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Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2024

This week’s Rotary lunch meeting was held at St. Joseph’s Senior Living Facility and was attended by 25 members. President Barb DeJacimo called the meeting to order and the club was led in prayer by Mayor Pat Fallot, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Four-Way Test. President Barb DeJacimo discussed current health issues that are facing several club members, and asked that they all be lifted up in thoughts and prayers. Happy Dollars President Barb DeJacimo is feeling better and got to spend time with her family over Christmas. Garry Tausch shared that sports and academics are excelling at the High School. The Speech and Debate team has seen a lot of success, as has the wrestling team. Cynthia Kerchner thanked everyone for attending the Christmas Party. Jim Dutter explained the upcoming entertainment lineup for Second Fridays in 2024. Jim Edwards is happy the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs. Guests None in attendance.

Rotary Moments by Barb DeJacimo Barb was running for the Board of Education when she was encouraged by Ken Smith to join the Rotary Club. She was concerned that people would think she was joining Rotary for the wrong reasons. She received further assurance from Jen Anderson and ultimately decided to join the club.

Club News Glenn and Tricia Adkins submitted applications to become members. The club was reminded that dues are due. Please turn in any money from Pancake Breakfast. As the Club continues to plan evening and social gatherings, President DeJacimo solicited feedback from the members for suggestions. She asked members to fill out a card identifying their favorite Rotary thing since July, Service Committee suggestions for the winter and/or anything they would like Barb to know about. Arden Lingenhoel and Randy Starr discussed the possibility of doing another service project with the Refuge of Hope. President DeJacimo asked for volunteers to help with the End of Year Banquet in June. Joannie Aljancic and Bob Hallier volunteered to help.

The Program: Rachel and Sheila from St. Joseph’s Senior Living addressed the club. St. Joseph’s offers many services that range from independent living, long-term care and a memory unit. The organization has existed since 1927. They shared that the operation is currently up for sale and they are hoping for a buyer that will allow them to continue operate as a faith-based, nonprofit. St. Joseph’s is routinely a four or five star organization, is a top provider for the Cleveland Clinic and is regularly recognized as the Best of the Best by the Canton Repository. St. Joseph’s is excited to be hosting the Rotary Club.

Coming Events:

Jan. 10 – Debra Esbenshade, Warm Coats

Jan. 17 – Rhonda McQuilken, Leopards Helping Leopards Grant

Jan. 25 – TBD

Jan. 31 – Evening Meeting and Game Night

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2024

A chef salad with fruit and canmoli were the menu items for the noon meeting held in the Conference Room of The

Alsatian at St. Joseph’s Senior Living Center. With 18 members in attendance, Amy Simpkins gave the opening prayer while Club President Barb DiJacimo led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. There was no song to brighten the day. Unable to contain his enthusiasm, Bill Wood, a University of Michigan alum, reminded all that his team was now the national college football champion. This was met with silence. The weekly drawing winner was Sandor Gyarmapi while the big revolving pot now stands at $105. Rotary Moment

Randy Starr gave a touching message about his first contact with Rotary. The then 10- year-old was with his Grandfather George Starr who was a Rotarian, and Randy got to see first hand the good projects his grandfather was involved with. He was later at a pancake breakfast and watched him do kitchen work — cooking, service, cleaning — and that impressed Randy for he had never seen his grandfather doing kitchen work. From that time on, Randy said he always helped his grandmother, mother and wife with kitchen work thanks to his grandfather.

Club Business * Barb reminded all that the $96.50 dues are now due. Also, if there is still pancake breakfast money out, please get it in. We made around $1800 for the event. * There was a vote to accept both Glenn and Teresa Adkins as new members. * Should we have a meeting for the end-of-the-year banquet? Yes, it was decided. Stay tuned for meeting dates. * The members were reminded to attend the Royal Knights basketball game, 7 pm Jan. 22nd at the high school. It would be nice if we sat together as a group.

The Program Debra Esbenshade, the day’s speaker, was a District 6650 Governor 10 years ago and is a 30-year Rotarian. When she was president of her club she organized their Warm Coats program after she heard about it in 2011. Their first year the club raised $20,000 to fund the program and every club in the District has since supported it. In 2016, Bob Hallier was president of our club and got the ball rolling here. The Louisville Warm Coats program has grown each year since and last year we distributed over 150 coats, gloves and hats. The minimum coat order is 3 boxes with 12 coats each. There are 4 boys, 4 girls and 4 gender coats. The boxes only come in one size which sometimes causes a problem with either filling the need for a particular size or over supply. There are six different colors available. Debra said she has 460 coats stocked in her garage. Anyway, the Warm Coats idea began in 1988 in Pennsylvania and now the program can be found around the world. Often, according to Debra, this is the first new coat a child ever has had. The Youngstown City Schools four elementary schools are providing a coat for everyone of their students. The group is now working on providing shoes and 3 or 4 clubs will try giving out shoes this year along with coats. So far there have been over five million coats given since the program began.

Upcoming Events & Menus:

Jan. 17 — Rhonda McQuilken, Leopards Helping Leopards grant. Subs, chips, fruit cup & dessert.

Jan. 22 — Royal Knights game at the high school. 7 o’clock

Jan. 24 — TBD. Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl, fruit, dessert.

Jan. 31 — Evening meeting. Club croissant, vegetable soup, dessert.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary. Photo by Denny Valentine

Debra Esbenshade, Warm Coats, 1-10-24.jpg

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2024

“Creating Hope in the World” Bob Hallier gave the opening prayer followed by President Barb DiJacimo leading the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test to open the meeting held in the St. Joseph’s Living Center. Surprisingly, there were no happy dollars and no happy song. Mark where were you? There were 19 persons including two guests attending the meeting.

This week’s Rotary Moment was given by Greg Anderson who said “all the services Rotary does is what I needed when i joined 20 years ago. I looked at those services to fill my desire to give back . . . I like the Rotary programs, the people and the opportunities to give back . . . that’s the message we should be giving.”

Denny Valentine was the lucky winner of the Roboball drawing. The grand pot is now $109.

Club Business

From Barb — Those who want to help plan the yearend banquet we’ll meet next Tuesday at the library. Also, remember the Royal Knights basketball game Monday 7 o’clock at the high school. Bring a canned food item.

From Randy — Refuge of Hope will pick up used furniture you may wish to donate so give them a call. The organization has placed 13 homeless persons in apartments this winter.

From Jim Dutter — Rick Dunlap is in the hospital for heart procedure.

Also, we need 10 volunteers to chaperone the Youth Exchange Trip to Washington trip in March. We also need a driver. From Barb — We have 25 calendars from Pinnacle Press. Our club is featured with a number of colorful photos for the month of December, 2024.

Thanks to Denny Valentine for providing the material for the Press. Should we write a thank you note to them? Induction for a New Member Greg Anderson, our Induction Master, handled the induction of Trisha Adkins as the first member of Rotary for 2014. One of Greg’s messages to Trisha is a reminder to “judge your daily activities by the Four-Way Test.” Trisha, a teacher, will be asked to give the membership a brief biography soon so we all get to know her better.

The Program: Rhonda McQuilken and Jennifer Slack, both teachers a Louisville elementary School, presented a program called Leopards Helping Leopards, a program that was financed in part by our Rotary Grant Program. The idea for the club is to find high school students interested in mentoring selected 5th graders. The groups meeting once a month but the hope is the pair will contact and stay in touch with each other more. Some of their activities planned include decorating and baking cookies, a relay race day, celebrating Earth Day by planting trees and a scavenger hunt. The younger ones are given cards that can be sent by school mail. None of the 5th graders turned down an offer to participate. One of the group’s goals is to foster a sense of community.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 22 — Royal Knights game, 6 at the high school.

Jan. 23 — Banquet Planning committee meeting, noon at the library in Brock’s office.

Jan. 24 —Megan Vance, Gigi Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2024

“Creating hope in the world” The snow and cold may have held down some members, but 17 braved the wintery weather to attend the luncheon meeting held in the Conference Room of Alsatian. Club President Barb DiJacimo called the meeting to order and Mark Sigler gave a touching prayer. The Pledge was recited along with the Four-Way Test. Songmeister Sigler chose the song This Little Light of Mine for our musical awakening of the day. The Secretary’s Extra— For those interested in such information, the Little Light song dates from 1925 found in published poetry, but several verses have been added over the years. It is considered an African-American spiritual and the song is also in the United Methodist Church hymnal. You can find Biblical reference to the Little Light of Mine in Mathew 5: 14-16. Happy Dollars * Glenn Heiller has returned after a weekend journey to Connecticut where he attended his two granddaughters’ volleyball tournament. He also announced that the Baseball Hall of Fame has voted to induct Joe Mauer, a fan-favorite player for the Minnesota Twins. Joe was a catcher his entire 15-year baseball career with the Twins. *

Cynthia Kerchner requested an accurate accounting of signs for the Farmers Market and Second Friday. She plans to order additional signs but needs to know our inventory. *

Bob Hallier was the winner of the Rotoball jackpot. Rotary Moment Travis Kelley presented the day’s Rotary Moment. “I moved here in 2019,” he said. “And I wanted to get involved with the community. I found out quickly how many good people there are here. I heard about Rotary, came to a meeting and joined. This has been a wonderful chance to be a part of this organization.”

Announcements and Club Business * Barb raised the possibility of serving a luncheon meal at the Refuge of Hope as we did a year or so ago. Everyone agreed to help. The date of the meal is February 21. More information to come. * Barb mentioned for a 2nd time . . . maybe the 3rd. A driver and a chaperone are needed for the Youth Exchange Washington Trip March 8-10. Please, pretty please. *

Cynthia Kerchner explained the idea of organizing a free hot chocolate night to promote the community ice skating rink. We did get a few volunteers to put this together, but a lot will depend on the weather.

The Program Megan Vance, a North Canton Rotarian, discussed the work of Gigi Playhouse for the Down Syndrome Achievement Center. Gigi provides a network of non-profit free purposeful and therapeutic programs for Down Syndrome persons and their families. There are 58 Playhouses across America and one at Beldon Village serving Stark and surrounding counties. In was organized in 2019 and is 99% volunteer-run, funded 100 percent through donations. Vance invited our club to offer sponsorship with a contribution to help keep the doors open and provide activities for the individuals. She thanked us in advance for helping either through donations or by volunteering. More information can be obtained on-line at Among their actives are a 5K run, a one-mile walk and Dash for Down Syndrome.

Coming Events:

Jan. 31 — An evening of fun and fellowship with pizza and accompaniments. We’ll meet at Alsatian at 5 and at 5:30 the pizza comes out of the oven. This is a family event so come one, come all. Bring your favorite games. Who can tell stories? I prefer the YMCA song or Sloopy Hang On and I always wanted to learn line dancing. Mark we’ll need you! Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Business Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2024

“Creating hope in the world!”

Following the prayer and the usual Rotary rituals, President Barb DeJacimo asked for Happy Dollars from the 16 members in attendance. Before members jumped in for the evening fun — Barb gave a pitch for the school’s fundraiser Dueling Pianos with dinner, entertainment and an open bar. The March 16th activity will be held at Courtney’s Event Center in Alliance. Doors open at 5:30 with dinner served at six. The fundraiser is to establish a fund that can be used for future school election campaigns. *

In order to match Barb, our club thespian — Don Marshall — gave a spirited pitch for To Death Do Us Part, a production of Louisville’s Community Theatre. The dinner, catered by Mr. Mike’s, is at Water’s Edge this Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 9th through the 11th. The curtain opens at 7. Tickets are $45. There is a cash bar. Don is keeping secret his role. *

Jim Edwards introduced Mark Lytle, a guest from Conneaut, Ohio. Mr. Lytle, a Rotarian, is here to learn about our flag program, see our Flag Barn and learn about the needed maintenance.

The Rotary Moment Denny Valentine shared his early Rotary years since his club initiation in 1979. His neighbor Don Lothamer, invited him to attend a meeting and he has been attending ever since. Denny told the story of how after working as a bricklayer he had to get used to dressing up for the meetings. He must have looked the part for he was elected club president just four years later. A professional photographer, he has be made signs, banners and whatever is needed for the club since. He probably holds the club record for the least missed meetings.

Rotary Business * Glenn Adkins was initiated as the newest member of Louisville Rotary. As usual, Greg Anderson performed the initiation duty for the club. * Glenn Heiller & Jim Edwards spoke to the high school Athletic Director and mentioned the club provided 18 flags for the football stadium and flags for both the baseball and softball fields, therefore shouldn’t the club get some free advertising on the gymnasium digital sign? It was agreed and the advertising began last Friday at the McKinley game. Thanks guys! *

Barb again made a plea for drivers for the Washington, D. C. trip with the visiting exchange students. This can be a husband-wife combo. There will be 7 girls and 3 boys in a rented van. Dave Yeagley is also looking for chaperones for an April 10-14 trip to NYC. *

Randy described the Nationwide sponsorship program called The Sleeves Program for elementary school children. The Board authorized $600 for the program to be administered by the teachers. Randy then discussed the progress of the club’s 100th Anniversary plans.

The current topic is rest rooms. The club hopes to be able to use the rest rooms in the new library, but to do so we must construct a concrete sidewalk from the parking lot — about 5 feet wide at an estimated cost of $25K to $30K. * The white robo ball still has not be claimed so the big prize is approaching $150.

Upcoming Events:

February 9, 10, & 11 — Community Theatre presentation at Running Waters Event Center. See Don Marshall for details. February 14 — Replay for the Kids — Natalie Wardega presenting.

February 16 — Family skate night — 5 o’clock on. Get your free hot chocolate.

February 21 — Refuge of Hope work project — need 10 helpful volunteers.

February 24 — Canton Rotary Club challenges us to a Bowl-a—there fundraiser for Junior Achievement programs. February 28 — Evening meeting with Andy Turowski who may discuss the city’s 2024 plans.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2024

A special celebration for Bill Wood was held during our regular program at the Alsatian Senior Living Center Wednesday’s. Bill, a faithful club member since 2012, was presented a medal signifying the Rotary Paul Harris 4th Level of Giving. The Paul Harris Fellowship program was begun in 1957 for members who contribute $1,000. So the 4th Level is given to a Rotarian who contributed four times the $1,000 dollars or $4,000. On behalf of the club Greg Anderson presented, with class, the award while reminding the members one of Rotary’s slogans “Every member, every year.” As far as club records go, this is the first such winner for Louisville’s club. Bill, with an“Aw shucks” approach, said he has a sum deducted from each month’s pay so you don’t miss the money as it builds.” Good idea for us, Bill. Congratulations and thank you for being an excellent model for the rest of us. *

Amy Simkins gave the opening prayer followed by the Pledge, the 4-Way Test and request for Happy Dollars led by President Barb DeJacimo. * First with his buck was Glenn Heiller who congratulated Don Marshall for his performance in last week’s community theatre production To Death Do Us Part. Glenn ended with sage advice for Don — “Don’t quit your day job!” * Eva Roshong gave all a warm Happy Valentine’sDay. * Barb DeJacimo reported that Cynthia Kerchner was in recovery for a new knee. *

Arden Lingenhoel was the robo ball winner that carries with it an opportunity for the marble award which is now sits at 130 big ones. *

Barb reminded all of our commitment to serve the noon meal at Refuge of Hope. Twelve persons are needed with 11 signed up. Next Wednesday, meet at their Canton building at 10. There will be no noon meeting that day. * Barb is looking for bowlers to staff a team that has been challenged by the Canton Rotary. This is a fundraiser to support the Junior Achievement program. So far, Randy Starr is the only club bowler. *

Barb discussed the meal card and cover charge for all members attending. There is a $2 fee for not eating so please pay even if you don’t enjoy our prepared meal. * The Hot Chocolate activity Friday at the ice skating rink has been cancelled due to the weather. * Barb rounded up two volunteers for the Program Committee for April to June. Chair-Eva Roshong, Glenn Heiller and Jim Edwards.

The Board authorized $600 dollars for the Refuge of Hope Women’s Shelter.

Rotary Moment:   Jared Shive shared his special moment while driving our two exchange students to a Cavs game in Cleveland. When returning to Louisville — late a night — one of the students couldn’t remember where her new placement was. Neither could Jared. Alas, it had a happy ending.

The Program Natalie Wardega, the Director of Operations for the Replay for kids program, spoke about her work in restoring old or damaged toys that are distributed for needy children given through numerous social agencies. Replay for Kids is a Medina-based 501(C) 3 organization. The toys donated are not those typically found in an adapted equipment catalog and are age and gender appropriate. These are toys that other children play with. Over the past 10 years, Replay for for Kids has supported 988 workshops that have repaired, adapted or assembled over 21,750 toys. Replay for Kids, founded in 1999, is supported financially through many grants and foundations in Northeast Ohio. “Our mission is to increase the availability of toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities,” said Natalie. “No other organization in our area provides similar services.” They can be reached at 330-721-8281 or email

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 21— Refuge of Hope service project - 10 am

Feb. 28 — Evening meeting with Andy Turowski

March 6 — Business meeting, 100 year goals and updates

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary
pix of Natalie Wardega

Natalie Wardega.jpg

Louisville Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2024
In lieu of a meeting, thirteen of us visited the
Refuge of Hope in Canton.  We volunteered to help serve meals to the underserved of Canton.

After serving the meals, we sorted donated clothing for the clients.  A good time was had by all and a worthy ministry was greatful for our services.  

Refuge of Hope 2-21-24.jpg

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2024

The evening meeting was held at the Alsatian with 23 persons in attendance including five guests. This is the second such evening with the hope that persons unable to attend the noon luncheons could attend. City Manager/Police Chief Andy Turowski led the program, but Chief Turowski’s talks were cut short due to members who wanted to attend the first LHS basketball tournament game. Pat Fallot gave the opening prayer with President Barb DiJacimo leading the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test.

The weekly Robo winner with a $7 take was Ray Schleiden. The Marble Pot is now over $130. Songmeister Mark Sigler led the singing of — your guessed it — the Beatles song Words of Love. Mm mmmmm mmm. Happy Dollars * Rick Dunlap thanked everyone for the cards and prayers during his recent health crisis. * Denny Valentine introduced his brother and sister who attended as his guests. * Exchange student Helene presented the club with a small Rotary flag, a gift from her grandfather. The flag is a memento from his Rotary Club in Germany. * Barb discussed the possibility for the club to participate in a hearing aide for 150 Guatemalan children program. The cost is $300 per child or we could sponsored as a club. More information will be forthcoming. * Randy Starr thanked everyone who participated in the service project at the Refuge of Hope last week. * Please check your email for volunteering to become a non-medical volunteer at Bangladesh from April 13 to April 27th. Opportunities to support other Rotary Clubs or community organizations include: Dueling pianos fundraiser for Leps Levy Constitution Committee Military banners. See Barb for more information.

Rotary Moment Barb DiJacimo shared her special Rotary moments including the fellowship and concern club members gave her during the recent death of her 19-year-old nephew. “I needed to be with you guys; I felt very taken care of . . . please pray for our family.”

The Program:

Louisville Police Chief/City Manager Andy Turowski presented a program titled 2023 Year End Review, but due to time limitations, he only focused on the Police Department. With the help from a video screen, the Chief talked about the crime statistics and department stats for the preceding year. A few facts for residents to ponder over: There were 5,259 calls for service, up from 2022. There were 151 arrests, up from 112 in 2022. Chief Turowski said the most notable increase was with domestic violence cases, but overall there was a 3% decrease in crime. The police response time in the city is about four minutes on average by the department’s 14 full-time officers and one part-time person. Hiring additional personnel is not easy, according to Turowski. “Not a lot of people want to be police officers.” Our club gave money last summer for the Fishing with a Cop day. Chief Turowski thanked the club for that donation. Chief Turowski’s message underscored the facts that Louisville is a great place to live and it is very safe. Thanks Andy!

Upcoming Events:

March 5 — Board meeting, noon at the library

March 6 — Business meeting. 100-Year goals & updates. RYLA program

March 13 — Speaker for Rotoplast

March 20 — Amy Simpkins & Barb Kellum give a Parkinson’s program

March 27 — Evening Program @ 5:30.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2024

Four guests were among the 24 persons in attendance for the March business meeting held in the meeting room of Alsatian Senior Citizens Center. Club President Barb DiJacimo got the meeting started with the opening prayer given by Mark Sigler. Following the prayer the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test were recited with an introduction of guests next. Three of the students who attended the Rotary sponsored RYLA weekend conference for high school juniors were Landon Grisey, Gracie McCoy and Maylana Swope. Elinza Adkins, a RYLA student last year also attended.Trent Loflant was the 4th RYLA member, but was ill and unable to attend the meeting. Song Meister Sigler led the singing of America the Beautiful. The Roboball winner was Bill Wood who donated his $7 winnings to the big marble pot which is now in the $140 range for winners..

The Rotary Moment Eva Roshong had the stage to share her Rotary history. Denny Valentine first invited her to attend a club meeting and would she host an exchange student? She accepted an exchange student from India. and has remained in contact with her since. For community service, Eva volunteered with Meals on Wheels and delivered meals every Monday for seven years. A Rotarian since 2010, she has recently been asked to serve as club president for the 2nd time. “I am proud that our club has made such a difference in our community,” she said. Rotary Dollars:

Garry Tausch, the LHS high school principal, gave an impressive listing of all the activities currently going on at the school. In addition to the boys basketball team (which won its 3rd tournament game that night), the girls BB won the sectional title, the cheerleaders were state champions, speech & debate were state runner-ups, there were 4 LHS wrestlers going to state competition, the swimming team went to the state and finished 14th, and our bowling team did well. Garry spoke proudly, as he should, about the many accomplishments and student progress for 2003-2024. Business Transacted * Child Hearing Aide Mission. Rotary District 6650 is sponsoring a program to bring hearing aides, hearing tests and other hearing help for children in Guatemala. It cost the club $300 for each child served. Bob Hallier & Greg Anderson proposed the club members accept the challenge support one child. Their motion passed unanimously. * There was a call for volunteers to help judge the March 16 Rotary-sponsored LHS debate session. More than five hands went up immediately.

Randy Starr, the club’s leader for the Louisville Rotary’s 100th anniversary, gave an update of progress including: * The yearly banquet will be held next year at Water’s Edge. * The President of Rotary International will be the guest speaker. *The Pavilion project is moving with the next step to obtain drawings from an architectural firm. * The cost for the construction is about $225,000 and a fundraising campaign will be organized as soon as the architectural drawings are completed.

Upcoming Events:

March 14 — John Street, Rotoplast

March 20 — Amy Simpkins and Barb Kelum

March 27 — Evening meal at 5:30

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

March 13/24

“Creating Hope in the World” President Barb DiJacimo gave the opening prayer as the members enjoyed a cobb salad luncheon with chocolate ice cream for dessert in the mid-March meeting held in the Alsatian Senior Center. Members remained standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test. There were no guests among the 18 persons in attendance.

Happy Dollars * Sandor Gyamati gave a sales pitch for the upcoming fundraiser for the Louisville Soccer league. He has sponsorship forms for interested persons. * Jim Dutter shared information about the new monthly news magazine published by Spotlight Media which includes information from FaceBook, general community news and the Rotary Minutes. * Brock Hutchison urged members to check the marking stakes showing the footprint of the new library. Construction to begin soon.

Rotary Moment Rick Dunlap shared his introduction to Rotary. His first contact was with Bill Wood as they exercised together at the YMCA. Both men are US Air Force veterans. Kenny Bob Smith also invited me to attend a meeting. “I had a flag and my flag was missed one time, so I called Jim Edwards . . . he was so nice and fixed my no-flag situation,” he said. “I liked the flags in Louisville and I have a sense of community here. You are apostles in this community and I am glad to be a part of it.” Rick was also winner of this week’s Rotoball jackpot. The Big Pot is now at $145.

Club Business * Barb reminded those who volunteered for the Rotary-sponsored debate to be at the high school at 3 o’clock. (Barb, Bob Hallier, Glenn Heiller and Allen Gress judged the speeches given by five students. All agreed it was difficult to choose the winner and the judges were impressed with the students’ performances.) * Barb reminded members of the search for used hearing aides to be given to The Hearing Mission for needed persons who cannot afford a hearing aide. * Barb discussed the available Rotary grant available to clubs. What is a community project we can do for the $395 grant? Bring your ideas next week. Applications are due May 15th. * Club members are invited to join the District Membership committee — Call Maureen at 330-506-8348.

The Program Rotarian:

John Street made a second presentation to the club regarding Roto Plast. Street first attended a Louisville meeting over four years ago. He began his presentation by explaining the name — a use of the name Rotary and plastic for plastic surgery thus we get Rotoplast. Members were greeted with an emotional 4-minute film showing a number of children, before and after surgery, that were born with a clef palate. Street is working to raise $50,000 for another 2-week trip to a Latin American country. There are doctors, dentists, speech therapists and nurses who give of their time and talents to perform surgery that will change the lives of those children. The film shows the amazing results of this organization’s efforts. Street said that in the Third World countries there are 500 children born with the cleff pallet every day.

Upcoming Events

March 20 — Special presentation by Davis Steele and Lon Elsass.

March 27 — Evening meeting with Cindy Fisher.

April 3 — DC presentation and help with flag invoices.

April 12 — Second Friday. Meet at 3:30 to help set up.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2024

President-elect Randy Starr got a taste of leadership ahead as President Barb DiJacimo was unable to attend the meeting. Randy did an admirable job with little time to prepare. Seventeen persons attended the meeting held at The Alsatian Senior Living Center. Songmeister Mark Sigler rallied the members to sing three verses of Row, Row Rotary. After the song, the winner of Rotoball was selected and Jim Dutter was the lucky winner. No one picked the right marble so the big pot now stands at $149.

Happy Dollars * Greg Parrish thanked those five Rotarians who served as judges for the high school Rotary-sponsored debate last week. Several of those judges spoke of how impressed they were with the students. * Glenn Heiller apologized for getting the day’s menu wrong. * Randy reminded members that our next meeting the 27th is an evening get-together beginning at 5:30 with the Speech team sharing their talents. Randy gave an invitation for members to volunteer on the district membership committee. He also asked for suggestions for the annual Rotary grant. Also on Randy’s agenda was a request for fund raising ideas for the use of Water’s Edge since we paid the rental for it all day of our 100th anniversary celebration. * Having recently attending the PETS (Presidents Elect Training) conference in Columbus, Randy discussed his experiences and ideas he obtained from the sessions. It sounded like he had a positive experience and brought back a number of good ideas for our club.

The Program:

David Steele presented a program titled Charlotte & Main, a program designed for those young people, who at age 18, aged out of foster care. Also included are survivors of domestic violence and homeless veterans. Located at 4201 Hills & Dales Rd,, Charlotte & Main is the headquarters for The Marlin and Minnie Snyder Foundation, which helps funds their operations. According to Steele, their mission is to provide those items such beds, chairs, clothing, eating utensils and even food that has be given to the organization. In operation for three and a half years, they have found apartments for 62 young people and help furnish 257 homes. The offer a pickup service and bed and mattresses are a big need. The group also operates a sales business of items they cannot use to provide additional funding. How can this Rotary help them fulfill their mission? Donate new or used furnishings and housewares; tell our friends and neighbors about them, and contact them regarding volunteer opportunities. You may also like to shop at their upscale vintage and custom shabby chic retail boutique named Charlotte & Main. Interested persons may contact them for business hours at, Steele left us with these thoughts . . . * Did you know that children aging out of foster care often begins their journey to independent living with nothing more than a bag of used clothes? * A domestic violence victim may return to a dangerous environment for lack of a safe living situation? * Veterans make up 14% of the homeless population?

Upcoming Events:

March 27 — Evening meeting at 5:30. Surprise program.

April 3 — Business & work meeting. Help with mailing invoices.

April 12 — First downtown 2nd Friday. Help set up and take down.

April 24 — Evening meeting with LHS Speech Team.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

March 27, 2023

“Creating Hope in the World”

Jared Shive gave the opening prayer and President Barb DiJacimo led the 17 members in attendance with the recitation of the National Anthem, the Rotary Four-Way Test and the Call to Order. This end-of-the-month evening meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Alsatian Senior Living Center. There were no guests this week. Brock Hutchison was the lucky winner of the Roboball. Happy Dollars * Avid Leopard fan Glenn Heiller pointed out that Cleveland Lutheran East won the Class III state boys basketball championship — A team that Louisville had beaten during the regular season. And, St. Ignititious won the Class A title and the Leopards stayed with them the entire game before losing in the late minutes. *Amy Simpkins proudly announced that the in-house refreshed work at the YMCA is finished and there will be an open house April 9. “You’re invited,” she said. “Also, please note the Louisville Y has been chosen as a test site for a new program.” * Bob Hallier, a retired officer of Stark State University discussed the meaning of a recent meeting with officers from all the Ohio state universities. “Higher education in Ohio is in a distressed state,” he said. “Graduating high school seniors might think about a two-year program and then transfer to one of Ohio’s four-year colleges. That plan costs about 1/3 less than the whole four years on the main campus.” * Jim Dutter reminded all that the season’s first Second Friday is April 12 and all Rotarians are needed to help set-up and take down. Be there at 4:30. There is no Farmers Market this month. In case of rain, the band will move to the Eagles building. Set your signs out! * The Rotary District Grant of $395 with applications due May 15. Al suggested we apply for a grant for the purchase artwork for the new library. Others thought we should use the money to replace the 8 trees that needed to be cut down for the construction of the new library. * 100th Anniversary Tee-Shirts. Denny had one copy to show but he didn’t like this one. He promises to have a second brightly colored tee-shirt by the next meeting.

The Rotary Moment: Ray Schleiden became familiar with Rotary as his brothers, living in Pennsylvania, were Rotarians. He decided to deliver Rotary flag installations and before long Glenn Heiller and Jim Edwards snagged him into attending meetings. I liked Rotary’s motto Service Above Self.

The Program:

Louisville Neighbors, a new monthly magazine published by Cindy Fisher who was the day’s Rotary program presenter. Ms. Fisher got the magazine idea and put the first edition on the market in January. Her staff includes Mia Pope, in charge of content, and Alex Bramer who does the magazine’s design. Not tied to the national media, Louisville Neighbors works with Best Vision Media, who does the printing, and the US Post Office who does the delivery. The magazine’s market is serving East Canton and Louisville. “When the Herald left, the timing was perfect for us,” she said. “Our focus is on positive family values.” In the March issue, the magazine features both East Canton’s and Louisville’s student athletes of the month, Paw Prints & Happy Tales for pet owners, A Minute with the Mayor, Let’s Talk About Love and a touching story titled Love that Lasts Generations. There is a section the editor calls The Discovery Section. Cindy expects the magazine to grow and is pleased with the community’s response.

Ms. Fisher can be reached at .

Exciting Coming Events:

April 2 — Board meeting-12 noon in the library
April 3 — Work session & World Affairs students
Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary
Pix of Cindy Fisher:

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