rotary Projects   

For six holidays, we post and retire 1,369 US flags in front of participating resident's homes. 
In 2021, from the proceeds of this program we donated $6,000 in grants to kick start or support projects that effect the citizens of Louisville.

     1.  Louisville Community Cupboard - Food Pantry
     2,  Louisville Scholarship Foundation - College scholarship for college student.
     3.  Louisville YMCA Strong Kids - memberships for children with needs.
     4.  Louisville Library Literary Supplies $825  - summer reading program for                               elementary students
     5.  Louisville Constitution Committee - upfront funding for 2021 celebration.

Purchased a Shelter Box for survivors of earthquakes in Haiti, and Phillipines: (tents, beds, food and a full kitchen for 10 people)

We have sponsored & housed over 25 Foreign Exchange students (Japan, India, Brazil, England etc.)

We host clean ups on the Nickel Plate Trail through Metzger Park and the entire linear trail.
Yearly, we donate to eradicate Polio worldwide
Annually we organize a speech contest for LHS speech students
We raised funds to construct the restrooms at Metzger Park in 2007
Raised funds for Gazebo & Clock on the square
Constructed new benches for Nimishillen School
Refinished park benches in Downtown Louisville
Donated a new sound system to YMCA
Operated the Haunted House by the Dairy Queen in 1980
We moved the St. Joseph's Hospice - 89 senior resident households in 1974. Wow!
Built the large picnic shelter in Constitution Park in 1960
We led a bond drive for HP Products after a major fire in 1954, the company of 100 employees still operates in Louisville

Scooter's daughters helping put out flags. 

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