Louisville Rotary Meetings 2020

2nd Quarter

May 13, 2020 

Sixteen members zoomed in for the sixth straight on-line meeting eager to hear/see the day’s program presented by LHS’s new head football coach Troy Davis. Jim Edwards, with a little encouragement, gave the prayer asking God to get government officials to work for the good of our country. After the usual pledge and Four-Way test, President Bob jumped into club business. Songmeister Sigler dropped the ball and we had no singing for this meeting.


Happy Dollars


No one was happy enough to spread their joy.


Club Business


* Flag Meister Glenn Heiller reported the 200 replacement flags arrived along with a check for $1,000. The replacement flags and cash are for previous flags ordered which were defaced with colors running during rainy weather. Following that news, President Bob quipped that Glenn should work for the city!


* Greg Anderson suggested that we all check our flag routes for damaged, broken or flags that need our special attention.


* Jim Edwards announced that we now have 945 accounts compared to 1,135 at this time last year. The cursed Coronavirus is blamed for the drop in paid accounts.


*   Farmer’s Market. The June market will be cancelled and at a later date we will decide on July or further markets.


* President Bob reported that we have the two entries in the District 6650 competition.


The Program

Louisville graduate and current teacher Troy Davis was hired as the high school’s new football coach after the first of the year. The Malone College graduate grew up playing in the community’s Little Leopards program and went on playing football under Rick Crislip’s coaching. “Coach Crislip showed me that anything is possible,” Davis spoke with respect. In the 3 years of Davis’ varsity experience, Louisville went from records of 3 & 7 to 7 & 3. Since the 1990s, Louisville has always been over 50% wins according to Davis. “After my high school experience, I decided I wanted to be a teacher and football coach,” he said. “I wanted to be able to help kids.” One of his coaching philosophies is “You can’t win every game, but you can always be successful,” he said, “and that has always been a goal of mine.”


Coach Davis opened the floor for questions and Mark Sigler, a well-remembered former LHS quarterback, jumped at the chance to ask what the coach thought about the quarterback sneak as a called play. Amid laughter, Coach Davis said anything that gains ground is a good play or something along those lines.


Jim Edwards asked about Louisville playing a non-league schedule. Davis explained how difficult it is to make the playoffs playing an independent schedule. “You have to win 7 or 8 games.” The Coach said he would like to get into a league.


Sigler again asked what we could do as a club to help his program? Answer: promote what we do, what we are.


Dave Yeagley asked what fans could expect to see this upcoming season. Answer: Behavior on the field. “We’re going to be a disciplined team,” Davis promised.  “Louisville will have a multi-set offense with core plays to fit the talents of the players. On defense, fans may see a stacked 3-3 or a 5-3. He thinks we will have strong offensive line this season so running backs will be featured which may mean a short run game.”


Greg Anderson asked about the affect of the Coronavirus on the summer program? Answer: “We lost June and are looking to July going without pads. “If we don’t start until October 1, there will be no season,” he said.


Glenn Heiller asked about the number of kids out for football that seems to be dropping. Answer: “We have 58 kids; I’d like to have in the 70s,” Davis said. “We need to have 20 per team on the Little Leopards; we have to recruit. Davis also said that the increased number of school-sponsored sports teams cut into the number of kids out for football. “There’s so many choices for kids,” he said. “We have to recruit, develop and retain kids in our program.”


President Bob closed the session saying “I think the school board made a good choice (for coach). The members agreed and wished Coach Davis good luck.