Louisville Rotary Club
ommunity Grant Application

These community grants are an effort on behalf of our club to give back the profits from our U.S. Flag program to this community and thereby serve as a stimulus to sustain, expand, or create meaningful community programs.

Amounts requested shall be up to $1,000 and will be available to non-profit organizations and other worthy groups deemed appropriate by the Community Grant Committee.  Recipients will be printed in the local print and electronic media.


Name of organization   _________________________________________

Tax ID Number             _________________________________________

Address                        _________________________________________

City/State/ZIP               _________________________________________

CEO/Director/Pres.      _________________________________________

Contact Person            _________________________________________

Phone                           ___________________FAX___________________

Email                             ___________________Website _______________


Grant be needed by     _________________________________________

Total project budget     _________________________________________

Primary mission of your organization   _____________________________




Please check which one of the six Areas of Focus for Rotary International.


_____        PROMOTING PEACE                                                
_____        FIGHTING DISEASE                                                 





Describe how the project will benefit this community:




Describe your organizations financial or in-kind contribution toward this project:




Describe the sustainability of this project:




Signature, CEO/Director/President

                                                                   _________________________________ Date _________________


Submit your organizations application to the following address from August 1 through September 30:


          Louisville Rotary Club                                                                                        419 E. Main Street                                                                                                Louisville, OH 44641


Please direct any inquiries to:  msnyd8r@gmail.com or 330.875.4511



Below is for Rotary-Club use only!

Inner Club timing procedures for Grants
March The President of Louisville Rotary shall appoint a Community Grant Committee to review the grant proposals. 
April The Grant committee will work closely with the Treasurer to determine the amount of money to give as grants for the current calendar year.  The committee will suggest this amount to the club.
May During the May business meeting the club will vote on the amount.  The President will announce the number of grants to be awarded and the amount of each grant.  
June/July We will then advertise the grants via the Louisville Herald, Canton Repository and the Alliance Review.
Aug Sept From Aug. 1 through Sept. 30, we will accept grant applications.
Oct The Grant committee will reduce the number of applications for grants to a manageable number.  The club members will be emailed a PDF of the grant application finalists.  Paper copies will be available.
Nov At business meeting in November, the club will see the whole slate of finalists and vote for each grant they want awarded.  Upon approval of the club members, the President shall notify each organization of their grant award with a letter stating the amount of the award and terms of refund if not used!
Dec The Grant checks will all be written before December 20th of each year simply to keep the income and the expenses in the same accounting year.