Fly the Flag for
Winona Area Historical Society

“Fly the Flag” project on the following 6 holidays: 
MEMORIAL Day, FLAG Day, 4th OF JULY, LABOR Day, 9/11,
Constitution Day (Sept 17th), and  VETERAN’S Day.

The Winona Area Historical Society will place a flag in your front yard a few days before the listed holidays.  A 3’x 5’ flag on a 10’ staff will be placed in a plastic anchor pipe permanently buried in your front yard.  The anchor will be flush with the ground with a plastic cap on it when not in use.  The flag and staff will remain the property of the Winona Area Historical Society.    You must live in Butler Township or Winona area to lease a flag from us. 
Help the Area reflect a stronger patriotic image as we strengthen the Winona Area Historical Society. 

Our web site is:  
Our E-Mail is:
Our Tele # is:      330-222-1248
Our address is:  P.O. Box 85     Winona, Ohio   44493

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Flag Application  -   $25

Name:  ___________________________________________
Address:  ______________________________   City:  ______________________________
Home Phone:  ____________________________________
Cell Phone:      ____________________________________
The Society will save $1 per year if you give us your E-mail:
E-Mail:  ________________________________________
We will invoice annually in March, then we won't have to mail you an invoice.
Crossing Streets    near your house: ________________________  &   __________________________
Mail Check & Application to:     
          Winona Area Historical Society
          P. O. Box 85
          Winona, Ohio    44493

Questions? Call at 330-222-1248 or email us at