Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2021


            Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and delightful places to hold a Rotary meeting was the scene for this week’s event. Brad & Eva Roshong live on a farm and farms have barns, often old ones. Eva calls their barn a “Civil War Barn” as it dates from 1865. Besides cats and three dogs, the Roshongs have a pig and a goat, with homes in the barn’s lower level. So what to do with this old barn? Why not make it a family play center? It now has a pool table, games area, and space to be yourself. Oh, and it is very clean and one gets the feeling of grandmother’s house — another time, another place. What a wonderful place for a meeting! Thanks Eva & Brad.

            Lunch was catered by Uptown Joe’s — either mini-subs with the choice of ham & cheese or beef & cheese. A veggie plate and condiments were available to dress your sandwich choice. A small bag of potato chips and lemonade for beverage. We can’t wait for another trip to the barn on Broadway Road.

            This was Glenn Heiller’s first meeting as the club’s leader. His prepared agenda began with a sub-heading “Serve to Change Lives.” And that spirit was present for the 18 Rotarians present. Jim Edwards gave the opening prayer, the group pledged the flag, still posted in front of the Roshong Farm, and the Four-Way Test was recited.

Happy Dollars

*  Bill Wood introduced a guest and former exchange student Luke Shepherd who is now living in the USA.

*  Brock Hutchison gave thanks to Denny Valentine for helping with a ride to the meeting. He discussed the library survey circulating around town and urged members to complete it. “This is a concept for the Green Space,” he added. “What direction to you want the downtown to go?” Copies of the survey can be accessed on line and he will send members a link.

*  Cynthia Kerchner gave a pep talk for help with the farmer’s market this Friday.


The Program

            First. A review of the 2021-22 proposed budget of $43,900 which includes $4800 in membership dues. There is $6,000 set aside for a future project to be decided. Jim Edwards wanted and received additional funds for the Flag Program. There was little discussion, few questions and Bill Wood made a motion to accept the budget as presented, it seconded and the issue passed with no nays.

            Next. This week’s second Farmers Market. Glenn explained that the first market, there were not enough volunteers to get started, and too few were there at the close, but there were many Rotarians during the event. This time he expects more help early and late, and asked volunteers to raise their hands in commitment. We need five persons for set-up. Early volunteers should be on site by 2:30 Friday.

            This year’s Rotary International theme is The Environment, according to Glenn. We can expect more information to be forthcoming. Glenn announced he had additional Rotary pins if anyone needs one.

            The Grant Committee.  Glenn appointed David Yeagley, Greg Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, and Barb DiJacimo to serve in that compacity.

            Speaking of money requests: the Massillon Rotary is asking for a grant of $708 to restore a downtown building. The Youngstown Rotary is asking our support for Rotary International’s Operation Pollination, an effort to study, educate and preserve the bee population. The members agreed to study the request and Al Gress will provide more information at a later meeting.

            Glenn brought up the question of a Media person/officer. Currently, Dave Yeagley is in charge of our Facebook page. Will he expand that to work our website? Stay tuned.

            Glenn said that we lost four members over the last year and urged members to bring prospective members to our meetings. Should we have a Membership Committee? Yes, it was decided. It was decided that Jared Shive would be best at that job. Eva Roshong volunteered to work on it, too.

            Glenn said there would be a flag pick-up for the Green Space immediately after the meeting. Three members retired the flags and returned them to their home in the Flag Barn in about 50 minutes of effort.

            Jim Edwards is the club Program Chairman for the months of July, August and September. If you have an idea for an outstanding program, please call Jim.

Coming Events

July 14 — Meet at Wildwood Park with Trill Vaugh, a former grant recipient.

July 21 — TBA

July 28 — Joint meeting with Lake Township Rotary. Front Porch Cafe at noon.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Sec. Note: Just to brag, I harvested my first 2 tomatoes of the season today.

The Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2021


Louisville’s Wildwood Park Shelter House was the location for this week’s meeting. The Shelter was recently remodeled and is a wonderful addition to the community’s park system. Many young trees have been planted and the grounds are immaculate. The reason for meeting in the park was the day’s program was presented by Trillian Vaughn who accomplished a Girl Scout Gold project for the park. Our club was one of the organizations that gave her money to purchase children’s playscape items. Trillian’s parents, Bob and Trixie Vaughn, attended and joined 20 Rotarians.

Another pleasant surprise for the meeting was the luncheon meal that was hosted and prepared by Jared Shive. He brought his own grill and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs coupled with a salad and chips. What a pleasant surprise!

The bright sunny day, with temperatures in the mid-seventies in this park setting made for a memorable meeting.

Following the usual opening exercises, this week’s Happy Dollars.

*    Cynthia Kerchner — “Wonderful, wonderful! she said, referring to last week’s first Farmers Market. “We were light on food trucks and we still need help — between 3 & 4 it’s like a zoo. We are talking about going to 8 for the next one.”

Club Business

*  Jim Edwards gave a flag update. “We now have 1,136 flag customers with 110                                                      drivers that include 80 volunteers.

*    President Glenn told of a request from the Constitution Committee for golf carts for                          the Constitution Parade. Also, our past Purple Bag project will resume in August.

*   Eva Roshong suggested that next year’s grant program should include grant funds for The Environment since that is in the Rotary International’s 2022 theme. It was agreed to with an unanimous vote.

*   Glenn reminded members that there needs to be a leader for our role in lining up floats for the Constitution Parade. Anyone volunteer?

*   Glenn announced that Annika Anderson, the daughter of Greg & Jennifer Anderson, wishes to be sponsored by the club for this year’s Constitution Queen contest. Members wished her well and agreed to the sponsorship.

The Program

Trillian, now finished with her first year of college, shared with members the steps involved in developing and completing her Girl Scout Gold project. The Gold award is the highest award in the Girl Scout organization. Trillian first got the idea for the play equipment attending baseball games at the park and realizing there was nothing for children to do. She began her message by thanking the club for supporting her and said “I’m really humbled to have been given the support needed to complete my Girl Scout Gold Project.” She also attended a camp in the park and noticed the younger scouts didn’t have much to play on. “I thought Wildwood needed something for the little kids,” she said. As an aspiring architect, she wanted to design the playground area herself and after discussing the project with the city park director Dan Millsap, it was decided to use commercial grade equipment. The cost of the project was about $6,000 not counting the cost of installation. She began her planning before fundraising  began. The Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, Grinders and other contributions were on board to help Trillian succeed. “The experience taught me how much human drive can do,” she said. “It can lift up communities and push people to reach heights they didn’t think they could achieve. I loved be able to give back to the community. I also learned just how strong and determined a person has to be to get projects like this one done.

The Covid pandemic was a major obstacle to complicate matters, but finally the installation day came. Parks Director stored the equipment and had it delivered on installation day. ”Some of my friends helped and what was really neat is that many of them weren’t scouts; they just wanted to help our community.” The installation involved using a skid loader for digging 12” wide holes. “We managed to get the equipment installed with mulch and a border in two days,” she continued. “I hope the helpers got as many lessons out of this as I did . . . of course the best reward was seeing the children playing on it.”

Trillian was honored at the annual scout ceremony where all the Girl scouts got to show their projects to other families. “One of the many highlights of the ceremony was when our mothers gave the Gold Award by placing a gold ribbon with the Gold Pin attached on our heads,” she said. There were congratulatory letters from former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Louisville Mayor Pat Fallot. Another honor was an offer of an internship for the summer.


For the Rotarians this was a special program. We often give financial support for community and non-profit projects — that support comes from the community flag project — but we frequently don’t get to see the outcomes of that money. We are very proud of Trillian.


Rotarians note:


The Wednesday, July 21st meeting is cancelled due to the funeral at the church the same time as our meeting.
Trillian Vaugh and her parents in front of her Girl Scout project.