“Fly the Flag for 2011  &  2012”

Join your neighbors and show your patriotism by sponsoring the
Guilford Lake Civic Association
“Fly the Flag” project on the following 6 holidays:  MEMORIAL Day, FLAG Day, 
4th OF JULY,
LABOR Day, 9/11, Constitution Day (Sept 17th), and  VETERAN’S Day.

The Guilford Lake Civic Association will place a flag in your front yard a few days before each of the listed holidays.  A 3’x 5’ flag on a 10’ staff will be placed in a plastic anchor pipe permanently buried in your front yard.  The anchor will be flush with the ground with a plastic cap on it when not in use.  The flag and staff will remain the property of the Guilford Lake Civic Association     You must live in Hanover Township or within 3 miles of Guilford Lake to lease a flag from us.     Any flag started in 2011 will also be paid in full through 2012
Help the Area reflect a stronger patriotic image as we strengthen the Guilford Lake Civic Association. 

Our web site is:      www.guilfordlakecivic.org
Our E-Mail is:     rgause@neo.rr.com
Our Tele # is:      330-222-1975   (Bob Gause)
Our mailing address is:     33343 Baker Road,   Lisbon, Ohio 44432

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2011  &  2012 Flag Application  -   $25

Name:  ___________________________________________
Address:  ______________________________   City/Zip:  _________________________
Home Phone:  ____________________________________
Cell Phone:      ____________________________________
Description of dock if you want it near the water.     ______________________
The Civic Association will save $1 per year if you give us your E-mail:
E-Mail:  ________________________________________
We will invoice via E-mail every March, then we won't have to mail you an invoice.
Crossing Streets    near your house: ________________________  &   __________________________
Mail Check & Application to:   
          Guilford Lake Civic Association
          33343  Baker Road
          Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Questions? Call at 330-222-1975 or email us at rgause@neo.rr.com