Louisville Rotary Meetings 2015     
1st Quarter
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Meeting minutes
January 7, 2014

$1,300 to Uganda Water Project
'Paw Prints' 1 mile walk is a project being worked on
Considering sending a student/s to the Students World Affairs Seminar in June

Upcoming meetings:
January 14th: Steve Milano Report on City Schools
January 21st: Maranda and Carolyn Hess LHS Alumni Association
January 28th: Chesapeake Company

-Maranda Saling

President, Bellflower Communications

Louisville Rotary

District 6650

Meeting Notes


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Wood.

Attendance:  Twenty-one Rotarians were in attendance as were two guests:  Ken Smith introduced Mr. Evans and Pat Richardson introduced Kris Jones, one of her associates at the Louisville Area YMCA.

Announcement and Happy Dollars:

  • Catherine Catlett indicated that we are looking for 300 items of any promotional materials one might like to donate as RYLA bag stuffers.
  • Happy Dollars:  Betty Derry thanked everyone for helping to retire the Christmas lights at the old Post Office.  She also thanked her fellow Rotarians for awarding the Historical Society a mini-grant for the Light Up Louisville initiative.  She also indicated that there will be a new display at the Arts in Stark Gallery on East Main Street.  She also reported that tickets will soon be for sale for the 5th Annual Historical Society Banquet (scheduled for May 5).  She also indicated that Elder-Beerman coupon books will be for sale in the near future.  She concluded by saying that two students from the Louisville High School will be joining the Historical Society Board.
  • Happy Dollars:  For Veronica Violand for being admitted to Pharmacy School at the NEOUCOM in Rootstown, Ohio.
  • Happy Dollars:  Ralph Reese announced that his daughter is moving back to the area after having leaved in Washington D.C.
  • Happy Dollars:  Pat Richardson thanked the membership for the Rotary mini-grant to support the YMCA Annual Support Campaign.  Last year about 1,300 adults and children were served.  She also indicated that there is a new member special startup fee of $20.00, which runs through January 31, 2015.
  • Happy Dollars:  Mark Sigler saluted the NCAA National Champions… The Ohio State University football team!


Featured Speaker: President Wood introduced Louisville City Schools Superintendent Steve Milano

·         He indicated that he is fortunate to be serving a “truly amazing community with such quality kids, great teachers, and Board of Education.”
·         The school district recently purchased 700 Chrome Books to prepare students for taking online tests as part of its upgrade in technology.
·         Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will most likely to affect later this year and this transition is a major departure from past student testing.  Many students will suffer considerable stress during the transition to the CCSS.  “Time will tell whether the program will really help or hinder.”
·         Teachers and Principals will be tested according new directives from the State of Ohio.
·         State aid is a complete unknown factor and there have been four different funding formulas in the past few years.
·         District enrollment has dropped in recent years despite the increase in outside students through open enrollment.
·         District Treasurer James Carmen will soon move to another job in Stark County.
The main features of the District’s new “Strategic Planning Goals and Objectives” are as follows:
Goal 1.  Fiscal Responsibility/Accounting
Goal 2. Qualified and Dedicated Staff
Goal 3. External Communication
Goal 4. Internal Communication
Goal 5. Student Achievement
Goal 6. Buildings and Safety

   Respectfully submitted by interim secretary Mike Snyder 

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes

 Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last Wednesday, the Louisville High School Alumni Association spoke to the Louisville Rotary Club. Board members Maranda Saling and Carolyn Hess shared why they joined the organization and what makes it important to LHS Grads as well as the community as a whole. Distributed were newsletters, applications for membership and class t-shirt and sweatshirt order forms.  Carolyn shared the history of the current association having formed 6 years ago and the recent new life members have been breathing into it.  It was mentioned that a fake LHS Alumni Association, which is actually a company out of Canada, has been fooling people looking for the real organization. Please do not send money to this organization as a law suit has already been filed by other high school alumni associations for tricking people.  The scholarship fund, one of the main goals of the organization was mentioned. What makes it different from other scholarships is that it's available to LHS Grads, as well as their descendants, and to teens going to college or adults looking to continue education in a different field. You must be a member for two years before you can nominate someone for the scholarship so join now! Other activities include the book club and euchre club which they hope to re-energize in the spring. Several new members where found in the Rotary Club that day!

To join send a $10.00 check to P.O. Box 367 Louisville, Ohio 44641 and include your name (with maiden), e-mail, phone and class. Also, visit the LHS Alumni Association on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/LHSOhioAlumniAssociation

-Maranda Saling

President, Bellflower Communications

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chesapeake Energy was to speak but we have been notified that they are not allowed to do public speaking withour the permission of their headquarters in Oklahoma.

Mark Sigler briefly introduced 4 new club members and asked them a few questions about their careers.

No minutes were received.  Hence no names.  I would get it wrong by memory.

Jim Edwards, webmaster

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes

 Wednesday, February 4, 2015

20 Attendees: Thaine, Veronica, Jason, Maranda, Bill, Jared, Jim, Greg, Jerry, Bob, Scooter, Greg Anderson, Arden, Ken, Eva, Mike Snyder, Ken Willett, Lee, Dave

Note** Please attend The 6650 District Mid-Year Assembly on Saturday, Feb 28th 8am-12pm at the Foltz Center

We have an extra $10,000 in the checking account that we are going to transfer to our Key Bank savings account and earmark it for the Library/Community Center project.  We also have $15,219.14 set aside in teh Louisville Community Foundation for the same project.    At the last board meeting, we voted to pledge teh $15,219.14 to the library Board now.  We will also pledge the $10,000 we have Key Bank, but hold it for the time being to make sure the project will be built. Bill Wood will compose a letter pledgeint the monies to the project.

Update on Leopard Mile- Committee (Ken Willett, Catherine and Maranda with Linda Brunk of Aultman) would like to see it created by May with the inaugural walk in June

Potential dog park and/or 5k- ideas?

-Maranda Saling

President, Bellflower Communications
Denny, Hanna Yeagley and Kris, our FX student at a booth at the Cultural Fair at the Louisville Middle School

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes

 Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guest: Mike Yeagley
Attendees (24 with guest): Bill Wood, Ken Willett, Mike Snyder, Ralph Reese, Steve Roberts, Maranda Saling, Eva Roshong, David Yeagley, Mark Sigler, Jason Buydos, Jared Shive, Jim Edwards, Ken Smith, Arden Lingenhoel, Denny, Greg Parish, Jerry Dunbar, Ted Burwell, Bob Hallier, Tim and Yvette Blandford, Lee Edson, Betty Derry

The Louisville Public Library (LPL) has been serving the community since 1935, and in the current building since 1969. The current building is not ADA Accessable, with no elevator. The original library was on Main St., but the current building is hidden. The plan is to do this bottom up, not top down, so a feasibility study was done. People shared that they want meeting spaces, want the building downtown and want it to be able to serve 21st century needs. LPL is at a 53.2% penetration rate into the community. LPL board did a land swap with the Louisville City School board; because of a small piece of land in the middle of this property, negotiations also had to involve the City of Louisville. The city now has the "doughboy" property.  There are 2 houses on the property of the proposed space for the new library; they currently own one and have plans to purchase the other.

Before the feasibility study the proposed plan was a $6 million, 25,000 sq ft library and community center, after it has been decided the Louisville/Nimishillen community can only support a $4 million project (including property acquisition), with a 18,500 sq ft library with meeting spaces that can be used by the community.

The LPL is currently autonomous from the Stark District library system. Yeagley Architect has beeen chosen for the new building. The LPL cannot, legally, build a community center but they can have meeting spaces used by the community. The space will have a meeting room large enough for 200 people with table and chairs and 400 people set up auditorium style. If the LPL can get the philanthropic community and the Stark Community Foundation to provide the $4million, we could have a ground breaking without a public levy by 2016!

Maranda Saling
President, Bellflower Communications

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes

 Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18 members present: Betty Derry, Tom Ault, Andy Turowski, Allen Gress, Jim Edwards, Ken Smith, Maranda Saling, Dave Yeagley, Mike Snyder, Denny Valentine, Donald Matthews, Eva Roshong, Mark Sigler, Steve Roberts, Bob Hallier, Jerry Dunbar, Ted Burwell, Thaine Boldon


Guest: Vince Marion


Mayor Pat Fallot shared the State of the City with Rotary on February 18th. Louisville City balanced the budget in 2014 with the projected 2015 carry-over. The 2015 budget is roughly $10, 270,000. There was an increase in 2014 income tax because of the first full year of oil and gas. Collections on delinquent income tax is up 6% and they’re working on increasing the number of collections this year. If you need help, in the Finance Department will help you with your city income tax for free! City residents will soon be able to pay utilities and city taxes online at www.louisvilleohio.org. 2014 saw an increases in permits for renovations and additions which means people are putting money back into their property as well as new homes. Dairy Queen has submitted plans to install a new sign, move the drive-thru to the other side of the building and some improvements.

Archiving public records is being worked on. Lawn equipment has been moved to the building by Wilson Park, and the old parks building has become the maintenance building. The Roads Department is trying hard to keep up with pot holes. If you see any that are very bad, please call and let the city know at 330-875-3321. The Fire Department, with paramedics are now at the station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From January 1, 2015 to February 11, 2015 they have done 202 runs, and cut their response time. They have 25 total employees, 1 full time. Electronic cots have been purchased to ensure fire fighters and paramedics do to not injure themselves.

Officer Crowl is the full-time resource officer at school, which the school helps to fund. This summer will bring back a full-time bicycle patrol. Sadie, the new canine is certified for drugs and tracking. She is full-time; please do not approach her without permission. The Police Department has 12 full time officers and 7 part time. They have almost completely made the transition to black and white cars from the crown victorias, as that paint pattern was cheaper for the city. Crime rate remains low, which the mayor is please with. A prescription give back box is accessible at all times at police station.

As far as Economic Development, the annexation on RT44 has been approved and water and sewer lines are going in. The Broadway project site plan phase 1 has been approved for 88 units with 245 total units planned. Pending weather, construction will start in March. A sewage lift station will be located where the creek crosses Peach, there will be no more water coming across the street than there is now because of the storm water retention requirements of the city. A Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) will be a district that mirrors the city boarders and will allow a property owner to apply for a tax exemption on improvements to their property. Pending approval, interested parties should contact Vince Marion at 330- 875-3321. CRA will hopefully be introduced to council in April and be approved in 3-4 months to allow the city to offer tax incentives.


Properties located at 708 Church St, East Broad and Nickleplate and Nickleplate and East Main are being demolished as they are uninhabitable. Code enforcement employees are always developing a list of properties for the city to demolish, but only those 3 are budgeted for the year. The Trilogy Property is still privately held, but the city is applying for an EPA grant to access the environmental hazards. The end result, in cooperation with Trilogy and Stark Parks, will be to have the hazards cleaned, the building demolished and the site turned into park to act as a trail head to link Louisville via trails to Minerva, Alliance, Hartville and Canton.

The Board of Zoning and Appeals is always looking for members, those interested should send letters of interest or an email to Peggy Howald or Tom Ault. The Tree Committee is working hard to plant trees as well as take down trees that are causing damage to the side-walks, wires, etc. The flooding in the city is being addressed by the County Commissioners and others to put in rain and flood gages as well as do a full study of the Nimishillen Creek costing $1.2million. Discussion is ongoing for sharing expenses between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Muskingum Watershed District and local municipalities, townships and Stark County. 

The Constitution Festival is set for September 10-13th with Constitution Week events to follow.


-Maranda Saling


President, Bellflower Communications



Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes

 Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guests: Sally Samblanet with The Louisville Community Cupboard, Vicky Stanley, Kathy Yaros, Phyllis, Joan Cauley, John Allensworth with New Work City Foundation, Reverend Ray with Paradise Church and Nick Lucas with Consumers National Bank

17 Rotarians: Bill Wood, Ralph Reese, Jared Shive, Maranda Saling, Liz Hand, Yvette Blandford, Mike Synder, Ken Smith, Allen Gress, Jim Edwards, Mark Sigler, Greg Parris, Thaine Boldon, Jerry Dunbar, Bob Hallier, Jason Buydos, Denny Valentine

The New Work City Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to create "micro-jobs" that improve the Stark County Community through social and entrepreneurial partnerships with education, small business and community groups. It started simply; trying to get as many restaurants as can fit into a building, offering a standard ticket price to get in and turn around and give that money away to for-profit and non-profit companies to hire someone. Participating restaurants have seen growth in businesses and sales after participating so it is truly a great way for businesses and communities to grow. NWCF grants are to help businesses with the growing pains of needing to hire someone, but not being able to afford them. The company has to match the funds and agree to provide the employment for a set amount of time. Local organizations that have benefitted include: Arrowhead Golf Course, Walsh University, Cures for a Cause, YMCA, Idea House, Stark County Hunger Task Force, Solid Rock, Restore, Project Rebuild and others

The Taste of North Canton is Tuesday May 5th 5-7:30pm at Arrowhead Golf and Banquet Center.

Please look over and like the New Work City Fdn. facebook page and view their updated website soon.  A check for $1,500 was presented to Bellflower Communications as part of the $500 (10%) reinvestment from the Taste of Louisville proceeds.  Bellflower Communications will be hiring an intern that will become an Account Executive in May.

-Maranda Saling

President, Bellflower Communications

New Work Incorporated presents check to Pres of Bellflower Communications Maranda Saling to hire their first employee.   New Work was the inspiration behind our "Taste of Louisville".

Bill Wood presents $15,000 check to Louisville Library Board President Bob Hallier and Library Administrator Jason Buydos for front monies to build the Louisville Library/Community Center

Louisville Rotary Meeting Notes
Wednesday March 4th, 2015

Rotarians in attendence (22): Thaine Bolden, Ken Smith, Maranda Saling, Jared Shive, Catherine Catlett, Eva Roshong, Liz Hand, Denny Valentine, Veronica Violand, Bill Wood, Ken Willet, Ralph Reese, Jason Buydos, Jim Edwards, Andy Turowski, Al Gress, Ted Burwell, Bob Hallier, Mark Sigler, David Yeagley, Yvette and Tim Blandford

Eva Roshong motioned to send $60 from Happy Bucks to put a Rotary Float in the Rose Bowl Parade. Ken Willet seconded and the motion carried 

Carter Wick spoke about attending Rotary Youth Leadership Awards this year and thanked us for sending him. He learned about the Rotary 6 Pillers of Character and 4-way Test. He learned skills such as teamwork, negotiation and communication. He is hoping to use what he learned to get a superier rating as Drum Major for the LHS Band next year at competition. He wasn't expecting the experience to be as great as it was; the councilors and other students all had a positive influence on him!

-Maranda Saling
Our speaker, Carter Wick

4 way speech winners.

Louisville Rotary

District 6650

Meeting Notes


Wednesday, March 11, 2015



Meeting was called to order by President Bill Wood.


Attendance:  Approximately 30 persons were in attendance.


Pledge and Prayer:  The Pledge of Allegiance was said, a prayer was given, followed by the Four Way Test and a song of joy was sung by all… “Yellow Submarine.”


Introduction of Guests:  Rhonda Griffin of the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce, Laura Krstebski of FirstMerit Bank, Marie Sumser of the Alliance Review, and Nick Lucas of Consumers National Bank.


Future Programs:  Mike Lynch will give an update on Nimishillen Township on March 18; Field Trip to Kate’s Place on March 25, Business Meeting on April 1; Saber Cat Bats by Rob Roberts and Eric Thorne on April 8; Program about Abraham Lincoln by several participants on April 15.


Happy Betty Dollars:  Betty Derry was happy to remind everyone of the 5th annual banquet of the Louisville Nimishillen Historical Society (tickets are on sale now for the May 5 event).  She also reminded everyone that there is actually quite a bit of parking in downtown Louisville but one needs to walk just a wee bit to find it.  She also reminded everyone that the Arts in Stark gallery is open for business and is making things happen in downtown Louisville.  Thaine Bolden is happy that his son was awarded the Mid-American Conference’s Coach of the Year for 2014/2015.  Greg Parrish is happy that such good volunteers assisted him in this year’s Four Way Test speech at Louisville High School.  Al Gress is happy there is parking in downtown Louisville and is very hopeful that owners and the City of Louisville will make a commitment to take better care of sidewalks and buildings in the downtown area.  Mike Snyder is happy that he and Jason Buydos are selling tickets to the library campaign fundraiser, which is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 23 at Kate’s on Main Street.  Please call either of these gentlemen ASAP to purchase your $35.00 ticket.  He is also happy that the public reception for now-retired YMCA director Pat Richardson will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18 in the lobby of the YMCA… be there!


Featured Speaker: President Wood introduced Ms. Rhonda Griffin, Director of the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce.  Highlights of her presentation are as follows:


·         Ms. Griffin is optimistic that there will be some positive results in getting the downtown area looking better and less shabby.  She has been working with the City administration on this important project.

·         The Chamber is very pleased to be working with Arts in Stark and has agreed to assume the coordination of the annual Light Up Louisville festival in the downtown area.

·         She distributed a free copy of the 2015 Membership Directory

·         She distributed a free copy of the Louisville and East Canton Community Guide for 2015-2016.

·         The Chamber will sponsor “April in Paris” on Saturday, April 25 at the Foltz Center in East Canton, featuring Michael Sonata in his “Tribute to ole blue eyes.”  Tickets are $35.00 and can be purchased by calling 330.875.7371.

·         Through the courtesy of the Louisville Public Library, the Chamber is sponsoring a popular series of Cruise-Ins and Music Fests on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.  The Cruise-In dates are May 20, June 10, July 22.  The Music Fest dates are August 12 and September 9.  The green space adjacent to the old Post Office is the site for these events.

·         She distributed a flyer featuring the following major events co-sponsored by the Louisville Constitution Committee and the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday, September 10, the new Hungry Games Youth Night at Metzger Park from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, September 11, a 9-11 First Responder Processional on Main Street, ending at Metzger Park with memorial.

Friday, September 11, the festival opens at Metzger Park and will feature fireworks as well as a special concert by Ricky Lee and the Band America!

Saturday, September 12, the Constitution Car Show, live entertainment, rides, food craft show.

Sunday, September 13, Live entertainment, rides, food, craft show.

Rhonda Griffin

Louisville Rotary

District 6650

Meeting Notes


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guest: Vicky Blakeslee, Rev Ralph

17 Rotarians in attendence: Bill Wood, Mike Snyder, Jason Buydos, Maranda Saling, Veronica Violand, Denny Valentine, Ken Smith, Al Gress, Jim Edwards, David Yeagley, Ken Willet, Thaine Boldon, Jerry Dunbar, Bob Hallier, Eva Roshong, Jared Shive and Liz Hand

Liz Hand proposed to use the $60 in Happy Bucks to send Pat Richards a gas card to help with costs from driving back and forth from Green Meadows, and/or a gift card for food; Mike Synder seconded

Speaker: Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, Nimishillen Township Trustee, spoke this week on the State of the Township. This is his 10th year as trustee. Some people have been concerned about losing compost through the Twp. Earth and Wood compost will stay, but the program is being fased out. For an update on road repairs, Mike wanted to make sure everyone knew that roads including Georgetown, Paris, Meese, Easton etc are maintained by the County and not the Twp.'s responsibility. They maintain 69 miles of road. Bosler (between Beck and Broadway) is on the agenda to be paved, but most likely not in the budget this year. Ken Smith made a request for the Twp and County to give us a list of the roads being paved so we can mark them for flags and Mike said he could do that.

There is a proposal to put in a pre-warning system to let people know about flooding as quickly as possible. It will be joint federal, state and local money to make this happen. The roundabout about Easton and Paris has been successful, there were multiple people killed at the intersection over the years and since it's been in place (roughly 8 months) there have been no accidents!

Cencom, the Twp's 911 dispatch center covers 23 communities and is self sustaining. They are not going to join with the County as one central system , but would like to be that system's backup. It's always good to touch base with the Twp and we thank Mike for his time!

-Maranda Saling
Our speaker, Mike Lynch

Louisville Rotary

District 6650

Meeting Notes


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guest: Corianne from Stark Parks

Tim said things are going well Kate's Place, and they are considering being open for lunch. Louisville Rotary's own, Denny Valentine's pictures decorate the walls! Tim also shared that the Stark County Health Dept was very easy to work with and they have a great relationship. Members of the club remember that the space used to be a car showroom int he 1950s and has been restaurants and/or bars since. 

Dates to remember:
April 1: Business meeting
April 24-25 District Conference in Wooster

-Maranda Saling