Louisville Rotary Meetings 2018     
3rd Quarter
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no meeting on July 4th

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

July 11, 2018

President Wendy Harlen chaired the business meeting with 16 Rotarians with one guest present. Louisville City Service Director Dan Millsap was our guest. Paradise UCC Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer and Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler was absent so there was no happy song.

Happy Dollars

n   Ron Derry said the Ahh Gallery and the Historical Society were pleased with the turnout for Saturday’s Farmer’s Market saying it was “one of the best ever.”

n  Cynthia Kerchner said “ditto” to Ron’s message.

n Jennifer Anderson invited members to visit the Y and see the new steps and newly paved parking lot.

n  Vince Marion told of the meeting for downtown improvements July 24 at the Constitution Center on West Main Street. The public is invited.

n  Bob Hallier said the library’s sensory lab was almost ready to open and there will be an open house for the public shortly.

n  Denny Valentine asked about printing and selling ads for the Pancake Breakfast placemats. It was vocally agreed to do this and Denny said that Scooter Israel would handle it.

President’s Agenda

President Harlan requested a list of committee members and passed out a sheet for members to correct or add information to. “Pat attention to your Rotary calendars,” she reminded everyone. “The month by month activities are listed at the bottom of the calendar beginning with page 2.”

Kiwanis. August is their last meeting before disbanding. It was suggested we get a membership list and contact each member with an invitation to attend one of our meetings. Gress volunteered to call Kiwanis President Tom McAlister for information and a list of their members.

Wendy said she talked with Sharon the Paradise Kitchen Manager and we agreed to be responsible for paying for 20 meals for each meeting. There will be only two meetings in the month of July. “Sharon said she likes us!”

Ken Smith suggested to Wendy that we purchase Rotary tee shirts for the flag volunteers. It was suggested the shirts be the color yellow for safety reasons. All members agreed and Wendy will check with Beatty’s for costs, etc. It was also suggested that flag posters could take a spray bottle of Round Up and circle the flag holes. Use discretion about the condition of yards or ask if it would be OK before the use of Round Up. Ken also liked the idea of an American flag emblem over the front pocket. At the next flag posting, Rotarians should get the shirt sizes from the volunteers.

At this point in the meeting, President Harlan turned the floor over to Past President Jen Anderson and our guest City Service Director Dan Millsap. They proposed a community project for the club.

Jen Anderson’s idea for a community project was an outgrowth from a conversation with the City Service Director Millsap. The city wants to build a splash park in Aljancic Park if council will agree. The estimated cost is about $49,590. The idea is for Rotary to provide funding of $35,000. The 30 X 30 pad with infrastructure and children’s fun toys would be administered by the city. The city will provide the installation of a 2-inch water line and a connection to the city sewer.

The spray park idea was presented and approved unanimously by the current Board of Directors at their July 10th meeting. Gress moved that Wendy present the project idea to the membership at the July 11, 2018 meeting. It was also discussed and agreed upon to invite the Service Manager so he could attend the meeting and co-chair the presentation. Bill Wood seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.

There was much discussion on how to fund the project. Since the library has no immediate plans for a new building, the idea was to postpone the rest of the club’s $50,000 pledge that has $35,000 remaining to be paid. The library would keep the $15,000 already given. It should be made clear that the club is NOT giving up on the library’s need for a new building, and when plans are set in concrete and made public for a new facility, the club would reconsider their original pledge of $50,000.

The location in Aljancic Park would be one of the unused and in need of repaired tennis courts. Millsap said he thinks the splash park could be ready by June of 2019.

Jim Edwards asked about bathroom facilities and a changing area. Millsap replied that was currently a bathroom there and it would be updated. A changing area could be in the future. Jim also had concerns over the need for a lifeguard, but was assured one was not needed for splash park. It was told that the water would be on a timer so would not run late at night. There would be an on/off switch the kids would push to get 15 minutes of spray then would shut off the water flow. Jim thought the Rotary involvement in the splash park should be postponed to a later date.

Allen Gress asked about naming rights for the splash park. A sign was suggested but Allen moved for an amendment that the official name of a splash park should be The Rotary Splash Park at Aljancic Park.

A motion from the floor was made to accept the 2019 budget that included the change in library funding, the splash park and the splash park name. The issue was seconded and a vote taken. The vote was 14 yeas, 2 nays.

Coming Events

July 18th — No noon meeting, but Rotarians are encouraged to tour the Meese Road Military Family Center’s opening from 3 to 6 p.m. with a 4 o’clock flag raising ceremony. RSVP at 330-935-2300 ext. 110.

July 25th — Joel Daniel Harris from Tom Tod Ideas. Meet Sigrid Skaar our new foreign exchange student from Norway and the Constitution Queen candidate we are spsonsoring.

August 1st — Ahh Galery and Historical museum tour.

August 4th — Next Farmer’s Market


The meeting was adjourned at 1:10.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary
No Meeting - attendance was needed at the dedication of
the Military Rehab Center (Horse Barn). A joint project between:
 Pegasus Farm (donating equine expertise)
Walsh College (donating the management expertise)
Rotary District 6650 (donating the start up monies)

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

July 25, 2018

President Wendy Harlen chaired the meeting with 15 Rotarians and three guests present. Fresh off a 747 jet from Norway just 18 hours before the meeting, our new foreign exchange student Sigrid Skaal was a guest. Sigrid hails from Kloefta, Norway. Isabella Rich, a participant for Constitution Queen contest and sponsored by our club, was also present. The third guest was Dr. Jerry Jackson, a former Rotarian who speaks the language of Norway. David Yeagley gave the prayer and Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler was absent so there was no happy song. The planned speaker for the meeting, a representative from Tom Todd Ideas, cancelled Tuesday evening.

Happy Dollars

n  Dave Yeagley gave an update on the Umbrella Alley project. The committee is now waiting for the city to hard surface the alleyway as promised. It will be in concrete. Most of the other costs are donations from local businesses and not tax funds, according to Yeagley. “Hopefully, we will be done sometime this fall,” he said.

n   Betty Derry said the August 14th Historical Society program will be the history of the Louisville Herald. Ron Derry chipped in to remind everyone there is a blues jam session planned for Thursday, Sept. 6 and local musicians are welcome to attend and jam. In addition, the Historical Society is planning their annual photo contest with a Sept. 29th deadline. All amateur photographers are welcome to submit.

n  Bob Hallier said the library’s new sensory lab located in the old post office building would hold an open house from 3 - 6 Wednesday, Aug. 8th.

n  President Harlan introduced Roslyn Shive, the young daughter of Jared Shive. Showing off her good parenting, Roslyn was the quietest, best-behaved person in the room.

President’s Agenda

* A question was raised why the downtown clock not working? It was said that council would not pay the estimated $3,700 necessary to replace the defective parts. It was suggested Rotarians contact city council members with their concern and request the clock be repaired forthwith. Cynthia Kerchner commented that the council members had just spent two days and lots of money getting opinions from outsiders as to how to make the downtown more beautiful. Jim Edwards stood up and admitted that he questioned the proposed splash park project because he was concerned the city would not maintain or repair it as needed and the club’s $35,000 investment would be wasted. It was agreed for members to contact council members and urge them the clock repair was imperative for an attractive downtown.

** President Harlan announced the Plain Rotary Club was looking for volunteers to help with the Hall of Fame parade. Volunteers should contact her for information.

*** Wendy also announced the Thursday, August 9th fundraiser for the Military Family Center.

The Impromptu Program

Bill Wood introduced Sigrid and Isabella and asked both to speak briefly. Sigrid’s home is Kloefta, Norway, located about 30 miles from Oslo. She is hoping to make the LHS volleyball squad and tryouts are next week. So far this day she has toured the high school, joined the YMCA and has had a sports physical. She said the high school building is huge. Among her hobbies is cross-country and Nordic skiing.

Isabella said she is busy preparing for Constitution Week activities that require four written essays. During the school year she is active in speech and debate.

Coming Events

August 1st — Ahh Gallery and Historical museum tour. No meeting at the church and lunch will be a box lunch prepared by Uptown Joe’s.

August 4th — Next Farmer’s Market

August 7th — Board meeting at Uptown Joe’s

August 8th — business meeting

August 15 — Evening social at Metzger Park


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 1, 2018


President Wendy Harlen was absent due to a work requirement, so Jennifer Anderson chaired the meeting held at the Ahh Gallery with 19 Rotarians and one guest present. Mike Yeagley, a former Rotarian, was our guest. David Yeagley gave the prayer and Jennifer led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler was absent for the third consecutive week, so there was no happy song. Mark, we miss you!


Happy Dollars

 n  Dave Yeagley spoke of the broken town clock, it’s connection to Rotary and the fact that for nearly two years the clock has been inoperative. Reports have it the Council will not pay for the new parts to upgrade the clock. Dave asked for members to call or email councilmenbers with our disappointment. (See the email attached to the bottom of this page.)

n   Cynthia Kerchner reminded everyone that Saturday was Farmers’ Market and we all needed to be there. Also, she said, keep August 15 available for our picnic at Metzger Park. 6 p.m. Members with last names from A to L bring a covered dish. Those with last names beginning M — Z bring a dessert. Meat will be provided. BYOB.

n  Bob Hallier thanked Ron & Betty Derry for inviting us to the Ahh Gallery and the new Historical Society building plus providing an excellent meal.

n  Jennifer Anderson proudly announced that her son had an acting role in the Canton Players production of Full Monty.

President’s Agenda


Eva Roshong raised the question of an Oktberfest community activity for the second week of October. To be held downtown, maybe in Umbrella Alley, but all are needed for this to work. This is a must! It will be decided during our next week’s business meeting.


The Program

 The meeting was an open house for both the Ahh Gallery and the NEW Historical Society building. The Historical Society building is about 85% complete with finish electrical work still needed, but many displays are in place. We all came away totally impressed.


Secretary’s Note:  Ron and Betty have accomplished both these programs and our community now has a first-class art gallery and a fascinating museum, both destinations. Of course, there is a committee helping and a number of community businesses pitched in. Our club, you may remember, gave a $5,000 grant for the renovation. Nonetheless, these projects would still be in the talking stages without Ron & Betty’s leadership. Positive, confident and selfless leadership that inspires others! They’re living example of Rotary’s motto — Service Above Self. We are so proud to have them in our club and proud to call them our friends.




Coming Events

 August 4th — Next Farmer’s Market

 August 7th — Board meeting at Uptown Joe’s

 August 8th — business meeting

 August 15 — Evening social at Metzger Park


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary


Fellow Rotarians:


We need your help that will take just an email or two. Perhaps a telephone call. A show of club unity. It’s about the town clock on the corner of S. Chapel and Main Street.


First a little history of that clock and the Rotary connection.


Thomas Edwards, Jim Edward’s father, was a long time local businessman, but he was much more than just a businessman. He served many years on the school board, his church and was involved in many community activities, both with his time and financial resources. Tom was also a lifetime member of the Louisville Rotary Club. When he died the family wanted to do something in his memory and Jim discussed this with the club. The idea of the clock was presented and purchased with money from the family trust. This was during the pre-flag period in the club’s history when the club did not have much money. On the base of the clock is a bronze plaque with the Rotary seal and a brief bio of Thomas Edwards. Anyway, the clock came boxed and Jim, with help from Al Gress and several other Rotarians, dug the foundation, wired in the electricity and installed the clock. Twice since then the gazebo needed restoration and Dave Yeagley and others painted and repaired rotted wood.


The city accepted the clock as they previously had with the gazebo. City workers used to adjust the clock during time changes. So the clock and the gazebo, along with other Rotary projects, have a history with our club working in cooperation with the city.


Several years ago the clock died. It needed updated and new digital parts. The city ignored repairing it. Recently, the cost was obtained that reached in the neighborhood of about $3,400 for new guts along with the custom work needed to install them. Council has refused to pay the cost, probably because they think that sooner or later the Rotary will pick up the tab. Yeah, the good old Rotary to the rescue!


Many of us feel this in unfair and if we are going to commit to a $35,000 spray park, are they going to expect us to pay for its maintenance and repairs?


We are enclosing the email address and phone numbers of councilpersons and are asking each Rotarian to call or contact each councilperson stating our disappointment with council’s refusal to maintain an important part of downtown landscape. The possibility of our support for the spray park might be mentioned as a reminder of the mutual cooperation that once existed between our club and the city.


Thanks for your help.

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 8, 2018

President Wendy Harlen chaired the business meeting with 20 Rotarians and three guests present. Mike Yeagley, a former Rotarian, is welcomed for his return membership. David Yeagley gave the prayer and Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler was absent for the fourth consecutive week, so there was no happy song. Mark, we miss you! Guests included Louisville’s new City Manager Larry Collins, our Constitution Queen candidate Izzy Rich and our foreign exchange student from Norway Sigrid Skaal.

Happy Dollars

n  Vince Marion introduced Larry Collins, Louisville’s new City Manager. The members gave Mr. Collins a warm welcome.

n   Cynthia Kerchner reminded everyone that Wednesday evening August 15 is our annual picnic at Metzger Park. 6 p.m. Members with last names from A to L bring a covered dish. Those with last names beginning M — Z bring a dessert. Meat will be provided. BYOB. “Bring families!” she said. She also suggested inviting members of the Louisville Kiwanis Club to share in fellowship. All agreed it was a great idea.

n  Bob Hallier invited members to attend the open house and ribbon cutting of the library’s new sensory space called the Discovery House. Hallier, president of the library board will be the speaker for ribbon cutting ceremony.

n  Barbara DeJacimo proudly announced her daughter Bridgett made the LHS volleyball team.

n Jim Edwards praised Ron & Betty Derry for their leadership with the Ahh Art Gallery and the Historical Society. He also thanked Dave Yeagley and Vince Marion for their efforts to get the town clock moving.

n Bill Wood shared the good news that Sigrid made the volleyball team and asked for volunteers to assist Izzy with her Constitution speech. There were three volunteers.

n  She said it may have begun a tradition and might be continued next year.

Jennifer Anderson told of the 600 persons who attended the YMCA’s parking lot party.

n  She said it may have begun a tradition and might be continued next year.

Eva Roshong reminded members of the open house at the Military Veterans’ Center Farm on Meese Road, Friday August 10 in the afternoon.


President’s Agenda

* The question was raised if we had an ad in this year’s football program and if we didn’t should we? Yes. Jim Edwards said he would take care of it.

* A thank you note was read from Rotary International regarding our contribution to the Polio Plus campaign and there was also a thank you from the Louisville Community Cupboard thanking us for our contribution.

President Harlan shared the results of an on-line survey for club members she conducted. The questions & results:

1.      . . . happiness with meeting time?

                                    16 satisfied, 4 dissatisfied

2.      . . . days of meeting? (Possible to vote for more than one)

                                    Mon.    8

                                    Tues.    13

                                    Weds.  19

                                    Thurs.   13

                                    Fri.          7

                                    Sat.         1

3.      . . . meeting times?

                                     7-8 am 6.3

                                    8-9 am 6.3

                                    11 – noon        5.3

                                    noon – 1          7.4

                                    1-2 pm             4.1

                                    4-5 pm 4.3

                                    5-6 pm 3.8

                                    other               2.4

4.      . . . happy with location?

                              Satisfied          13

                              Dissatisfied      7

5.  . . . meetng locations?

                              Paradise          3.4

                              Milann’s          2.7

                              Ahh Gallery     3

                              Other               1.7

6.  . . . social events?

                              Want more  13

                              Current amount  8

7.   . . . speakers?

                              Government officials  3

                              Non-profits                              3.9

                              Business owners                     5.2

                              Exchange students                  2.9

                              Educational leaders    4.8

                              Other                                       2.3

8.  . . . Service projects?

                              Want more                  8

                              Current amount          12

                              Want less                    1

9.  . . .  more involvement?

                              Less speakers – more projects or socials  2

                              Too busy                                                               2

                              Different meeting time                                        1

10. … comments?

                              Support the library.

                              More contact with new persons.

                              Recruit new members, find a big project, church is OK unless we                                              could order off the menu at Milann’s.

                              Very happy.

                              Location, find new members.

                              More visible location would be great. Food questionable.

                              Service projects great, too many people belong just to have their                                             name on the list.

                              Bring LHS coaches in to talk.


Coming Events

August 15 — Evening social at Metzger Park. No noon meeting.

August 17 — Don Marshall’s 70th BD bash at Bud’s

August 22 — Alan Harold with meeting held in old kitchen.

August 28 — Board meeting at Uptown Joe’s 8 a.m.

August 29 — Congressman Bob Gibbs


Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 22, 2018

President Wendy Harlan chaired the meeting with 20 Rotarians and two guests present. Jason Taylor, the swimming coach for the YMCA, and Stark County Auditor Alan Harold were guests. Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer and Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler has returned and led the group in a rousing rendition of the old Beetles favorite All Together Now. Dave Yeagley won a $10 challenge by answering Sigler’s request to name the author of the song. Yeagley popped up with the answer — Carl Perkins. Members are amazed at the wealth of knowledge one learns by attending our meetings.

Happy Dollars

n  Jennifer Anderson gave a passionate sales pitch for YMCA membership during a period of special offers.

President’s Agenda

* The Flag tee shirts have been ordered and will be delivered for the next flag posting.

** President Harlan announced the Chamber of Commerce was looking for volunteers to help with the Moving Wall Memorial that will be here Sept. 6 — 10. Volunteers are needed for parking cars and other duties. The Memorial will be on the former Grange facility on Easton Street. A sign-up sheet was passed around. Several members asked why this was not being held in Metzger Park.

*** President Harlan welcomed City Manager Larry Collins as a transfer member from his previous club in Michigan. Also, Mike Yeagley was welcomed back into the fold.

The Program

Alan Harold, with many family ties to Louisville, presented an informative program about the work of the County Auditor. This is his 7th year in that office and the Stark County Auditor’s office has been honored for its work for the last two years. The Auditor is the fiscal agent for 37 different agencies, located in the county’s 17 townships, five cities with 600 neighborhood clusters. The auditor’s main job is to set a fair market value of real property. Harold said sales figures were the best indicator for home value, but reviews of zoning changes and building permits are also used. There is an aerial mapping done usually in the spring before the trees leaf.

Harold focused on the recent letters notifying homeowners of the results of the six-year reevaluation, which along with a three-year update are required by law. Harold said he has received about 1,800 complaints about the reappraisal and wants to hear from everyone so he can get an accurate estimate of properties values. The complaints were fairly even from areas around the county. “We know we will get more when the tax bills go out,” he said. Believe it or not, Harold said about 100 calls were from residents who thought their evaluations were too low. Most of the reevaluations raised the property values, some as high as 20%.

Real estate is on an upswing, he said. “We’ve seen strong activity in 2018,” he continued, “and we don’t see an end to this real estate market (surge).”

Harold also explained the conveyance fee of $4 per $1,000 of sales. Those funds bring $5.5 million into the county and are used to fund county offices. He also explained the difference between inside and outside millage. Outside millage is voted by the people, while inside millage is set by the government. A change in the CAUV program for productive farms was explained.

Coming Events

August 28th — Board meeting 8 a.m. at Uptown Joe’s

August 29th — Congressman Gibbs will speak

August 29 & 30th — Post flags

September 1 — Farmer’s Market

September 5th — Business meeting

September 8th — District Fall Assembly 8:30 – 12:30 @ Mt. Union


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 29, 2018

President Wendy Harlan chaired the meeting with 21 Rotarians and 5 guests present. Guests included Marilyn Heiller, Rotary District 6650 Assistant Director Theresa Linder, U.S. Congressman Bob Gibbs accompanied by two staff members Tim Ross and another person that I did not get her name. Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer and Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler led the group in a patriotic rendition of The Grand Old Flag.

Happy Dollars

n  Mark Sigler was given credit and thanks for posting flags at the football stadium.

n Glenn Heiller asked for help in posting 50 flags in the downtown Green Space that has become a yearly Rotary custom. Meet at the barn at 6 p.m. Thursday the 30th. A number of hands were raised to volunteer.

n Cynthia Kerchner asked for volunteers to post new Farmer’s Market signs. Only Ron Derry volunteered. “Try to be exuberant,” Cynthia reminded Rotarians who plan to attend the Saturday morning Market.

n Theresa Linder said she was exuberant because she has a new granddaughter.

n  Scooter Israel said he was exuberant because his youngest child was enrolled in kindergarten and his oldest daughter left for her first year of college. The group gave Scooter a round of applause.

n  Ron Derry reminded everyone the Historical Society would have another living history program for Saturday’s Farmer’s Market.

n  Library Director Jason Bydos announced that the Old Post Office is no more. The building now has a new name and shall henceforth be referred to as The Discovery Center due the new sensory space recently dedicated. He also told of important personages from Washington, D.C. that were coming to visit.

n  Bob Hallier was introduced as the club’s new president-elect, and he too received a rousing round of applause that rivaled the applause given Scooter earlier.

n  President Harlen asked for volunteers to work the 2-hour slots for the Viet Nam Moving Wall.


The Program

Bob Gibbs (Rep. Ohio 7th) was introduced. He represents in congress Louisville, Nimishillen Township and surrounding areas. Gibbs began by reminding listeners that the U.S. Constitution says that free people can govern themselves. Our government, he said, is a constitutional republic with a free market capitalist system. This system, he continued, “creates opportunities and you can chase your dreams.”

Gibbs went on to review the current state of the American booming economy, citing regulatory reform and tax cuts as the major reasons for the continued growth. He praised President Trump’s meeting with the European Union chief that Trump says will lead to eliminating all tariffs. Trump, Gibbs said, is using the tariffs to gain American business fairness in world trade. The Congressman hit on the opiate epidemic, said the country needs more work force development. He said this administration has a different attitude about the use of coal, saying the last administration had a war on coal. “The United States is now the chief exporter of natural gas and oil in the world,” he declared.

Gibbs also discussed the difference between discretionary and income that is committed to government programs. A member of the audience said that one out of every five dollars spent by Medicare goes to pay for the care and treatment of Alzheimer’s victims. Gibbs did not refute nor endorse that statement.

Most of his 28-minute message was a recap of the president’s programs that have been covered many times in the media. Congressman Gibbs has an office in Canton located at 110 Central Plaza South, Suite 445. His office can be reached at 330-737-1631. Office hours are by appointment only.

Coming Events

August 29 & 30th — Post flags

September 1 — Farmer’s Market

September 5th — Business meeting

September 8th — District Fall Assembly 8:30 – 12:30 @ Mt. Union

Sept. 12th — Joel Daniel Harris, Tom Tod

Sept. 19th. No noon meeting, Constitution Queen Banquet

Sept. 23rd. — Constitution Parade



The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary
Representative Bob Gibbs

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

September 5, 2018

President Wendy Harlan chaired the monthly business meeting with 16 Rotarians present for a lunch of sloppy joes, scalloped potatoes and a fresh fruit cup. Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer while Wendy led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Songmaster Mark Sigler led the group in singing Happy Birthday to Freddie Queen, who has been deceased for about 37 years. What? You’ve never heard of Freddie? Maybe you will remember one of his hit singles — Bohemian Rapsody. He was a British singer, songwriter, and record producer best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. Because of Rotary you are now better prepared for Wheel of Fortune.

Before the business of the club was discussed, it was announced that someone mysteriously backed a car over one of the club’s American flags leaving the poor flagpole shaped in an inverted L. The flag had been posted near the driveway of Cynthia Kerchner’s home. One must wonder . . .

Happy Dollars

n Glenn Heiller, who is this year’s Constitution Parade Marshall, asked for volunteers for organizing and keeping order for the parade organization.

n Cynthia Kerchner thanked everyone who helped make the Farmer’s Market a success last Saturday. She suggested extending the morning session one hour and run the program from 9 till 1. It was agreed to try it and see how it was received.

n  Jason Bydos reminded the membership of the first home game tail gate party in the uptown Green Space. He thanked the club for donating 300 hot dogs and buns.

n  Jim Edwards thanked everyone for a successful flag-posting saying he only had one complaint.

n  President Harlen said the Rotary grant program is now underway and the one-page application is available from any member.  Applications are due October 15. Also, a sheet was passed around asking members to sign up for the Constitution Queen banquet planned for Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Other notable matters

     *    A 3-page financial report was passed out to members.

·         Scooter Israel announced the placemats for the Pancake Breakfast were in the process of being organized. If you want an ad, see him shortly. Cost is just $50.

·         Our District Governor will be on hand for the Pancake Breakfast to lead a hand. (This is a first)

·         Tee Shirts will be here in time for the flag pickup. The shirts are being done by Beatty Sports of Louisville.

·         Eva Roshong will be representing the club at the district meeting held at Mount Union University.

Coming Events

September 8th — District Fall Assembly 8:30 – 12:30 @ Mt. Union

September 12th — Joel Daniel Harris, Tom Tod

September 19th. — No noon meeting, Constitution Queen Banquet

September 23rd. — Constitution Parade


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

September 12, 2018

President Wendy Harlan was out-of-town, so Past President Jennifer Anderson took the club reins for the meeting. Pastor David Anderson gave the prayer and Jennifer led the recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Nineteen members and two guests were in attendance. Songmaster Mark Sigler led the singing of the Louisville High School alma mater (even though a number of members are not LHS graduates.) Watching Mark, when the verse “you’re the dearest school to me” was sung, there appeared to be tears in Mark’s eyes. Following the singing, Mark gave a history lesson of the authorship of the song. Jim Molnar, a member of the North Canton Rotary, attended our meeting to see what the two clubs have in common.

Happy Dollars

n  Jennifer Anderson, with parental pride, announced that her son Joey is featured in this week’s Ticket, a weekly presentation of the Canton Repository. Joey is a cast member of the Canton Players Guild presentation of Newsies that runs from Sept. 21 through Oct. 7. Check the Ticket for dates and times.

n Eva Roshong proudly announced the birth of another granddaughter.

n Jen Anderson reminded members that those planning to attend the Constitution banquet need to RSVP today. We already have two tables reserved for members.

n Jared Shive reminded members of the joint meeting with the Alliance Rotary and StarkParks regarding the Iron Horse Trail that runs in the Alliance Area.

n Bob Hallier gave an update on the Blue Star Memorial, a project of the Town & Country Garden Club, planned for the Veteran’s Center Horse Farm on Meese Road. Bob said for the club should look for a grant application for a portion of the project.

n Glenn Heiler reminded members to show for the set-up Saturday, Sept. 21 for Sunday’s parade.

The Program

Joel Daniel Harris spoke about the Tom Tod Ideas Project, a non-profit organization designed to empower middle school students to launch absurd ideas that enhance the common good. Tom Tod stands for tomorrow’s ideas today. The company has two part-time persons to aid Harris, who is the director. They worked with over 1,000 middle schoolers since 2012. “We empower middle school students to explore and launch innovative ideas and spark positive change for the benefit of the community,” he said. “The middle school, grades 6-7-8, are a pivotal time in their lives and is the time for that age group to find their identity. These kids are developing their imaginations.”

Harris said one of his goals was to help them dream big. One of their projects was the ideal of kids sleeping outside in a large cardboard box to get the feeling of how homeless people might feel. Another of Harris’ favorite projects was making bracelets out of duck tape. Another of their projects is a bike share program using a bike rental using a person’s library card. That project has 48 bikes for rent from eight renting stations around the county.

The Tom Tod Ideas organization has three core projects: summer and day camps (Camp What If?), project-based mentoring and school-based programs. There will be a Tom Tod Ideas program in Louisville’s middle school beginning this fall. “Our projects are designed to help students grow and impact their communities,” he said, “ and they help prepare students vocationally by making sure their have skills for future jobs. “It’s exciting to see the kid’s projects develop,” Harris said. We believe in middle schoolers!”

Persons can learn more from their website by accessing it at www.tomtodideas.org . There is a nice story about Joel and Tom Tod Ideas in this month’s About magazine. (Page 28)

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September 19th. — No noon meeting — Community Constitution dinner at 6 RSVP.

September 23rd. — Constitution Parade. All hands on deck.

October 2nd. — Board meeting @ Uptown Joes 8 a.m.

October 3rd. — Business meeting.

October 6th. — The last Farmers Market.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

September 26, 2018

An overcast sky, cool temperatures and intermittent rain didn’t halt a first-ever combined meeting of the Louisville and Alliance Rotary clubs Wednesday held in the outdoor shelter of First Christian Church on Beech Street in Alliance. Carry-in pizza was the luncheon fare as the memberships joined in fellowship and comradery. The program was an official dedication of the completion of the Iron Horse Walking Train by StarkParks.

The Program

Following the pizza bash, Louisville Rotarian Jared Shive, who is also employed by StarkParks, discussed the Iron Horse project. Following his message, the group adjourned to the new kiosk located at the head of the trail that begins on the west side of the church property. StarkParks Director Bob Fonte, and several staff members were on hand for the dedication. Fonte was especially appreciative of the $35,000 donation by the Alliance Rotary that allowed the park system to build the kiosk and a second kiosk at Deer Creek Park. Fonte noted that it was appropriate to include the Louisville Club because both clubs showed their concern for walking trails by volunteering and accepting the challenge of cleaning them.

In his message, Fonte said the Iron Horse Trail was first discussed in the 1970s, an effort supported by the Alliance Rotary Club. Fonte now hopes for a grant to connect Gaskill Park running along State Street and through the University of Mount Union Campus.

Following the dedication, it was discussed that future joint projects would be welcomed by both clubs.

Coming Events

October 2nd. — Board meeting @ Uptown Joes 8 a.m.

October 3rd. — Business meeting.

October 6th. — The last Farmers Market.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:50.

Submitted by Allen Gress, Secretary