Louisville Rotary Meetings 2013     
3rd Quarter
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There was no meeting on July 4th.

Eva Roshong takes reins of Rotary Club

— Plans to continue membership growth

by Allen Gress

Herald Correspondent

Incoming Rotary President Eva Roshong accepted the gavel from out-going President David Yeagley during ceremonies at the club’s annual banquet held June 26 at Skyland Pines. Louisville Mayor Pat Fallot swore in the new cabinet including Vice-President Bill Wood, Treasurer Jay Barton, Secretary Allen Gress and Sergeant-at-Arms David Yeagley.

A program presented by Mandy Altimus Pond, a curator from the Massillon Museum, treated the members. Her topic was the Titanic including a mock sinking of a Titanic model in an aquarium full of water. A table of Titanic artifacts was on display.

Since the Louisville club was chartered in 1925, Roshong is the club’s 84th president, but only the fifth woman to hold the post. David Yeagley follows in the footsteps of his father Mike who was also a Rotarian and served as president in 1978.

Yeagley gave a farewell message citing the club’s activities over the past year that included its community grant program with funds raised through the flag-leasing project. Under the program, the club dispersed $5,000 to six community organizations including the Louisville Scholarship Foundation, the Community Cupboard, the YMCA Strong Kids program, the library, Meals on Wheels and the Constitution Committee.

In addition, the club continued its commitment with $5,000 in a fund to help build the new library/community center and send $1,000 to the Rotary International Polio Plus project. The club also made donations to the Gold Star Families of Stark County, the Flags for Our Fathers program, the Oklahoma Relief program, the Louisville School Levy Campaign and the Pastor Kountze Family Fund.

The club, as it has for 22 of the last 23 years, sponsored a foreign exchange student and for the first time this fall is sponsoring two Louisville youths as outgoing exchange students. There will also be two in-bound foreign exchange students coming to Louisville. The club sponsored a Constitution Queen candidate, sponsored A Taste of Louisville, did a walking path clean up, planted a tree in Metzger Park and sent two students to the district leadership conference.

“My goal coming into office was to continue to value the commitment of existing members by engaging them in fellowship and projects,” he said. “Sometimes I had to write strongly worded emails to encourage, but our members always came through. I enjoyed every minute of this and I hope you did, too.”

Another of Yeagley’s goals was to expand membership and seven new members were added to the club roster.

Accepting the President’s gavel, Eva said she was happy to lead the club this year and help the community transition with changes coming from the gas and oil industry.

“I can see what a difference Rotary has made in lives, locally and around the world,” she said. “When you engage yourself in helping others you change lives,” she continued. “This is the Rotary’s motto and I find helping others to be very satisfying.”

Eva and husband Brad hosted a foreign exchange student from India in 2009 and now their daughter Leah, a student at Akron University, is in India completing an internship for the summer. The family will be hosting another girl from Argentina who will be arriving in August.

Married 27 years, they have four daughters — Leah, Sarah a student at Walsh University, and Hannah and Rebekah, both cheerleaders for Louisville High School. Along with four dogs, two goats, chickens, a stray pig and other animals, they live on a farm in Nimishillen Township. In her spare time, Eva delivers a Meals on Wheels route.

The Louisville Rotary Club now has 46 members and is one of the fastest growing clubs in the northeast Ohio Rotary District.

Maranda Saling honored as Louisville Rotarian of the Year

by Allen Gress

Herald Correspondent

Maranda Saling was honored as the 2013 Rotary Club Person of the Year in ceremonies held during the club’s annual year-end banquet held June 26 at Skyland Pines.

Saling, two years since her graduation from Ohio University, has brought youthful exuberance and new ideas to the club. She was honored for the following achievements during this past year:

* Efforts to inform the public of the club’s successes and goals through social networking.

* Worked with district officers and Logan Harsh, a recent LHS graduate, to organize a Rotary-sponsored service club at the high school called Rotaract.

* Organized a Relay for Life team and raised over $2,087 for cancer research.

* Directed a break out session at the club’s recent district-wide conference, considered a high honor for a person of her age.

* Always first to volunteer time and energy to nearly every club initiative.

* The promoter of the club’s “Happy Dollar” program.

* Works a flag route.

 “She has been a tireless representative and promoter of our club to the community,” said Club President David Yeagley.  “And her energy is infectious.”

Maranda is currently employed by the Louisville Public Library as a grant writer and also owns Bellflower Communications, a company that provides public relations, event planning, social media creation and ghost writing services in the Stark County area.

“I’m excited about the honor and I want others to know that Rotary is not just for older people,” she said. “I like the Rotary’s motto – Service above self – and it is a great way to give back to the community. Plus, I like the social aspect while having the opportunity to help people and work for the greater good.”

She is the daughter of Cindi Petitti, who is also a Rotarian and they are the first mother-daughter combination in the history of the Louisville Club.

Newspaper Article

Rotary now accepting grant applications for 2014
A year ago the Rotary Club of Louisville instituted a community grant program utilizing the profits from their Flag Lease program. In its first year, $5,825 in community grants benefitting six local organizations was made.  The goal of the program is to help groups sustain, expand, or create community projects beneficial to the Louisville area community. 

      The 2012 recipients were the Louisville Area YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, Louisville Scholarship Foundation, Louisville Community Cupboard, Meals on Wheels, Louisville Constitution Committee, and the Louisville Public Library.

      "The Club is proud to offer grants to these community partners,” said Rotary President Eva Roshong. “We encourage other groups to submit an application this year.”

      Grant applications are accepted beginning Aug. 1 through Sept. 10.

      For additional information about the Rotary Club and their community grant program, visit www.louisvillerotary.com.

A downtown Farmers Market is back!

— With home-grown fruits and vegetables, bargains, food and entertainment
Sponsored by the Louisville Rotary Club, the downtown Farmers Market is back for three Saturdays beginning August 10 and continuing Sept. 7 and Oct. 5 from 8 a.m. till noon.    The two-block downtown Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic with detours posted. Local merchants will join with other vendors to provide an outdoor marketplace. All are welcome including farmers and gardeners, florists, churches, booster and civic clubs. Residents can host “downtown” garage sales and crafters can market their specialties.

Free set-ups are available, but reservations are necessary. Call 330-875-9282 for additional information and reservations.

Entertainment details are still in the planning stages.

Come one, come all! Promote your business or organization and sell your products.

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

July 10, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 24 members and one guest in attendance dined on pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, salad and ice cream. Rotarians were seated in tables according to their respective committee assignments.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test. Sadly, there was no song. President Roshong introduced the newly appointed officers including: Bill Wood, V-P, Treasurer Jay Barton, Secretary Allen Gress, Sergeant-at-Arms David Yeagley and Programmer Mike Snyder.

Mike Snyder introduced his guest, Jason Buydos, who is the new director of the Louisville Public Library.  He was given a warm welcome and was encouraged to return.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Jim Edwards was so happy he gave $5 happy dollars to celebrate his wife Mary’s successful brain surgery. The removed tumor was benign and Mary is doing great in recovery. Jim, your celebration is priceless and the club is happy for you both.

     * Greg Anderson announced that 5 years ago this day he welcomed twins, Beck & Amelie into his family and things have never been the same since. Greg, this celebration might be worth $5, too.

     * Mike Snyder referenced his retirement by thanking former Presidents Franklin Roosevelt for Social Security, and Lyndon Johnson for Medicare. He did not mention President Obama for screwing up Medicare.

     * President Roshong reminded members that the Taste of Louisville, a Rotary-sponsored event, is Wednesday, July 17 from 5-7:30 at Water’s Edge and each member was to take two yard signs and place near the streets. After the event, members are to return the metal sign-holders as they cost $2 each. Also, there are envelopes with 10 tickets and each person should take the envelopes and return them next week full of cash.

Committee Reports

Treasurer, Finance/Community Grants. The Club has $19,300 and change in the       treasurery. A rough 2014 budget has :

     ^ $5K set aside for the club’s commitment to the Library-Community Center             project.

     ^  $7K to for club expenses.

     ^  $6K for community grants.

     ^ Six-month dues statements are coming next meeting and a prompt payment            would be appreciated as it makes Jay’s work much easier.

     ^ Jim Edwards announced grant applications will be accepted from Aug. 1                  through Sept. 30 and there will be a story in the Herald regarding grant            applications.

Youth Exchange. Denny Valentine reported two exchange students will arrive in Louisville, one from Japan and one from Argentina. However, four host families are still needed. The host families will house a student for six months of the yearlong visit. Denny will have a booth at the Farmer’s Markets beginning August 10 and will pass out pamphlets about hosting. Valentine also plans to obtain a large banner for use with the club’s activities. Eva brought out for the first viewing a new blue & gold Rotary flag that will fly at meetings and events.

Membership. Jarad Shive asked cooperation in checking members’ information for the club directory and received promises of cooperation from the members. There is now an information packet for prospective members Jarad has developed.

Economic & Community Development. Cynthia Kerchner has worked hard organizing the summer downtown Farmer’s Market program, which will run for three Saturdays beginning Aug. 10 and including Sept. 7 and Oct. 5. She has mailed out 100 letters of invitation to businesses, farmers, churches and organizations.

Other news.

1. The club voted 100% in favor of not spending $200 to advertise the Taste of Louisville on an Alliance Sunday radio show.

2. Maranda Saling is planning a special sales program for flag purchasers who sign-up from here on out.

3. Greg Anderson will do a program regarding the Rotary Foundation’s campaign of Every Rotarian, Every Year program that requests a $100 commitment. According to Greg, the Louisville Club has a dismal record supporting this program.

4. Mike Snyder will be preparing a calendar of events, which will be updated for each meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05.

Respectfully submitted,

Allen Gress, Secretary
July 17th, the Rotary event for the week was the "Taste of Louisville" held at the Water's Edge.  We shared organizing tasks for the event and 600 People paid $6 apiece to eat unlimited food provided by 22 different vendors.  This year's Taste of Louisville dedicated our profits to the Louisville Food Pantry.  We raised over $2,000 and also 600 pounds of canned goods for the food  Pantry.  It was a huge success!
July 24th  Minutes:

The Rotary Report

With 33 in attendance including three guests, Stark County Probate Court Judge Dixie Park spoke to the Rotary Club as their program for the July 24 luncheon meeting. Park’s spoke on the rise of elder abuse.

The Judge asked how many had business with the Probate Court and only three or four responded. She followed that with the question: “How many of you are or were married?” Nearly every hand rose. “Then you have used Probate Court services,” she explained.

There are over 1,500 guardianship cases in Stark County and the number is growing by 200 to 300 a year. By 2030, there will be more people over age 65 than those under age 18. Using Ohio statistics, in 2006, 36 persons turned age 65 each day, but in 2011, 142 people celebrated their 65th birthday each day.

The cause of the drastic rise is the Baby Boomers who have come to their Golden Years and this has but a strain on those agencies that deal with the problems of the elderly.

The Adult Protective Services agency deals with elder abuse and they handle over 1,000 calls a year with about one-third warranting investigation. About 66% of all elder abuse cases involve family members abusing an elder. Only 16% are strangers. Women are two times the victims of financial abuse. Persons over the age of 60 are eligible for help from the Adult Protective Services agency.

In some cases, according to Park, with divorce, a mobile population and fewer children, there is no one to take care of aging people.

The audience seemed stunned and ashamed at Park’s message, some wondering how this can happen in America and what can be done about it. Park reminded them that June 15 is national Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

In other business, President Eva Roshong recapped the club’s participation in the Taste of Louisville event held two weeks ago at the Waters Edge.  Roshong said that in the final accounting, 700 people attended with over 600 pounds of food donated to the Community Cupboard. “We are so blessed to be able to help our hometown people,” she said. “It was enjoyable to partner with the Chamber of Commerce on this project.”

The silent auction brought in $550 and the 50/50 drawing provided another $160 for the club.

The meeting opening with the singing of the National Anthem by Sarah Roshong who is traveling to New York City this week for a try-out for a TV show.

YMCA Director Pat Richardson passed out posters for the Y’s annual Snowflake Auction held in December. The club is looking forward to their annual picnic at Gilford Lake on Aug. 10.

The next flag posting is set for the last days of August.

Rotarian Cynthia Kerchner urged members to promote and support the Farmers Market scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 10.

The club meets for weekly luncheon meetings at Paradise Church from noon till one. Visitors are welcome and those interested in learning more about Rotary’s programming can access the club’s website   http://www.louisvillerotary.com 
submitted by Al Gress, Secretary '13/'14

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

July 31, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 26 members and eight guests in attendance dined on chicken enchiladas salad and ice cream.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test.

Mike Snyder introduced his guest:  Terri Fiderholz, a loyal library patron and a friend of today’s speakers.

Bill Woods introduced his guests:  His darling wife Vivian and his two friends from Germany, Monika and Hartmut Moebis.

Some nice person introduced two teachers from Louisville High School, Bill Wyss and Denise Mast.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Kathy Fausnight is happy to announce that KeyBank is offering $50 to anyone who opens a qualifying account and makes a direct deposit of $500 or more within 60 days… your friend gets $200 through this “Pay It Forward Program.”

     * Betty Derry is happy to announce some fun activities on the evening of Friday, August 9.  There will be a “chicken dinner” fundraiser for the Juilliard Center at the Paradise United Church of Christ 5 to 7 p.m.  Call for the $10 tickets at 330.871.8380.  Immediately following the dinner, everyone is invited to visit the old Post Office to see the most recent displays that have been collected and arranged by the Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society. At dusk there will be a free Movie on the Green, adjacent to the old post office, featuring the family film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”

     * Jason Buydos is happy to announce that he has closed on his new home and his family and he have been getting settled in since last Friday.

     * Maranda Saling is happy to have recently announced her engagement to Mitchell Ramsey.

     * Elizabeth Hand is happy to have a just one or two classes to go before she finishes her Master’s degree and to have been married to her husband for five wonderful years.

* Catherine May is happy to announce her engagement to be married!  And she had recently bought a new home as well.

Committee Reports

Correspondence President Roshong distributed a thank you card that she had received from Judge Dixie Park, our speaker from July 24 who spoke about the crisis in elder abuse in our nation.

Youth Exchange President Roshong reported that Denny Valentine and Bill Wood have informed us that there will be two incoming Rotary Exchange students for the next year, young women from Japan and Argentina.  Because two neighboring clubs were unable to provide host homes for students, the Orrville Rotary Club and the Cortland Rotary Club are sending our club $1,000 and $500, respectively to assist with the funding for these two young ladies.

U.S. Flag Committee Ken Smith reminded everyone that there will be a flag assembly party next week some time.

Rotary Citizen of the Year Greg Anderson will be asking for nominees for this year’s “Citizen of the Year” award.  He and his committee (Al Gress, Ken Smith and Eva Roshong) would like these nominations by August 16.

Other news

1. Greg Anderson gave more information about the Rotary Club picnic at his lakeside home on Guilford Lake on Saturday, August 10.  Feel free to come any time after 1:00 p.m. and dinner will be about 5:00 p.m.  The Andersons will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, and non-alcoholic drinks; guests will bring their own high-octane drinks as well as a side dish (if your last name is A-M) or a dessert or appetizer (if your last name is N-Z).  Please RSVP to Greg with the numbers in your party who plan to attend.

2. Cynthia Kerchner reminded everyone that the first Louisville Farmers Market is scheduled for Saturday, August 10 from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  The other two dates are September 7 and October 5.  For free setups please call 330.875.9282.

3. New members Jason Buydos and Nichole Gandee will be formally inducted into the Rotary Club on Wednesday, August 21.


Mike Snyder introduced Jennie and Oz Naor, a married couple from Israel who have been in the United States for three years as part of an organization called Tikon Olam whose main goal is “Repairing the World.”  Highlights of their presentation are as follows:

1. Jennie was born in Rumania and Oz was born in Israel.

2. Israel has a population of about 8 million, with 75% listed as Jewish, 20% as Arab, and 4% as Other.  Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and it was granted independence from Great Britain in early 1948.

3. Jennie and Oz describe themselves as Israeli emissaries but they also might be called cultural/educational good-will ambassadors.  Among other things, their organization views “education as the number one solution to combating world poverty.  They are also committed to empowering women, especially in the developing third world nations.

4. Tikon Olam is funded by the Jewish Federation and their sponsor for the past three years has been the Federation representing Akron and Canton. 

5. This is their final public talk in the United States before returning to Israel in two weeks.  They are well acquainted with Louisville, having spoken to students in both Bill Wyss’s and Denise Mast’s classes at Louisville High School.

6. With a goal of “Repairing the World,” Jennie summarized some of the humanitarian endeavors of Tikon Olam and the 14-member group, IsrAid, the Israeli Forum for International Humanitarian Aid.   

a. “Save a Child’s Heart” was initiated by two heart doctors (one Jewish, the other Muslim) and its goal is to extend quality medical treatment for children with heart ailments throughout the world.  To date, children in 44 nations have been served and 50% of those children are Palestinians.

b. “Jewish Heart for Africa” has as its goal the installation of solar polar for areas without functioning electricity.  Once installed the electricity is used to bring fresh water to the surface and to provide lights for schools and health clinics.

c. The Israel Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) assists developing nations with a variety of programs to improve the lives of their citizens.

d. The Israel Defense Forces has been one of the first on the scene for natural disasters all over the world, including Haiti, Japan, Mexico, Armenia, and the United States (following Katrina).

e. Israel eye doctors have established eye clinics in isolated mountain regions of India to help young children with a variety of sight anomalies.

 The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Snyder, Interim Secretary

Oz, Jenny, and Mike

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 7, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 21 members and three guests in attendance dined on chicken salad sandwiches, Italian salad, veggies and a fruit salad.

A business meeting was held at 11:30 prior to the regular meeting. At noon, the meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test. The club sang their old favorite Row, Row Rotary but President Roshong is requesting a “new” song leader. Most members shied from Eva’s request.

Treasurer Jay Barton treasurer’s report showed $18,081 in the general fund, $5,000 in the Long-Term Project fund and $10,225 held by the Louisville Community Foundation for the grant program. Dues statements are out and Jay is asking members to pay up so he doesn’t have to twist arms.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Eva told of her daughter Leah staying in India with the former Rotary exchange student Mo, who stayed in the Roshong home three years ago.

     * Greg Anderson requested RSVPs for the Rotary picnic held at Camp Anderson on beautiful Gilford Lake. Greg promises great weather and extraordinary food. Please arrive any time after 1:00 p.m. and dinner will be about 5:00 p.m. The Andersons will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, and non-alcoholic drinks; guests will bring their own high-octane drinks as well as a side dish (if your last name is A-M) or a dessert or appetizer (if your last name is N-Z).

     * It was announced that Cynthia Kerchner fell, but did not break any bones. The Club wishes her well and promises to support the Farmers Market by wearing their Rotary shirts in her honor. The club will man a booth Saturday with Rotary literature and applications for the flag program.

Other items of club business:

     * Greg Anderson is accepting nominations for the Louisville Citizen of the Year.

     * The next club induction is set for the Aug. 24 meeting when our District Governor plans to attend.

     * North Canton Rotary Club President Jim Dansinger attended our meeting, was introduced and had nice things to say about our club. “When I think about District clubs, Louisville stands out!” he said.

     * Ken Smith said the club will begin a NEW system of keeping attendance beginning with the next meeting.

     * Denny Valentine reported the club needs nine – that’s 9 – convertibles for the Constitution Day parade.

     * Eva urged members to be at the Akron-Canton Airport Thursday, 10 p.m. to welcome our foreign exchange student arriving from Japan.

Committee Reports

Club Grant Program  A news release regarding Rotary grants was in the Herald, but so far only two applications have been received.

Youth Exchange  Three neighboring clubs were unable to provide host homes for students, the Orrville Rotary Club sent $1,000, the Cortland Rotary Club $500,  and the third club I did not catch. The funds are to assist with the the two young ladies. We still need host families, too.

Flag Committee Ken Smith reminded everyone that there will be a flag assembly party Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Edwards barn.

Rotary Foundation  Greg Anderson plans for a near future meeting to encourage the Every member, every year campaign.

Web site development  Jared Shive and Jim Edwards are working on a new site that should be operational in January.

Future projects  Anderson asked what our goal is for the new library/community center project. We need to set a goal and $50,000 over a 7 year period was suggested, but not voted upon.

Maternal and Child Health  Liz Hand reported the committee was investigating the possibility of supplying an over-the-counter medication for lice, which is a growing problem among school children. Our club would work in cooperation with the school nurse Sue Gronow in providing the treatment for those who cannot afford it. Nurse Gronow said she doesn’t think we’ll meet the need. It’s estimated there will be 40 cases a year with a cost of about $600. (Not sure who came up with this idea, but It is a great cause and super idea).

Pancake Day  Cathy Fausnight reported the Pancake Day is a week later this year — Nov. 16. The club will run a full page ad in the Herald promoting Rotary and will include information about Pancake Day. Hours this year are 7:30 to 11. There will be a cost increase to $6 adults, $2 for children. People will be encouraged to bring a can of food for the Food Bank and will receive an extra pancake for free.

Other news

n  Discussion is still on-going about a project to paint the Metzger Park restrooms.

n  Plans are in the works for a social event in September, possibly a squar dance in cooperation with the Louiville-Nimishillen Township Historical Society and held at the Grange Hall. Reported, the Bluegrass band that plays that night is pretty good.

n  I was absent for the July 31 meeting and Mike Snyder took notes and wrote the Rotary Report which he emailed to the Herald. Unfortunately, it was over looked, so do not blame Mike.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 14, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, 24 Rotarians in attendance dined on mac & cheese, coney dogs with a chocolate cake chaser. Ken Smith’s new attendance file was in operation despite some graveling by members.

As no song leader has come forward, therefore there was no song following the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test. Liz Hand aptly provided the invocation. President Roshong shared with the members the Rotary news of the day with a message about Rotary Foundation’s work worldwide. Only 3% if foundation money goes to administrative expense she said, while mentioning that Rotary money earned frequently is given back to local communities. She cited the Taste of Louisville profits as an example for our club giving back. There were no guests this week.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Liz Hand called attention to Jared Shive’s new hairdo. Jared took the attention in stride, but we look for retaliation soon.

     * Dave Yeagly suggested the club have a flea market-type booth at the next Farmers Market, while Betty Derry thanked everyone for participating in the Market and hopes it will continue to grow and become a permanent summer activity.

     * Cynthia Kerchner cracked her tailbone in a recent fall. The Club wishes her well and a speedy recovery.

     * Eva said her family business - Brad’s Carpet Cleaning - picked up new business at the Farmers Market and said the company was sponsoring Wishes Can Happen, a program for terminally ill children.


Tim Ross, a former Rotarian now serving as the regional liaison for Governor John Kasich, was the speaker who spent most of his 30 minute speech highlighting the Governor’s programs, a message filled with the usual campaign-style rhetoric. However, his request for questions at the conclusion brought forth a flurry of questions that peeked member interest. Questions ranged from Why is there no advertising to attract tourism for Ohio? Charter Schools — why are charters held to lower performance standards than public schools? What is being done to follow the Ohio Supreme Courts four rulings on school funding? Louisville School Superintendent Steve Milano gave Ross an earful about the inequities of state funding for public school districts like ours.

Jim Edwards suggested that a member of the State Department of Education be contacted for a future program and it was enthusiastically endorsed.

Other items of club business:

     * Greg Anderson announced there were 4 candidates for Citizen of the Year, but he was accepting nominations until the end of August.

     * The next club induction is set for the Aug. 24 meeting when our District Governor plans to attend.

      * Eva urged members to be at the Akron-Canton Airport Thursday, 10 p.m. to welcome our foreign exchange student arriving from Japan and, if possible, to greet our exchange student from Argentine who is arriving at Cleveland Hopkins, Thursday about noon.

Committee Reports

n  A news release regarding Rotary grants was in the Herald, but so far only two applications have been received.

n  Discussion is still on going about a project to paint the Metzger Park restrooms.

n  Plans are in the works for a social event in September, possibly a square dance in cooperation with the Louiville-Nimishillen Township Historical Society and held at the Grange Hall. Reported, the Bluegrass band that plays that night is pretty good.

n  Our District Governor Deborah Esbenshade & Greg Anderson will be the program for next week’s meeting. There will be a new members induction, introduction of our two foreign exchange students and a discussion of the Rotary Foundation’s Every Member, Every Year campaign.

The meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Allen Gress, Secretary

Our speaker was Tim Ross, he was representing Governor John Kasich.

On Aug. 15th, we picked up our 2 exchange students Kiriha Nakagawa from Japan and Florella Pillonetto from Argentina.

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 21, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 33 members and eight guests in attendance dined on baked chicken, potato wedges and a creamy salad. District 5560 Governor Debra Esbenshade was a special guest and the program speaker. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test, the weekly song was returned to the meeting agenda with the singing of America the Beautiful and our old favorite Row, Row Rotary. Dave Yeagley gave the dinner prayer.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Eva was happy District Governor Esbenshade was visiting today.

     * Marcie Blanford, visiting at the meeting with last year’s Rotary exchange student, Grace Salvio, was happy her daughter was an outgoing Rotary exchange student headed for France.

     * Jim Edwards was happy there are now 1,137 flag recipients in our flag program.

Other items of club business:

     * Eva’s daughter Sarah has returned from her internship in India.

     * Flag Czar Ken Smith announced that Labor Day flag posting was Wed., Thurs., and Friday next week.

Induction ceremony

Greg Anderson conducted the induction of Jason Buydos as the club’s newest member. Jason is the new library director.

President Roshong present Rotary banners to the three exchange students for their first Rotary program. Kirha Nakagawa from Japan, Firorello Pillonetto from Argentina and Miss Italy, Grace Salvio. David and Sharon Kibler and daughter Samatha, are hosts for Kirha, and were guests at the meeting as were the Blandfords.

Both Jim Edwards and Ken Smith were given special recognition for their leadership roles with the flag program.

The Program

     District Governor Esbenshade gave an informative and entertaining message about the value of Rotary including her personal experiences. She happens to be the first female president of the Youngstown Rotary over the club’s 70-plus year history. Debra is a graduate of Youngstown State University and lives in Poland with her five cats. Her theme for this year is Engage Rotary, Change Lives and she challenged the 47 clubs in our district to increase their membership by at least one member this year. Her second goal is to get every Rotarian involved in one of Rotary’s worldwide projects. “Rotarians always come through in times of need,” she said. The Governor introduced a district wide project called Project Warm, designed to provide winter coats for needy people. She said she hoped each club would continue to support Polio Plus and there were 55 cases of polio this year with most coming in Moslem countries where outsiders are not allowed to serve the polio vaccine. It takes $5.5 million each year for the polio project. She closed by saying she would be our club’s best cheerleader and “get all your members engaged!” She concluded with the advice to “step out of your comfort zones, the life you change may be your own!”

Greg Anderson talked about the Every member, Every year campaign for Rotary International. The goal of Rotary International’s endowment is $1 billion dollars by 2025. Duke University is the first “Peace center” in the U.S. that is sponsored by the Rotary. The purpose of peace centers is to education and graduation persons whose careers are to promote peace and mediate conflict around the world.

The meeting adjourned at 1:03 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Allen Gress, Secretary
Florella and Kiriha as they were introduced to the club.

President Eva Roshong introduces new member Jason Buydos.

District Governor Deb Esbenshade and President Eva Roshong presents the Presidential Citation to Jim Edwards and Kenny Robert Smith for their contributions to the flag program.

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

August 28, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 26 members and four guests in attendance dined on yet another tasty lunch!

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test.  In honor of our speaker, we sang the happy trolley song from the musical, “Meet me in St. Louis!”

Catherine May introduced her guest:  Jamie Hurlock, the Business Development Officer at AlterCare.

Jared Shive introduced his guest:  Nick Morris, the Education Manager at Stark Parks.

Mark Sigler introduced his guest:  Larry Marcus of Canton Rotary and an officer at Consumers National Bank.

Jerry Dunbar introduced his guest:  His Florida-based brother, Joel Dunbar.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     *    Betty Derry is happy to announce the next program of the Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society which will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 10 and will feature three speakers from the library who will address the group on the following topic:  “The Library Then, Now and the Future!”  All are welcome to attend.  Betty also is happy to distribute the schedule for the Constitution Week which will run from Monday, September 16 to Sunday, September 22.

*    Betty Derry is also happy to advertise the first annual Bluegrass Concert and Square Dance @ the Nimishillen Grange on Saturday, October 5 at 5:30 p.m.  The Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society and the Grange are the co-sponsors but President Roshong encourages all Rotarians to attend for the fun and fellowship.

*    Jason Buydos is happy to announce a fine forgiveness program during the week of September 16-21 when library patrons can donate a can of food to cover any outstanding fines they might owe.  The food will be donated to the Louisville Food Pantry and this event is a part of the month-long New Library Card Month.


*    Jason Buydos is also happy to advertise the huge Friends of the Library Book Sale on September 11-15.  The opening day sale is for Friends members only (so join now!!!) and this will run from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

     *    Mike Snyder is happy to suggest seeing the movie “The Butler,” now playing at a theater near you.  The movie chronicles the sometimes sad, tragic, and exhilarating days of our nation’s Civil Rights Movement… and, fittingly, this week is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream!” speed which was made during the march on Washington.  Mike is also happy to make a donation of $50 to the Rotary Foundation fund.

     *    Jay Barton reported that Cynthia Kerchner is happy to be on the mend and she hopes to be back to her former self in the very near future.  She reminded everyone that the second Louisville Farmers Market is scheduled for Saturday, September 7 from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  The other date is Saturday, October 5.  For free setups please call 330.875.9282 and “don’t forget to wear your Rotary shirt!”

*         Catherine May is happy to advertise the 3rd annual Cruise-In at the Altercare of Louisville Center which is located at 7187 Saint Francis Street, just off State Route 44 north. Trophies will be awarded; there will be gift baskets; delicious food available from Hobo Café; and of course lots of really old and really neat vintage cars!

Committee Reports

U.S. Flag Committee Ken Smith reminded everyone that we are distributing flags this very week!

Rotary Club Mini-Grants      Jim Edwards reported that, with a deadline to submit of late September, only four of the 2012 mini-grant recipients have submitted a request for these $1,000 checks:  Louisville Scholarship Foundation, Louisville Food Cupboard, YMCA’s Strong Kids Program, and Catholic Charities Adult Daycare.  Several members spoke up to indicate that their organizations would be submitting mini-grant requests, including the Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society, the Louisville Public Library, the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Foundation, and the Shelter Box Committee for disaster relief.

President’s Report President Roshong reported on the following topics:

1. Mayor Pat Fallot personally painted the restrooms at Metzger Park and the results look very nice!

2. We need to plan for a clean-up of the hiking path in the near future.

3. The District Conference will be held in Youngstown on May 2 & 3 of 2014 and we need to have a huge presence at this event.

4. There will be no meeting of the Rotary Club membership next week but the Executive Board will meet at 12 noon on Wednesday, September 4 @ Mike’s Milann’s for a brief planning session.



Jared Shive introduced our featured speaker, Mr. Todd A. Clark of Stark Parks.  Highlights of his presentation are as follows:

1. Mr. Clark is the Historian at Stark Parks and his topic is “Canton Electric Railway (CER).”

2. Over 100 years ago this nation and the CER had mass transit “all figured out” by providing a relatively inexpensive and reliable method of traveling throughout much of the nation.

3. The earliest trollies were horse-driven and ran only in cities.

4. The next era saw electrically-powered street cars with wires connected to a light current power source.  Most ran on rails and are known today as “inter-urbans.”

5. Ohio had sixty different carriers throughout the state with about 3,000 miles of coverage.  The only areas of the state not covered were southeastern Ohio and Appalachia.

6. Inter-urbans spawned the creation of amusement parks, such as Meyers Lake, Cedar Point, and Geauga Lake.

7. Inter-urbans also permitted factory workers to commute to their new homes in the country and they permitted farmers and country folk to come to the larger cities for shopping and to attend to other types of business.

8. The CER ran for 39 miles, from Canton to Louisville to Alliance to Salem.  Louisville residents could ride to Canton for only 5 cents.

9. One can still see the remnants of the CER throughout the area and in Louisville the bridge trestle over the Pennsylvania Rail Road (visible from State Route 153) can still be scene today.

10.         The busiest day in CER history was September 30, 1907, the day of the dedication of the William McKinley Memorial in Canton.

11.         The diesel bus proved to be the demise of the inter-urban, both locally and nationally and the last CER ran on July 16, 1939.

12.         If only we had a healthy inter-urban system today, we would not have to endure the headaches caused by the ever-increasing incidence of clogged highways.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mike Snyder, Interim Secretary

Todd Clark presented a program on the Stark Electric Railway

There was no meeting on Sept. 4th

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

September 11, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided.

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, the 21 members in attendance dined on ham, cheesy potatoes, applesauce and cake.

A business meeting was held at 11:30 prior to the regular monthly business meeting . At noon, the meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of Rotary’s Four-Way Test.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Betty Derry thanked Jason Buydos for an excellent program for the Historical Society and urged everyone to attend the Bluegrass concert and square dance at the Nimishillen Grange Sat., Oct. 5.

     * Jason reminded Rotarians the Friday Night Flicks this week is really Saturday night due to the Friday football game. (Go Leps!)

     * Mike Snyder, newly retired with too much time on his hands, reviewed the movie “42”, the story of Jackie Robinson who was brought into the major leagues by Branch Ricky, who happened to be a Rotarian. Apparently Ricky did not recruit Robinson into his club though.

     * Flag Czar Ken Smith reminded flag picker-uppers the pick-up dates are Sept. 24-25-26. Call 15 minutes ahead so someone can unlock the barn.     Also, if you see a flag at a location not on your list, pick it up.

Other items of club business:

     n There was a brief meeting of the Citizen of the Year committee following the regular meeting.

     n President Eva reported on the Boardman club’s hearing project with the suggestion we jump on board. The project is providing hearing aids at a cost of $100 per child cost for children in Dominica. Batteries cost $30 and should last a year. It was suggested we invite a speaker about the project. (I must confess I do not know where Dominica is so will somebody enlighten me?)

     n It was discussed and agreed that the club should work with the Louisville YMCA on their winter coat project.

     n The club is also working with the Louisville School nurse and Rite Aide pharmacy in paying the cost of head lice medicine for uninsured families.

     n  It was decided to check into a possible Nimishillen Creek clean-up project.

     n Plans for a Quest Program as done by the Dennison Rotary Club. The project which gives 50 blood tests for $40 would work through one of our hospitals, but would required advertising and volunteer hours. This is put on hold with the possibility of having a Quest person speak to the club. According to a Dennison Rotarian, this program has saved lives.

Upcoming events:

Sept. 18 — No noon meeting, Rotarians are asked to attend the Constitution Dinner at Paradise Church and cheer on our Louisville Citizen of the Year to be named at the dinner.

Sept. 25 — Local businessman Steve Coon will share his wisdom and experience about community revitalization and development.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Allen Gress, Secretary

Sept 18th  There were no minutes taken.  The club attended the Constitution Banquet.   For his many years of dedicated service to the people of Louisville, Mike Snyder was awarded "Louisville Citizen of the Year"!

Florella and Kiriha our FX students

Attending were:

Louisville Rotary Club

Meeting minutes

September 25, 2013

President Eva Roshong presided. Dave Yeagley Sergeant-at-Arms

Meeting for lunch at Paradise UCC Church, a surprising 42 members including 4 guests attended and dined on BBQ ham sandwiches, potato chips, and fresh veggies. Homemade cake both chocolate and white was the featured dessert. Robin, from St. Joseph’s Credit Union, Dan MacIntyre, John Scisco and Pauline Pang were guests. (Sorry, I may not have correct spellings or Robin’s last name).

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.

During the Happy Dollars portion of the meeting:

     * Betty Derry announced she and Ron are celebrating 53 years of marital bliss and reminded everyone about the Historical Society Bluegrass concert and square dance at the Nimishillen Grange Sat., Oct. 5. She mentioned Ron was dressed as George Washington in the Society’s Constitution float. Ron added another dollar to the pot since Betty got 3 Happy Days announcements for a single buck.

     * Mike Snyder thanked everyone for his award as Citizen of the Year.

     * Bill Wood commented on the nice parade referring to it as a wonderful slice of Americana.

     * Chuck McLaughlin shared his joy of surviving a terrible truck wreck; his escape and the painful recovery from his injuries. Welcome back Chuck. Some of us were unaware of your accident before this meeting.

                   Other items of club business:

     n President Eva said we need $500 for Operation Warm Coats, a Rotary project in conjunction with the YMCA that provides new winter outerwear for needy youth.

     n The Pres. reminded members grant applications were due Sept. 30. There are now 12 waiting for action.

     n Rotary signs are now in the process and will be placed near entrances to the city.

     n Cynthia Kerchner reminded everyone the last Farmer’s Market is set for Sat., Oct. 5 and we need a BIG splash of attendance to keep it going for next summer.



The Program

Local contractor, businessman, and visionary Steve Coon presented the program and kept listeners’ attention for 30 non-stop minutes. His colorful power point vividly showed before and after shots of various restoration projects as he gave background information on his work. Steve began his presentation with a brief history of his work and life, highlighting his father who was in the building restoration business. His work was cut short when he fell while working on the BP building in Cleveland, but survived and worked with Steve’s company until he retired 12 years ago. Working with his father convinced Steve that he would not work for someone else, but would form his own company — Coon Restorations and Caulking, located near the corner of SR 44 and Columbus Road in Nimishillen Township.

Steve and his wife are LHS graduates and were high school sweethearts. They are the parents of 5 children, with 3 of their sons active in the business. The first 10 people he hired 30 years ago are still working for him. Steve’s first restoration project was the building next to the Town Tavern in downtown Louisville that now houses Downing Gym and adjoining casual restaurant. He is proud that in most ventures people scoff at his plans saying that no one will rent or that he will lose money on the project.

When asked if there was hope for downtown Louisville, his was an emphatic “yes” and told that he has an offer on the old Penny Alley building the city is trying to tear down. Apartments on the 2nd & 3rd floors, he says, commercial space on the first and his enthusiasm excited the Rotarians. “Well,” he said, with a touch of pride, “Everyone was running out of downtown Canton while I was going there.” He now has 14 businesses leasing the 42,000 square feet Millemium Building on the corner of N. Market and 2nd. street. The Chase Tower on the Corner of W. Tusc and S. Market is one of his projects. “They wanted to tear it down for a parking lot,” he said. “Now it’s 87% leased.”

One of his current projects is the old Onesta Hotel, which he plans to renovate into up-scale condos. One of his business principles is that for a city to come alive, it must have people living and working downtown. He feels there is a market for up-scale condos in downtown Canton. He loves to tell the story of the chandelier in the Onesta that an east coast businessman offered him $100,000 for — the price Steve paid for the entire building — but Steve turned him down.

He currently is completing projects in Wyoming, Texas and in southwest Ohio cities of Hamilton, Middletown and Cincinnati. He just started on a project in Warren and is talking to Port Clinton about a project.

It was 1 o’clock, the Rotarians needed to get back to their jobs, but Steve was just getting warmed up. It is with sincere thanks the Rotarians send to Steve Coon and wish him only the best. We envy his vision and passion for his life’s work.

Respectfully submitted,  


Allen Gress, Secretary

Steve Coon and President Eva

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