Flag Gift Certificate
As a gift, a US Flag will be placed at your address for 6 of this year's holidays. The flag is a gift of:


The Louisville Rotary Club will place a 3’x5’ flag on a 10’ staff, placed in a buried plastic anchor pipe in your front yard, a few days before the listed Holidays. The anchor pipe will be flush with the ground with a cap when not in use. The flag will remain the property of the Rotary Club. As a bonus, the flag will remain posted from Labor Day thru 9/11 and Constitution Week. All profits will be used to support Rotary projects such as: support of the Louisville Constitution Celebration; we awarded several grants in 2017 to benefit Louisville citizens; we sponsor a Foreign Exchange student at LHS; maintaining a mile of the Nickelplate Walking Trail; we donate to eradicate Polio worldwide; building the Restrooms at Metzger Park and the Gazebo on the square.
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(Print, Cut above and Give top half to recepient.    Mail bottom half to Rotary  Thank you!)
Gift Flag Application ~ $30/year
Recipient's name:   __________________________________________
Recipient's address:   __________________________________________
Recipient's phone   __________________________________________
Recipient's cell:   __________________________________________
Recipient's email:   __________________________________________
DONOR: In late March, when its time to renew, we will invoice you by email.
If you also have a flag account, we can add the invoice to your account.

Donor's name:   ____________________________________________

Donor's phone:   ____________________________________________

Donor's Email:  ____________________________________________
Send a donation of $30 by check and this application to:
Louisville Rotary Club
419 E. Main St.

Louisville, Ohio 44641
Questions:  Glenn Heiller at 330-949-7226 or email ghheiller@yahoo.com