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English GSE team
Sept. 2003

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Julie Vigo, Carrie Wilson, Becky Elton, Kay Renton, Darius Robinson and the Rotarian Leader, Robert Tyson (Great people, excellent program)
Julie the Bobbie and her hosts Jeanne & Gary Robert, Carrie, Becky & Kay. Four of the GSE team upon arrival
Becky meets her host, shy Mary. Yeah! The introductions
Julie meets her hosts again
Darius meets his host Paul Julie talks to Mary & Jeanne & Gary
Discussions re: the handoff from Boardman to Louisville Gail & Al Gress will host Carrie
The team leader, Robert talks with his hosts Kenny Bob and Pat Big table
Great service at La Grinders of Louisville Jim and Mary talk with Kay & Becky. Lots in common
GSE E-mails:
Robert Tyson (leader)
Julie Vigo's E-mail: Julie.Vigo@lancashire.pnn.police.uk
Kay Renton's E-mail: (underscore space)
Carrie Wilson's E-mail: (underscore space)
Darius Robinson's E-mail:
Becky Elton's E-mail:
Boardman's handover team were great District GSE leaders
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