Louisville Rotary Meetings 2015     
3rd Quarter
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Meeting minutes
July 1, 2015
There was no meeting due to the Holiday.

Meeting minutes
July 8, 2015
Our District Governor, Joe Belinsky from the Bolivar, gave his annual pep talk.
Louisville Rotary Meeting minutes
July 15, 2015
The Taste of Louisville was held at 6 PM.  We met at noon for a final briefing on the events for the evening.  No minutes were taken
Louisville Rotary Meeting minutes
July 22, 2015
Billie Cuckovich and Catherine Catlet from Green Meadows spoke this week.  In 1967, nursing homes began being regulated and are one of the heaviest regulated industries in America. Nursing homes are rated on a 5 star scale; considering staffing and quality among other aspects. Hospitals are only keeping patients 4.1 days on average so nursing homes have had to increase their knowledge and services. Go to a nursing home and get a feel for it before committing to it. Always know that you can change homes mid-stay if you feel that you must.
-Maranda Saling

Billy cukovich and Catherine Catlett
Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
July 29, 2015
Farmers Market on Saturday! 10am walk, 11am arts display opening
Board meeting- Monday Aug 3 7am @MIke's Milans
Aug 5- Business meeting

Glenn Grisdale of Reveille and Louisville Planning and Development Director, Vince Marion spoke to the club about The Louisville Comprehensive Plan. They have already held community forums, focus groups and a survey to get community feedback. The last plan was developed in 2000 and they are working to build off that being short, sweet and to the point. Their goal is to get a plan that is easy to follow, track and implement. Please take time to fill out the Comprehensive Plan survey that can be found at www.louisvilleohio.com, it's only 17 questions! There is a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee including Greg Anderson (Library Board), Tom Ault (City Manager), Jay Barton (CPA rep. retail/service sector), Pat Fallot (Mayor), Richard Flory (Planning Commission), Rick Guiely (City Council Member), Cynthia Kerchner (Design Review), Thomas Pukys (Alliance Area Development), William Ramage (Design Review), Mark Sigler (Board of Education) and Jina Turowski (Finance Director). Results of the Comprehensive Plan survey will be available after it's finished at www.louisvilleohio.com.  97% of survey participants stated the Improvement of Downtown had their most support. According to the survey, the biggest concern to Louisville citizens is business attraction followed by growth, population decline and deteriation among others. The consulting group is looking at land use, flooding, growth areas and other maps to help us build a Comprehensive Plan to increase our economic development and quality of life here in Louisville!

-Maranda Saling

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
Aug 5, 2015

Business meeting
Citizen of the Year Time! Please send nomination and write up to Greg Angerson drgregoryanderson@yahoo.com by Monday August 24th
Sept 1, 2 and 3 are the next dates flags are to go out!
Mark Sigler moved, Ken Smith seconded and the club passed to comp 2 flags for The Waters Edge for allowing us to use the facility for the Taste of Louisville
The club is moving forward with Project Warm Coats this year
Think about what committee you would like to be on! Your options are: community/economic development, disease prevention and treatment, education & literacy, child and maternal health, peace conflict and resolution and/or water and sanitaion
Community Grant Committee is accepting members to help evaluate grant proposals and grants themselves now through September 30th- visit www.louisvillerotary.com and click grants! Encourage people to send in their grant proposals!

Rotary Meal Protocal- PLEASE READ and remember
- We will pay for the speakers meal, but only one. Additional guests with the speaker must pay their own meal.
- If you're a member of the club and also a speaker, you still pay
- If you bring a guest you pay for their lunch.
- If someone comes as a walk-in off the street their first meal will be paid for by the club
-Maranda Saling

Denny's map of all of our Foreign Exchange student's homes since 1994.

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
Aug 12, 2015

The Honorable Judge Werren, Pat Smith and our newest Exchange Student Greg (from Belgium) were our esteemed guests


Drew Griffing, grandson of Ken and Pat Smith spoke to us about drones this week! Drones can be used commercially for film, real estate, fire fight, even the Hall Of Fame is using it in development of Hall of Fame Village! Because they're so new, regulation hasn't caught up but the FAA is working to develop them. Using GPS, drones can be restrained horizontally and are currently restrained vertically  based on what the equipment is able to do. Mark Sigler shared that the Ohio High School Athletic  Association is requiring every school in the state to develop a drone policy.  High end drones have the cabability to have landing gear, live video feed, zoom, etc and continue to advance technologically!


-Maranda Saling

Drew Griffing holding his drone.

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
Aug 19, 2015

Many thanks to Jared for our new, complete e-mail list!! Hooray! 


Guests: Mayor Pat Fallot, visiting Rotarian from the Alliance club Tom Pukys, Congressmen Gibbs staff- Jennifer Kiko and Darrell Kick, our Constitution pageant contestant and her mother Lea and Myrna Engeldiner, our in-bound student Greg and our loyal high schooler Brock


Friday August 21- Blood drive at the library 12-4pm

Monday August 24- Library levy fundraiser at Brookside (reply to this e-mail for tickets, $35)

Friday August 28- Leopard Pride event on the Green Space 4:30-6:30

Thursday Sept 3- Levy Community Forum 6pm at the Constitution Center

Flags out- Sept 1,2,3
Pick-up- Sept 21, 22, 23
Sept 5- Farmers Market

Congressmen Gibbs was raised in Cleveland and proceeded to become a hog farmer before being elected to the Ohio State Farm Bureau Board as President, which he credits with much of his political success. He is the first person state Farm Bureau President to serve in the U.S. Congress where he serves on the Agriculture and Transportation Infrastructure Committee. He is proud of the WRDDA Bill dealing the Army Corps with it's zero earmarks reforms that will potentially affect algae blooms, dredging and Asian carp. He has even worked with our own Louisville City Government on our flooding situation. The Clean Water Act was partnership between Federal and State government, there is currently litigation between Ohio and US Government over this issue. Congressmen Gibbs believes fracking can be done in a safe way. He spoke on the Iranian deal and shared that in his opinion, it is not a good deal for the United States. The Congressmen entertained questions at the end of the meeting.


Thanks all!

-Maranda Saling

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
Aug 26, 2015

We're thrilled to induct Meredith Simmons, of Laurie A. McDonnell Law, Glenn Heller and Louisville Director of Planning and Development Vince Marion into the Rotary Club of Louisville! Bobbi and Dean Pugh spoke to us about Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve this week. Many consider Beech Creek to be a hidden gem in Stark County that started as a dream in 1999. The organization overview includes education, preservation (they have 175 acres of conservation area), recreation and inspiration! 20,000 visitors annually visit Beech Creek for educational activities for adults and children, hiking and the gardens. The Butterfly House is a seasonal display of native Ohio butterflies and they are excited to have opened the Caterpillar House this year! Open dawn to dusk for no charge, 4 nature trails are available all year. The Amazing Greenhouse has 20 different units for educating children on the ecosystem. Logs O' Fun Playground is open to the public and completely made of logs for children to play while the adults rest up in the shade! They have many gardens including the Hummingbird, Secret, Potager, Sensory, Butterfly and Rock Gardens. The Visitor Center is the original home on the property that houses the Resource Library, Wildlife Observation Deck, Community Room and Gift Shop! Schools and homeschoolers come for field trips as they are state accredited so it's not a lost day and they have worked with other 9,000 children since 2011. Bird in the Hand is a very popular winter program hand-feeding chickadees on the weekends in January and February. Volunteers are essential to Beech Creek, over 400 volunteers gave over 27,000 hours in 2014

-Maranda Saling
Bobbie and Dean Pugh:
Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
September 2, 2015

We're up to 46 members!

Sept 1-3 Flags out
Sept 5 Farmers Market
Sept 16 Evening meeting for Community Dinner
Sept 21-23 Flags in

We need volunteers for:
1) Parade float/vehicle layout on Saturday September 19
2) Parade marshaling on Sunday September 20
3) Banner holders (3) and candy throwers
4) Drivers and cars (2) for Citizen of the Year and Exchange Students

Ken Smith moved, Mark Sigler seconded and the club passed David Yeagley pursuing a club fundraiser at the Constitution Festival

-Maranda Saling
Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
September 9, 2015

For next weekend:
Saturday 19th @ 5pm- Roller Rink
Sunday 20th @ 9am- ParkView and South Chapel
Sunday 20th @ 11am- All hands on deck to the Roller Rink

Be at Paradise Wednesday the 16th at noon for the parade meeting and join us that evening at 6:30 also at Paradise for the Community Banquet! Tickets are only $15!

Louisville native, Alan Harold joined the Rotary Club this Wednesday to speak about the Triennial Valuation Update. In 2008 property values dropped on average 10% . Looking at the market as the whole, the county has recovered about 8.9%. from end of 2012 to  early 2015. The Auditors office partnered with libraries in the county to meet with constituents about requests for change and education. There's usually between 30- 40 levies that the average Stark County resident is paying taxes on every year. Alan explained how the levies are affected by the change in property values. The Homestead Exemption is a tax benefit for homeowners either over the age of 65 or permanently disabled that averages to about $500-$600 a year. Added back in this year is a need to prove your income based on the Ohio Adjusted Gross Income, with incomes needing to be below about $32,000 not including Social Security. No worries if you're over that amount but have been in the exemption in years past, you're Grandfathered in! The club commented what a great job Alan does of explaining this very confusing topic to us lay folks!

-Maranda Saling
Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
September 16, 2015

Our regular meeting was laid down because of the Constitution Banquet later in the evening
there were no minutes taken so the only record is our President's presentation of the "Louisville Citizen of the Year Award"  it went to Cynthia Kerchner
Click here for:   Cindy Kerchner      Presentation Speech
Here are a few pictures from the Constitution festivities!

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
September 23, 2015

Michele Shaffer, the new (and first female!) Superintendent at Louisville City Schools. She is a Canton South Graduate, followed with her Bachelor degree at the University of Akron and her Masters and post masters degrees at Ashland University. With 4 interviews after graduating from college, Louisville was her first and she cancelled her other interviews after meeting with Louisville and has been with us ever since! Michelle was the principle at Fairhope Elementary for 17 years, moved to principle of the new Louisville Elementary for 3 years and is beginning her 31st year in education all within Louisville City Schools as Superintendent! Even after being presented with other opportunities shes happy to be with Louisville. She is proud of being a 12 year cancer survivor. The district's strategic plan through 2017 includes a focus onFiscal responsibility, Qualified and dedicated staff, External Communications, Internal Communication, Student Achievement, Safety, Infrastructure and Technology.
-Maranda Saling
Picture of Michele Shaffer:

Louisville Rotary meeting minutes
September 30, 2015

Oct 3- Farmers Market Downtown
Oct 3- Support the Leps by test driving a car a Montrose in Alliance 9am-3pm! We're competing with the Marlington Dukes and the school with more people to test drive cars will receive $20 per test drive!!
Oct 7 @6pm @ The Barn- Flag fixin' party!! Many hands make light work folks!

Jared Williams of HBK CPAs joined us as a guest this week!

Todd Clark of Stark Parks spoke to the Louisville Rotary Club about the Ohio & Erie Canal. 2015 is the year Stark Parks official has 100 miles of hiking trails! In 1824, one year before they began digging the canal Ohio was  only shipping 1,000 bushels of wheat a year to Buffalo, NY, by 1827 we had increased to 250,000 bushels of wheat. Imagine taking your income, multiplying it by 250,000 and you can see why Ohio became a desirable place for farmers. We have the our country's first president to thank for this growth and canal, "... practicability of opening a communication between Lake Erie and the Ohio" George Washington, 1788 in a letter to Thomas Jefferson. Over 1817-1825, DeWitt Clinton raised the money to build a 363 mile canal. In 1822 we chartered our own commission but had not one Engineer to do the survey work! James Geddes thus came from New York and developed different canal ideas all of which must have been 40 ft wide, 4 feet deep and enough water to float canal boats weighing up to 100 tons. It took them only 7 years to dig 318 miles and build 156 locks- they were busy! The towns along the canal flourished. Ohio had over 21 separate canal systems in the 1800s. Main St in Akron is so wide (one of the widest in the country!) because the canal ran directly through it! Canal systems saw their end with the coming of of the rail system.

-Maranda Saling
Todd Clark: