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Louisville Rotary Club

Executive Committee Meeting

November 6, 2013


Eva Roshong, President

Members attending: Eva Roshong, Jim Edwards, Ken Smith, Liz Hand, Mike Snyder, Dave Yeagly, Jared Shive and Allen Gress

Eva opened the meeting at 11:05 and discussed the meeting’s agenda. The major goal was to complete discussions and planning for the grant presentation and voting that was the major item for the general meeting that same day.

Edwards, the chair of the Finance Committee, said that voting and choices for the grants must always be democratic with final approval by the club membership. He suggested this be written into the club’s bylaws that are currently under construction. Heads nodded in agreement.

It was decided that if a money request up to $999.99 is presented during a meeting, it couldn’t be voted upon until the request goes through the Executive Committee. No vote, just a consensus.

It was decided that the club’s budget should be prepared, reviewed by the Executive Committee, and approved by the club membership prior to the July transfer of leadership.

President Roshong said that the incoming president should decide committee chairs for the six areas of leadership at the first of the year (July). But the next year’s officers should be nominated and decided in the fall prior to the July transfer of leadership. Approved by consensus.

Maranda (PR committee), and Al, club secretary will get together and decide who and what will be sent to the District for publication in the District newsletter.

The club’s mailbox. Jared wants the bank statements sent to Liz Hand’s business address and that was agreed upon. For all other business, the address of 419 E. Main St. will be the official address of the Louisville Rotary Club. The address for bank statements is 318 E. Main St.

Jim Edwards presented a 20-minute, 2-page budget/financial overview focusing on how much money is projected and where the money could go. The five grants have already been approved. Other club commitments were included. Highlights of Jim’s report for the 2014 year:

Est. income from all programs and dues                        $39,879

Club Operating Expenses                                       $8,412

Money available to donate                                     $31,467

Major project set-a-side     (Library project)                          $5,000

Polio Eradication Rotary International                             $1,000

Louisville Constitution Committee                             $2,000

Matching grant program                                        $1,000

Five individual grants                                        $5,000

6 Committee discretionary grants                              $4,200

Flag disaster set-a-side                                           $2,000

Major Project set-a-side                                                  $15,289

The budget was put to a vote by Bill Wood and seconded by Mike Snyder. The vote was unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55.

Allen Gress, Secretary

We did not have a Board Meeting in December of 2013

Louisville Rotary Club

Executive Committee Meeting

January 8, 2013


President Eva Roshong presided.

Members attending: Eva Roshong, Bill Wood, Jim Edwards, Ken Smith, Liz Hand, Mike Snyder, Dave Yeagly, and Allen Gress. Jared Shive arrived later.

Eva opened the meeting at 11:15 and discussed the meeting’s agenda. The major goal was to complete the 2014 Rotary-year budget, which had been compiled by Treasurer Shive.

The 1st question. Who is to attend the Executive Board meetings? Officers, the 2 representatives elected to serve on the committee and the various sub-committee chairs? It was decided that only the officers should be present except for major matters affecting a particular committee and the chair of that committee could attend. However, the Board meetings are always open for members who wish to attend.

Eva presented the mailing of a Rotary Chapter’s flag from Tom Jackson, a former Louisvillian who now lives in Houston, Texas. The flag will be posted on the club’s board of flags which, it was noted, needs attention.

II. The budget:

It was noted that the Rotary budget period should follow the term of the newly elected officers — July 1 to June 30. Due to a mid-year change of treasurers and past practice, this year’s budget was never finalized. Edwards, the chair of the Finance Committee, said the committee could not finalize the budget this day without Jared. Liz Hand called Jared who said he would be at the meeting as soon as he could. And he did.

Questions about the budget as presented.

 * The $1,000 budgeted for outbound students in the Exchange Program. So far, there are no outbound students set for next year so where to place the $1,000 in the budget? It was decided to carry over the money and match it for the following year.

* Where are the inbound student funds placed?

* Where are the expenses for inbound students in the budget?

* What about funding for the president to attend state conferences? Not in the budget.

* What about EVERY ROTARIAN, EVERY YEAR matching funds? Not in the budget. (Members who donated $100 to Rotary International can have a local $100 match to the charity of their choice and the $200 will be credited to the Paul Harris Fellowship award program.)

It was discussed to hold a special Board meeting to review the changes and present the amended budget to the membership at the February business meeting for adoption. It was also discussed for emails to go out listing changes. No decision was made, but in conversation with Edwards, he indicated the he and Jared were going to work out the differences and wanted to “do it right.”

A COPY OF THE 2014 BUDGET IS INCLUDED IN THESE MINUTES but may not have copied and pasted completely. A final copy will be available to all members prior to approval at the February meeting.

Item II. It was decided the club was not ready to jump into the Community Medical Health Fair Project as instituted by the Dennison Rotary Club that had previously been discussed as a fund-raising, community service project for our club. The consensus was that our club would need many volunteers and we must all be “on board” with the project for it to succeed. Eva plans to have someone from both the Dennison club and a representative from the medical group speak to the club. Someone will have to volunteer to chair this project.

Item III. Ken Smith reported he was two persons short for flag raising and retiring. He also said the cost of meals should be increased by one or two dollars. His idea was rejected and it was decided the request should come from the church.

IV. It was discussed the Taste of Louisville project should be handled by the Economic Development Committee working with the Chamber of Commerce and they should begin planning soon.

V. Committee chairs should begin developing their 2014 yearly service projects keeping in mind they now have $300 to spend.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 and Jim Edwards and Jared huddled in deep discussion regarding budget changes.

Respectively submitted,

Allen Gress, Secretary
ps. from Webmaster.  Below is the Proposed Budget mentioned above.  When I imported it, it came in as 40 column document and did not display properly.  I tried to import it below.
Rotary Club of Louisville- December 2013
  Membership Dues                 2,940.00                 4,600.00              (1,660.00)
SUBTOTAL $                     2,940.00                   4,600.00                (1,660.00)
  Donations (general)               250.00                    250.00                           -                     250.00
  Flag Project                 1,790.00               26,450.00            (24,660.00)
  Interest  0.20                        1.46                        2.00                     (0.54)
  Pancake Day               626.63                 2,805.63                 1,800.00                1,005.63
  Taste of Louisville                 5,289.00                 3,000.00                2,289.00
SUBTOTAL $               876.83                 10,136.09                 31,252.00              (21,115.91)
TOTAL INCOME $               876.83                 13,076.09                 35,852.00              (22,775.91)
  Awards and Speaker Gifts                 51.24                      51.24                    800.00                 (748.76)
  Banquets and Volunteer Recognition                    197.00                    600.00
  Guest Meals                    197.00                    350.00                 (153.00)
SUBTOTAL $                 51.24                      445.24                   1,750.00                   (901.76)
  Membership Dues                 3,259.87                 4,600.00              (1,340.13)
  Office Supplies                      50.00                    200.00                 (150.00)
  Postage                        9.20                      50.00                   (40.80)
  Public Relations and Advertising                    210.00                    500.00                 (290.00)
  Trainings                    250.00                    625.00                 (375.00)
SUBTOTAL $                       -                     3,779.07                   5,975.00                (2,195.93)
  Community/Econmoic Development                    208.55                    300.00                   (91.45)
  Disease Prevention and Treatment                    200.00                    300.00                 (100.00)
  Education and Literacy                           -                      300.00                 (300.00)
  Maternal Health                    200.00                    300.00                 (100.00)
  Peace Conflict and Resolution                           -                      300.00                 (300.00)
  The Rotary Foundation: EREY Match Program                           -                   1,000.00              (1,000.00)
  Water and Sanitation                           -                      300.00                 (300.00)
SUBTOTAL $                       -                        608.55                   2,800.00                (2,191.45)
RI and District 6650
  Foreign Exchange (Outbound)                 1,000.00                 1,000.00                           -  
  RYLA                    650.00                    650.00                           -  
SUBTOTAL $                       -                     1,650.00                   1,650.00                             -  
Other                           -  
  Miscellanous                           -                             -                             -  
  Service Charges (CNB)                   2.00                        6.00                    100.00                   (94.00)
SUBTOTAL $                            6.00                      100.00                     (94.00)
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES $                 51.24                   6,488.86                 12,275.00                (5,383.14)
  Community Grants            5,000.00                 6,000.00                 5,000.00                1,000.00
  Constitution Festival Sponsorship                    123.83                 2,150.00              (2,026.17)
  Flag Project                 1,418.35                 3,000.00              (1,581.65)
  Health Fair                           -                             -                             -  
  Library/Community Center Project                           -                   5,000.00              (5,000.00)
  Pancake Day 142.83                    314.28                    200.00                   114.28
  Polio Plus                           -                   1,000.00              (1,000.00)
  Rotary Signs                           -                   1,000.00              (1,000.00)
  Taste of Louisville                 3,129.10                 3,000.00                   129.10
TOTAL CHARITABLE EXPENSES                     10,985.56                 20,350.00                (9,364.44)
TOTAL EXPENSES $                 51.24                 17,474.42                 32,625.00              (14,747.58)
RESTRICTED ACCOUNTS 7/1/2013  Rptg Period   Rptg Period  YTD 12/31/2013
  Exchange Student-Florella $1,000.00                    331.45                 (276.45)         723.55
  Exhange Student-Kiriha $1,000.00                    214.25                 (159.25)         840.75
  Happy Dollars $0.00                      11.75                   124.75         124.75
  Warm Coats $0.00                           -                   -  
TOTAL $ $2,000.00  $  $11.75  $  $545.70 $1,689.05
  Cash on Hand    
  Checking (Consumers) $8,014.85
  Key Bank (Disaster Fund) $5,018.00
 Lville Community Foundation    $15,289.14
No minutes given to me to post for February
No minutes given to me to post for March

Louisville Rotary Club

Board of Directors minutes

April 2, 2014

Attending the April 2 meeting were President Eva Roshong, Bill Wood, Jim Edwards, Jared Shive, Allen Gress, Liz Hand, David Yeagley and Ken Smith. Mike Snyder was out-of-town and missed the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am with a 21-item agenda to be discussed. The meeting concluded at noon sharp with a number of items not settled for lack of time.

Treasurer’s Report. Jared Shive has been chosen as one of the Canton Chamber of Commerce’s 20 Persons Under 40 program and will be featured in an upcoming Repository story. No one questioned the bills or the budget. Jared reminded the Board that all of the club’s dues go to the national, but some clubs have higher membership fees and that money stays locally.

Mileage. It was moved by Ken Smith and seconded by Bill Wood to pay mileage of $34.50 to take our exchange student Kiriha Nakagawa to Columbus.

Corporate Members. The concept was discussed and it was decided that a written policy was needed to accurately define corporate privileges and luncheon expenses of corporate guests. Is there a difference between non-profits and for-profit membership? It was undecided.

EREY. Every Rotarian Ever Year was discussed and everyone agreed we needed to do more to promote it and that our club was doing poorly in support of the concept.

District Conference. Eva reminded all the conference meeting is to be held in Youngstown and persons can attend ala cart or for the entire weekend. We are not up for any awards this year. Why? Should we have a designated Awards Person? Edwards said that activity should be apart of the PR committee and Edward’s suggestion was agreed upon, but no vote was taken.

Relay for Life. It was agreed to pass this project on to Maranda.

Flags. Ken Smith wants to invite for free those persons and their spouses to the June induction banquet who help with the flag posting. There were no objections. Ken said the speaker for this year’s banquet was the new director of the Football Hall of Fame. Ken also said there was a need for more volunteers and we may have to begin paying for help. That brought objections and it was decided to put more pressure on the membership for assistance. Edwards said we currently have 435 paid flag subscribers and last year we had a record 1,154 flags out and paid for. He said we average between 92 and 95% renewals. Discussion about using Square for people to pay though their smart phones. Jared will look into the use of Square.

Constitution Parade. Eva announced that the club by donating $1,000 was designated as the Constitution Parade official sponsor. We need convertibles for the parade. We have no queen candidate yet. Bill Wood will take charge of obtaining convertibles.

Taste of Louisville. Will be back at Water’s Edge July 18-19. A Wednesday. We are going to ask Biery Cheese to be a ticket sponsor. Biery has asked for a donation for the stadium maintenance committee so it was thought the tickets for a donation would be a Quid pro quo.

Rotary Signs. Eva informed the committee the Rotary signs were up at both the north and south entrances to the city along SR 44.

Service Projects. Eva asked about a service project and there weren’t any constructive ideas. We will continue the walking trail clean up.

Guest luncheon costs. The question of who pays for guests was raised. The person who brings a guest, pays for the guest. The club will pay for walk-ins as prospective members. If visitors are attending, we should all be attentive and welcome them.

District Scholarship. Bill Wood brought up the idea of help funding a district scholarship fund for out-bound exchange students. No action was taken as we were running out of time.

Bank Limit changes. Jared raised the question about raising the bank limit and it was agreed to do so.

Louisville Rotary Club

Board of Directors minutes

May 7, 2014

Attending the May 7 meeting were President Eva Roshong, Bill Wood, Jim Edwards, Jared Shive, Allen Gress, Liz Hand, Ken Smith and Thane Bolden. Mike Snyder was out-of-town and missed the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am.

Treasurer’s Report. Jared Shive gave the report saying our fiscal year is winding down. We have $67 cash on hand; $12,687.11 in the Consumers Bank checking account; $5,024.00 in our Key Bank Disaster Fund and $15,289.14 in the Louisville Community Foundation Account for our pledge for the new library-community center.

District Outbound Scholarship Fund. So far, 6 outbound students have applied for scholarship help for their overseas trips. Of the District’s 46 clubs, only 15 or 16 have outbound students. K. Smith moved to allot $250 to the Scholarship Fund and J. Edwards seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. L. Hand said it was important that each outbound student contributed to his costs.

Baseball Game. Both the Canton Rotary Club and the North Canton Club has invited us to attend an Akron Rubber Ducks game, sit together and socialize. We decided to get the date and them make a commitment.

Operation Warm Coats.  They asked for a grant to support the program this fall. It was suggested the group apply for a Rotary International grant and the deadline is May 15.

Taste of Louisville. The Venue is secured. The Chamber of Commerce does not want to partner with the Rotary, but no one knows why. It was discussed to split the profits this year between the Food Pantry and the Warm Coats programs. Eva said we need an organization committee and it was decided the club board would be the committee. Eva said we needed 3-4 go-getters to make it fly. The date is Wednesday, July 16/

Rotarian of the year. Greg Anderson handles this.

Membership. Greg Beatty was approved for membership and Catherine Catlett will be inducted at the May 7 meeting.

Volunteer Flag workers. It was decided to invite all volunteer flag workers and one guest to our year end banquet.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:58.

Respectfully submitted       Allen Gress, Secretary

Louisville Rotary Club

Board of Directors minutes

June 4, 2014

Attending the June 4 meeting were President Eva Roshong, Bill Wood, Jim Edwards, Allen Gress, Liz Hand, Ken Smith, Mike Snyder and Dave Yeagley. Jared Shive was unable to attend but emailed his report to the members.

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am.

Treasurer’s Report. Jared reported May income of $11,595 with over 300 flag checks in deposit. May expense was $2,873.70. There is a budget sheet included in the three files at end of this report. 

Jim Edwards stressed it was important for us to have a budget so the amount of Grants would be known. From his request, Bill Wood said there would be a budget meeting set soon and he would email those members.

One financial concern was the amount of money the club puts into school awards such as the Arian and Howard Smith band honors, the Hall of Achievement and the scholarship award. It was decided to clarify costs and cap the amounts beginning for the next school year.

FLAGS. Ken Smith suggested flag posting for Monday holidays be Tues, Wed. and Thursday because if there was a lost posthole, Thane would have to go out on a Saturday. Members nodded in agreement. It was discussed by Jim Edwards to raise the flag fee from $25 to $30. Most other clubs charge at least $30.

It was suggested we obtain a lock box for the Flag barn as a way to shorten the number of trips Ken Smith or other leaders would have. No action was taken.

WEBSITE. Eva asked about the club’s Website. Jared’s working on it, according to a member. Jim Edwards does updates. He will post next year’s officers as soon as the names are sent to him. He also needs to add the two exchange students.

Youth Exchange. Our two girls are at Niagara Falls with Maranda Ramsey and her husband. Our incoming student is from Hungary and is an athlete. He wishes to play basketball, baseball and soccer while here.

Membership. Greg Beatty was approved for membership.

Taste of Louisville. The Venue is secured. Eva said we need an organization committee and it was decided the club board would be the committee. The date is Wednesday, July 16 and Biery Cheese has agreed to participate. Eva hopes to get Biery Cheese to fund the tickets. The decision on the bar was discussed but no action taken. The club will sell water for $1 and Jim Edwards will take care of this. We must get a state liquor license for this. Mike Milan has offered to do the whole bar business, but a final decision was not made. We will need 9 persons for parking. The entry fee this year jumped to $9 or $10 depending on the gift of food for the Food Pantry. We need Silent Auction baskets. Last year we had 11. Eva said she would handle voting forms and vending forms. She is going to develop a Taste of Louisville file so everything will be available from year to year.

Other. It was decided that the 2 band winners and the scholarship recipient would be invited to next week’s meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:58.

Respectfully submitted          Allen Gress, Secretary