Louisville Rotary Meetings 2012     
4th Quarter
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Louisville Rotary Club - District 6650
Meeting Notes -Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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1.       Call to Order– Meeting called to order by President Yeagley with 24 (of 44) members in attendance.

2.       Pledge of Allegiance and recitation of “The Four Way Test”

3.       Prayer was led by President Yeagley

4.       Visitors and Guests: Betty Derry introduced Katie Reedy. Katie is employed by the massillon museum and  recently joined the lnhs board.

5.       Happy Dollars
            a.  Betty Derry - is happy to anounce that her grandson will be coming home from Afghanistan                 soon.

6.       .        Updates
a.        Kathy Fausnight: Please contact her to sign up for the Pancake Breakfast, November 10th.  Kathy would like to remind volunteers to stick around after             pancake day to make sure the area is properly cleaned up.Kathy still has tickets. she can be contacted at kathyfmarykay@sbcglobal.net
b.        RYLA. the program is open to high school jr.s. if you know of a student who would like to participate contact Bill Wood.  

7.       rotary's 6 areas of focus.
    bill wood volunteered to chair the water and sanitation committee
            al gress nominated, jim edwards seconded, andy turowski to chair the peace and conflict resolution committee.
            al gress nominated, jim edwards seconded cynthia kerchner to chair the economic developement committee.
            jim edwards nominated, al gress seconded liz hand to chair the maternal health committee.
            congratulations to the new chairs. you may contact pres. yeagley with any questions or comments.

8.       community grant vote:
after a brief discussion of procedure and some comments from the floor a vote to award grants to the 10 finalists was taken. the winners are:
1. louisville scolarship foundation - 19 votes
2. louisville community cupboard -  18 votes
3. louisville ymca strong kids program - 17 votes
4. meals on wheels - 17 votes
5. louisville library literary supplies - 15 votes
6. louisville constitution committee - 13
LET IT BE NOTED that in future, a discussion of the final applicants as recommended by the committee take place on the club level prior to the vote. at this point members can ask the committee questions regarding why applicants were accepted or rejected as finalists. there are club members who feel that this would ensure a more equitable and democratic process

Upcoming Meetings
November 7        Business Meeting
November 10        Pancake Day
November 14        Greg Anderson - Oracle
Rotary Personnel:
District 6650 Governor:
2012-2013 Linda Fergason

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David Y.

Louisville Rotary Club - District 6650

Meeting Notes -Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

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1.       Call to Order– Meeting called to order by President Yeagley with 18 (of 44) members in attendance.

2.       Pledge of Allegiance and recitation of “The Four Way Test”

3.       Prayer was lead by President Yeagley. We then had a moment of silence to remember the Sandy Hook victims.

4.       Visitors and Guests: Karen Long, Vivan Wood, Vince Burwell

5.       Rotary Minute: Jim Edwards informed us that 8 polio workers were recently killed by the Taliban in Pakistan. The Taliban believes the workers are trying to sterilize their people.

6.       Updates

  1. Bill Woods: The club will be sending Adrianne Metzger and Tony DiAntonio to RYLA next Feburary.
  2. Bill Woods motioned that our club sponsor two international students in 2013/2014 if this will allow an American student to proceed on an outbound exchange who would otherwise be unable to go. David Yeagley seconded and the motion passed. There are currently 20 applicants but only 16 Rotary clubs have committed to hosting a student.  If necessary, Louisville could host two students pending available host families.  Currently our club pays double the amount necessary for an exchange student in terms of allowance, school expenses, visas, and trips. 
  3. Liz Hand: She was recently appointed to a maternal health committee and is looking for focus areas for the upcoming year.  Please contact her if you have any ideas.

7.       Program: Vince Burwell

1.       Vince is a freshman at Ohio State and is part of the Navy ROTC program.  The OSU Navy ROTC program has higher physical and academic standards than Navy standards.  Each day is very regimented, starting with a 5 am group workout before classes and ending with mandated study hours at Congress Hall, home to their program.  Each day he deals with students like him, enlisted servicemen, and officers on shore duty.

2.       Each year, 14 individuals are selected to become Navy Seals. Seven individuals are from the US Navy program, and seven are selected from all the ROTC programs across the nation.  Over the last few years, OSU ROTC has had one individual selected.

3.       An individual can become an officer by attending a service academy, a ROTC program, marine time academy, or an officer candidate school.  Vince’s career will include 3.5 more years of the ROTC program, taking him from 4th class midshipman to 1st class.  He will then go on a cruise to perform various tests to determine his designation in the Navy.  Each person can state their preferences but it is not guaranteed.  Currently, Vince would like to join the submarine community with a technical degree as a nuclear engineer.

4.       Vince’s first week of college was very intense.  Every moment was dictated and there was lots of yelling to determine if an individual could handle the program. Some individuals dropped out within the first hours.  A total of 15-20 have dropped from Vince’s class.  Vince got through the week successfully and earned the Most Improved Freshman award.


Upcoming Meetings

Dec 26                   No meeting

Jan 2                      No meeting

Jan 9                      Business meeting


Rotary Personnel:

District 6650 Governor:

2012-2013 Linda Fergason

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